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Friday, 8 April 2011

Friday: Resolve & Stability- April 8th

Kanaan, Saleh's grandson, and Saleh's son, reported to have been on national television (need this confirmed) and left the United States.

Ali Saleh in the 70th Square: We gain our power from the people and not from Qatar or Al-Jazera. Yemen, a united democracy, we will sacrifice our souls and blood for it and we reject the enterance of Qatar.

Over 4 million are performing Friday prayer around the Republic and chant for the fall of the regime.

Huge demonstrations in Dalii'a, Al-Baydah, Ibb and Dhamar chanting to condemn the crimes of Saleh's regime and calls for trial!

Sana'a: The Friday preacher will be Judge Hamoud Al-Hitar, a resign minister from the corrupted Saleh regime.

Sources for the youth revolution:
National security is planning to attack female activists in their houses by wearing normal civilain uniform

Sana'a: Raining on the protesters right now, and they're chanting, Oh Allah Oh Allah, let Ali Abdullah fall.

Security forces attack a convoy that was coming from Maweya to join this Friday in Taiz. It was shot with live ammunition because a child signaled "either we win or we die". The childs wounds aren't serious.

URGENT: Firing gas bombs on the protesters in Taiz now.

URGENT: Field hospital in Taiz, over 100 injuired some by live ammunition in addition to gas bombs

FIRST marytr in TAIZ today, death toll increase to 4.

Pictures of some of the injuired in Taiz today.

One of the marytrs saying his last words in Taiz today.

 Shooting directly to the face of protesters in Taiz today.

Demonstartions in Aden today.

 Sana'a today, pouring rain durin the demonstration.

Ibb today during demonstartions!

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