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Sunday, 24 April 2011

April 24 updates

Updates are below these two photo galleries, pro-saleh and revolutionary art, due to their graphic nature, so those who want to view these two exhibitions will be undisturbed for the day. For news, just scroll under the two  photo galleries. 


Ain News: Republican guards and military police surround an airbase in Hodeidah and prevented entry and exit from it because that airbase had declarred joining the youth revolution. Members of the airbase are warning from the repatitive provocations by the republican guards
Tens of thousands are protesting in Taiz Street in Sanaa demanding the overthrow of the regime and refusing the Gulf initiative
A day after the ruling party accpets the Gulf initiative offficially, Saleh refuses to hand over power to those whom he called coups
Masdar: News of dismissal of the commander of Republican Guards in Taiz- threat to Hamood Al-Sofi of resigning.
Hamoud Al Sofi denied the news of his resignation, but confirmend that he sacked the commander of Taiz guards because of attacks.
Al-Baydah attacks- Al-Hemeqan resulted in death of 2 and injury of another 2:
1. Abdulellah Abas Al-Hemeqani
2. Ali Abdulqawee Mosa Al-Hemeqani

Two wounded:
1. Abdulmajeed Saleh Jabir Al-Hemeqani
2. Mohsen Al-Faqeeh Al-Hemeqani
Lawyer, Ali Al-Hazazi: After tremendous efforts by lawyers in Hood Organization and from serious action by Attorney General, yesterday evening 81 prisoners from Air Force personnel were released after being detained for more than one week. Five of them are still detained until now.
Mareb Press: Judge Hamoud Al-Hitar challenges Saleh to have a public debate about the 33 years of corruption -he has to discharge his financials in accordance with the provisions of the law before the debate.
Taiz: This morning a march of female and male youth from University of Taiz -AlTurbah- and a couple of citizens marched through the streets of Taiz chanting the fall of the regime, some of the females had signs saying "no negotiation, no negotiantion, leaving is the choice." Witnesses say that when the march was close to a government ...complex, 30 armed thugs attacked the march under the blessing of governorate of Ibb and the president of branch directorate Shekhi Qayed Ahmed Said Al-Sharjabi and with the support of security services where they fired live bullets and threw rocks at the protesters; resulting in a number of wounded.
Taiz University students tear down Ali Saleh's picture.
Taiz: 6 wounded in Taiz 3 with live ammunition due to thugs attack.
Hodeidah: The arrival of reinforcements from the police air to the airbase in Hodeidah which the staff annouced that they support the revolution
Sana'a Now: march went through Taiz round towards AlSafya to Change Square, despite the raining they are still marching and chanting the fall of the regime.

Al-Tajded News: 6 Republican Guards soliders were killed and other wounded in heavy clashes in Al-Aer Mountain in Yafai- Lahj city
Mareb Press: Expectation of near-total collapse of the GCP Party in the coming days and some of its leaders are considering to escape outside of Yemen
The youth revolutionists refused any initiative that does not provide a clear statement of the president stepping down. The organizing committee of the youth revolution in Sana'a said: We reject any interntal or external initative that does not demand for the immediate departure of Ali Saleh and his sons without any garauntes.
Youth are refusing the Gulf initiative, where the opposition welcome the gulf initative at the formation of a national unity government after Ali Saleh's resignation
Vice-president and Media Minister Abdu Al-Jendi who is pro-regime reveals that his son is at the Change Square between the protesters demanding the immediate departure of the president and his corrupted regime.
Yemeni students studyin PhD in Malaysia appealing to the Minister to either give them their payments that are due, or tickets to return to their country.
Dr. Yasin Said Noman to Al-Jazeera:

- JMP agreed to the initiative because it acheived the desired goal which is the departure of Ali Saleh.
- The stay of the current government until the president resigns.
- No authority for any of the sit-ins.
.- Removal of the tension does not include the removal of sit-ins.
- Accepting the initative on behalf of the JMP and not the youth.
- Imperatives for politics and options for revolutions.
- JMP does not reflect the street.
- This initiative is worthless if not accepted by the youth.
Statement showing that all the youth in the different Change Squares are rejecting any intitiative especially the the third Gulf. They are also shocked on how could the opposition accept it when they know that the youth are rejecting it.
Republican Guards are preventing the distribution of the Daily Witness Newspaper in Aden and Taiz and confiscate it
Press Conference: The Higher Supervisory Committee of the Peaceful Revolution stood against the oppositions' position of the Gulf initiative. Youth are rejecting any initiative that does not state the immediate departure of Ali Saleh and his family and their trail. The JMP only represents itself and not the Youth.
Dr. Mohammed Al-Mosfer, Political science prof in Qatar: Saleh is planning for civil war. Army has to fully join the revolution. Everyone should stand against this corrupted regime
Yemeni cartoonist Kamal Sharaf was attacked by unknown three men in Sana’a, last Sunday. The men hit him, took his mobile and escaped afterwards.
Saleh to BBC:

- European media does not give any attention to the millions of supporters demanding consititutional legitimacy

- The opposition is confused now, there is a mixture in the university district, a mix of supporters, oppositions, Al-Qaieda and Huthi's. Al-Qaida are moving inside of the camps and are asking for the departure o...f the regime, "on me and my enemies, O god"

- Al-Qaida and the ignorant in the camps that are against the constitution and the west are the ones the created Al-Qaida in the cold war in Afghanistan and they are paying the price for their support. They are now doing the same for Al-Qaida in Yemen and they will be the ones paying the price.

- We call for early presidential and parliamentary elections to reach power through the the boxes and not by marching- crawling to presidential palace-.

- We had to reshape the government because of the refusal of the opposition. If the opposition rejects the initative, we will have to speak to the people.

- I respect the majority's opinion. The minority are demanding my resignation. If the theory of deocracy changed to minority controlling the majority, then I agree to leave.

- We welcomed the Gulf initiative and God willing we are ready to sacrifice power, and we expect from the close ones -Gulf- to stand by Yemen, unity and the respect of constitutional legality.


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