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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

April 5th Updates, Taiz + Sana'a

City at "FB" quoted that around people marching into the streets of now .

Now : Huge masses demonstrating in & gun-firing was reported next to AL-Sha'ab School. Helicopter flying at a low level .

More or less Yesterdays' scenario in is happening now , expect quantities of deaths &injuries. Gun-firing , Gas-ing .

URGENT: dozens of wounded in attack of security forces against protesters in

URGENT| now in , unconfirmed number of protesters injured by live bullets .

General Ali Muhsin: We welcome any Inter. initiative in 1 condition,to be 4 the sake of regime's departure

Medical Association in : so far more than 350 case affected by tear gases 

URGENT | Injury toll increases to 50 in , and a loud gun-firing in sq. of change in .

Heavy fire-sq. of change .Reports of clashes bet. Republican Guard troops & First Armored Division.President declares war.

National figures contacted the president personally &threatened 2 enter the presidential palace if he go far using the special forces

Now: Clashes between the army and the security forces in

a heliocentric throwing tear bombs at protesters in #Taiz, ppl in plane r making provocative gestures to stir protesters temper #yemen #yf

Field hospital in recieves more than 400 injuired cases due to clashes between security forces and protesters

Students in AlAhlia school in are gettin expelled for chanting the fall of the

welcomed the mediation of ,meanwhile burning his nation ,violating & escalating the situation 2 the peak

First Armored Division spreadin widely in Steen Street in , news of dead and injuired

1 marytr in filed and tens of wounded

First Armored Division control the situation in and capture the attackers with their cars

Republican Guards forces Open fire on protesters in .

BREAKING:Reports of AntiAir GunFire Shot at at protesters in Siteen Street, confirmed by witness on ground  

Fall of 1 marytr in and 2 in now with tens of wounded transfered to the field hospitals

One dead and many injured during a march in . Regime loosing control and desperate while protesters still remain peaceful

field appeals to all to go to in ; many cases can't accomodate

arrested a number of thugs that carry guard cards & national security, under investigation

Picture of the first marytr in Sana'a Change Square filed Hospital


Al Arabiya correspondent: Two protesters killed & 10 injured in clashes with security forces in Sanaa

annoucing the stop of to

 initial statistics : so far, 16 injured by live ammunition, 465 cases of suffocation by gas bombs in Taiz .

Yemen : death of two soldiers from the First Armored Division in clashes with gunmen # Alarabiya # yemen # protesters

24 wounded in , 2 cases shot in leg, one died shot in head in field hospital

Yemeni opposition calls for world intervention to stop killings


Name of marytr and the 17 wounded in Sanaa اسماء القتيل و 17 مصاباً

عبدالله محمد حسن القملي (قتيل)
Abdullah Mohammed Hassan Al-Qamli (marytr)

آيه مطيع صالح (9 سنوات) (رصاصه في الرجل)
Ayah Motee3 Saleh- 9 years old, a shot in the leg

عمار معوضة (كسر باليد اليسرى)
Ammar Ma'awadah, broken left arm

عديل العبسي (رصاص)
Adeel Al-Absi, live ammunition wound

عبدالله حين الصرمي (رصاص)
Abdullah Heen Al-Surmi, live ammunition wound

عبداللاه صالح حسين (رصاص)
Abdulellah Saleh Hussien, live ammunition wound

توفيق عبدالله العفيفي (ضربة في الظهر)
Tawfeeq Abdullah Al-Afeefi, a hit in the back

يحيى عبدالله المحبشي (طعنة في اليد)
Yahya Abdullah Al-Mahbashi, stab in the arm/hand

محمد احمد مهدي الوصابي (طعنة في الرجل)
Mohammed Ahmad Mahdi Al-Wosabi, stab in the leg

صلاح الدين حسن ناصر الجريم (كسر باليد اليسرى)
Salah Aldeen Hassan Nasser Al-Gareem, broken left arm

نبيل محمد احمد جاسم (ضرب)
Nabeel Mohammed Ahmed Jasim, beaten up

عماد امين حسان (ضربة في الرجل)
Emad Ameen Hassan, hit in the leg

مرزوق حسين النقيب (ضربة في الظهر)
Marzooq Hussien Al-Naqeeb, hit in the back

وائل محمد الخولاني (صدمة سيارة)
Wael Mohammed Al-Khawlani, hit by a car

عمران سيف الحاتم (صدمة موتور)
Amran Saif Al-Hatem, hit by a motorcycle

يوسف بجاش (غاز)
Yousef Bagash, suffocation by gas

ماجد محمد المسوري (غاز)
Majed Mohammed Al-Maswari, suffocation by gas

محمد ناجي قائد الصبري (غاز).
Mohammed Nagee Qayed Al-Sabri, suffocation by gas

Pentagon spokesman: US urges a negotiated transition in Yemen "as quickly as possible." - Reuters

British Foreign Sec William Hague today said he was appalled by reports of further deaths this week .

Police car was about to crash peacful protestors, sprayed with hot water and then gunfire shooting started, Taiz

Wounded every where, ambulances around trying to get to them

Protesters are harmless, with chests wide open against the security forces

 Human Rights Council Alarmed at Yemeni Casualties


 Security forces attacking the protesters in Sana'a

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