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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Kidnapped Protesters List!

Abdulrahaman Barman, Lawyer, Hood Organization: The detaines in prisons are between 100 to 150.

Names of SOME of the kidnapped injured protesters from Saturday April 9th in Sana'a. They are either injured by gas suffocation, head injuries or other body parts injuries. They are being denied medical help and tortured in different prisions.

Emad Kamal Al-Zakeri
Ghamdan Mohammed Ahmed Saif
Shoeb Aqeel Saad Ali Al-Thabhani
Ali Hassan Mansour
Hussien Ali Ahmed Al-Faqeeh
Murad Ali Mohammed Ahmed Al-Khogah
Zakareya Mohammed Al-Nabee
Fahd Al-Taweel -Journalist in Suhail TV
Hisham Mohammed Abdu Al-Maqaweri
Abdullah Moqbel
Hussien Yousef Al-Ameri
Ali Ahmed Rajih
Moheeb Mohammed Najee
Issam Najee Al-Qaysi
Othman Ali Ahmad Thabet
Anwar Ahmad Mohammed Ghalib Al-Samawe
Ryan Salih Al-Thabyani
Watheeq Abdullah Ahmed Najee Al-Dadaoo
Radwan Nasser Salih Morshed
Aziz Ahmed Abdo Al-Jaradi
Shakir Hadi
Abubakr Ali Al-Nafes
Mohammed Najee Al-Magthob
Hafith Mohammed Al-Ga'adi
Ahmed Ali Ahmed Dawood
Ashraf Al-Shameri
Yousef Haidar
Adel Ahmed Ali Abdo
Abdullah Hassan Sa'ad Al-Jarmi
Khaled Ahmed Mohsen Al-Ma'ati
Murad Salih Hussien Al-Makhlos
Yasser AL-Gabani
Arafat Ibrahim Abdullah Ali
Ahmed Mohammed Al-Qahwi
Sultan Najee Qatii
Jamal Mohammed Nasser Al-Qawsi
Mohammed Mohammed Al-Otmi
Hussien Ali Ahmed Al-Hakema
Mohammed Mazeed Al-Majlood
Mohammed Mohammed Abdullah Al-Hakemi
Salah Al-Taweani
Mahmoud Ali Ali Dahis
Hussien Ali Mohammed Sa'ad
Tahir Abdullah Al-Lasani
Mohammed Hameed Salah Al-Matari
Juma'an Zohiar
Mohammed Ahmad AL-Amari
Mohammed Yahya Ahmad Al-Aafawi
Abdulrahman Sarhan
Ali Ibrahim Saif
Soheib Ayash
Omar Mohammed Ahmad Al-Derbas
Najee Mohammed Al-Maqoli
Nabeel Ali Hussien
Ali Ahmad Al-Sharif
Saddam Mohammed Ismail
Theyab Salih Al-Thebeyani
Abdulmoemen Al-Yareed

These are SOME of the names of the detaines that have been released

Shoaib Ageel
Hussien Ali Ahmad Al-Fageeh
Zakaria Moheeb Al-Nabe
Morad Ali Mohammed Al-Khawja

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