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Saturday, 2 April 2011

April 2nd updates + thugs bribes & attacks

Aden: the use of teargas and live ammunition by security forces on the demonstrators in Martyrs Square in Mansoura this morning.

Hodeidah: 7 injured in an attack by security forces on the protesters at dawn today.

Sanaa: The release of Dr Abdulghani Al-Shamiri (Suhial Channel Manager) this morning.

Taiz: Fajr Al-Amal Charitable Foundation in Taiz implemented to ensure the needs of the children of martyrs of Friday the 18th of March.

Marib: witnesses: One of the national security leaders in Marib is incharge of the tribal points at the road of Shabwah, Hadramout who blocks oil and gas trucks to enter Sana'a.

More bribes by Saleh to his thugs.

And here is one of the thugs complaining that he didn't receive his money and it was taken by a sheikh.

The attack that took place in Ibb on March 27th on women by thugs. An interview with the women that were on the bus is below.

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