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Friday, 22 April 2011

April 22nd- The Last Friday!

The Last Friday in Sana'a.

The Last Friday in Sana'a after Friday Prayer.
The Last Friday in Taiz
In Taiz the funeral of martyr Ahmad -Al-Asedi a member of the managment team in the Arab Sisters Forum for Human Rights who passed away in the recent events in Sana'a.
In Hodiedah, funeral of martyr Mazen Foad Al-Dobaie after Friday Prayer. The preacher will be Mofdel Ismail.
Friday prayer crowds in "The Last Friday" are starting from Mathbah round under the bridge and reached the house of deputy Abdurabo Mansour Hadi in Sana'a
Worshipers in the 60th street are now going to the martyr cementry to bury the martyrs of Tuesday
AlJazeera Live: Protesters in Taiz reached about a million in Freedom Square to demand the immediate departure of the Yemeni President and his regime.
Over two million performed Friday prayer in 60th street today in Sana'a
In the 70th Square, logos: Who does not accept dialogue, death is his fate.
Saleh in the 70th Square: We welcome the Gulf Initiative and we will deal with it positively in the framework of the constitution.
We will confront them in every way possible without using weapons- guns- because if we used it today, we wont be able to manage it tomorrow.
Abdu Al-Jendi to Al-Jazeera: The protesters are using vulgar words, words that are only said by the street people, no king or president would accept.
Mareb Press: overcrowding in the cab cars area by Ali Saleh's supporting for leaving Sana'a after collecting financial allocations.
A mass march in Mukalah after Friday prayer
Marib Press: The start of a massive march in the streets of Hadramout demanding the trail of Ali Saleh
Tens of thousands in the streets of Hajjah demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh
Al-Masdar: violent clashes between Republican guards forces and tribal militants on the road "Marib-Sana'a" and reports of dead and wounded. 
Al-Masdar:Tribal militants in Marib were able to damage 3 tanks belonging to Republican Guards
Taiz, The Last Friday trail scene.
The Last Friday in Ibb today.
The Last Friday in Al-Baydah
The Last Friday in Hodiedah
Security at the Aman point in Hajjah are firing live bullets at a march in Change Square and kill a child.
Martyr, Abdulhameed Mohammed Abdo Al-Hazeef, a 12-14 year old child from Al-Athar in Hajjah. He got shot in his eye from one of the security forces. He was transfered to Al-Jomhori hospital but it was already too late. The child was in a vehicle that had many of the same village that were going to Hajjah to participate in the march that ...was organized by the youth to demand the immediate departure of Ali Saleh and the fall of the regime. The ones in the vehicle got attacked by rocks from the pro-regime supporters, they broke the windows cars. The child was screaming the fall of the regime so many times and security forces then shot him and killed him.
A leader in the South Movement: We are with the Unity of Yemen that keeps the southerners' dignity
Journalist, Al-Absi: I have received threats from Shaher Abdulhaq against the press release I wrote of his visit to Libya.
Saleh supports used sweage water on hundreds of thousands of protesters who performed Friday prayers at The Last Chance Friday in Dhamar.
Al-Arabiya Sources:
- GCC delegation assured all the Yemeni parties that their initiative is final and non-negotiable.
- GCC delegation met with the representatives of the Government & the opposition
- Yemen's opposition is not divided towards the Gulf initiative.
One of the young men that got attacked last Tuesday in Sana'a passed away today after being in a critical condition. -Name will be announced when received.
Source from Yafi: Soldiers at Al-Air camp refuse to follow orders from camp commander, Colonel Yahya Al-Jerbani to bomb the villages in Yafi. He ends up tying them up and accuses them with assisting the revolution and uses them as human shields. Clashes are very violent now.
Hearing of some gunfire beside Freedom Square in Ibb right now.
A girl at the age of 17 got shot numerous times in Hodiedah from unknown people late yesterday evening, on her way home from a wedding ceremony.
Witnesses said that two young men were riding a motorcycle that intercepted a bus that was full of females returning from a wedding hall. The two men ordered the bus driver to stop and when he... refused to stop, one of them opened fire on the passengers randomly, the shot was on one of the girls' chest that killed her. The bus driver got injured in his hand and the young men escaped and still did not get arrested. Local sources indicated that the girl is from Al-Sour in Hodiedah, and some security services were able to identify some of the gang members but still unders investigation. The girl's family refused to bury their daughter until they arrest the gang members.

Citizens are worried because of all the killings & kidnapping that are taking place.
Yemeni students in Banglore, India protesting to support the youth revolution
Yemeni Canadians are protesting to support the Yemen Revolution in Calgary today after Friday prayer.
Journalist Ali Salah upon release in the Change Square of Sana'a

Ibb Today

Sana'a Females Today

 Sana'a Males Today

April 21st, regime thugs attacking Khaled Bin Al-Waleed School students' in Ibb when they protested in front of the school.

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