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Friday, 1 April 2011

Friday updates April 1rst

Ibb protests, -midde of Yemen- protesters chanting- if you shoot at us with bullets, we'll still protest

Sanaa below

  Largest Sanaa Protests yet.

National security kidnaps Abdulghani Al-Shamiri (Suhail Channel manager) from his home yesterday evening and sources say that he is in secret detention house next to the presidency palace.

 Annouced five wounded, one in critical condition after Ali Saleh thugs attacked peaceful protesters in Al-Hodeidah City with rocks, sticks, and knives.

Over a million protesters in Change Square in Sana'a.
Over two million protesters in Freedom Square in Taiz.
The story behind Yemen Rights Monitor contributers  like Alaa Jarban

Video of Burial of 49 victims due to the blast of ammunition factory in #Abyan #Jaar #yemen
Bodies being buried,

Informative interview of one of the most influential Sheikhs on BBC. Normally we post content of Yemeni-origin only but its an excellent interview of one of the most influential power figures, articulate, easy to understand and gives a good overview of what is going on

Taiz on Friday, April 1st!

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