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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Photo, video, April 27th-woman activist attacked& missing, male activist killed on April 24th.

Early morning Taiz- Ms.Bushra Almaktary 's house was fired upon by government troops. Her phone is dead. No word of her whereabouts. Well known professor and activist, one of the leading organizers of the protests in Taiz. Ms. Bushra Almaktary had received a number of phone intimidation of physical assassination if she did not stop her social and political activities in the Liberty Square in Taiz.

On April 4, she said to Nasser Arabyee's blog, “The troops started kill the protesters when start to occupy the buildings of the local government,” Said Ms. Bushra al Maktari, one of the leading organizers of the protests in Taiz.
“We were a million-man march converging from three different places to the government’s buildings and governor’s office, with the aim of occupying them, but peacefully and without weapons,” Ms. Al Maktari added. 

 AbdulWahab Al-Hemeqani/ Al-Humayqani of Al-Karama (Dignity) of Human Rights -Based in Geneva was killed in Al-Beyda  

Yemen Times Editor Nadia As-Saqqaf writes of him: On examining if the suicide of a Yemeni detainee at Gitmo bay was a suicide or murder. 

Abdulwahab Al-Humayqani, Al-Karama representative in Yemen, said HOOD approached the organization to sponsor a medical team to come to Yemen and re-examine the body. However, the medical delegation said that they must await the U.S. report, especially since Al-Salami�s throat is missing. This angered Al-Salami�s father, who stormed out of the room, accusing, �The Europeans follow the Americans!�
Here is a video of the government tanks storming in Al-Beydha on the same day, killing tribesmen. 

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  1. How can they attack a female and kidnap her???
    الله معاهم و ينصرهم