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Monday, 4 April 2011

Taiz under attack AGAIN + Arpil 4th updates!

GRAPHIC: Marytrs of Taiz Today

Protest in Taiz April 4th, fall of one of the martyrs

One of the Martyrs in Taiz, killed by a sniper

A guy getting a shot in the mouth, doctors say he will pass away in the next couple of hours

Another video of one of the martyrs

Video: #Taiz under fire, 15 confirmed deaths, 55- wounded, hundreds - tear gased-inhalation problems

More martyrs and injuired taken to the field hospital

Manager of field hospital in Taiz says, it feels like they're in Palestine Gaza and not in Taiz. Live ammunition directly aimed at head, chest, and legs. More than 200 tear gas cases and 50 cases of live ammunition TODAY.

REUTERS BREAKING FLASH: At least 12 killed by gunfire in crackdown on protests in #Yemen city of #Tiaz, hundreds wounded

Armed men in civilian clothes opened fire on protesters in Yemen's port city of Hudaida, witnesses said  #Yemen #Saleh #Sanaa

Medical source in #Taiz: 10 people killed and dozens injured in protests  #Yemen #Saleh #Sanaa
Reuters: reports of men in civilian clothes firing on protesters in Hudaida, #Yemen.

A MASSACRE is taking place in #Taiz now! Reports say at least 10 died and hundreds were injured as the army opens fire on protestors #Yemen

SEYAJ organization for childhood protection reports : Injury of more than 150 children at the sit-in Taiz yesterday. SEYAJ is NGO, non-profit, volunteering and independent organization for childhood protection in Yemen established in 2005, with license No. 64 on 2008 - Work & Social Affairs Ministry,

Photos of the injuired and dead today in Taiz

Interviews with some of the injuired explaining what happened today in Taiz

Names of marytrs in Taiz so far:

Abdullah Moqbi Al-Sorori, 40 years old عبدالله مقبل الســروري 40عاماَ
Mohammed Sharaf Al-Absi, 23 years old محمد شرف العبســــي 23عاماَ
Nasser Mohammed Al-Basha, 26 years old ناصر عبدالله الباشــــــــا 26عاماً
Mashhoor Mansour Al-Absi, 26 years old ...مشهور منصور العبسي 26عاماَ
Hayel Al-Helali هائـــــــــــــــــل الهلالـــــــــــــــي
Khaled Ameen Al-Shaybani خالــــــــد أميـــــــــــن الشيباني
Fekri Saeed Maqbool فكـــــــري سعيــــــــد مقبــــــــل
unknown- مجهول
unknown- مجهول
unknown- مجهول
unknown- مجهول
unknown- مجهول
unknown- مجهول
unknown- مجهول
unknown- مجهول
unknown- مجهول

Youth trapped in one of the shops and they have a wounded person with them that they couldn't get to the hospital because secuirty forces and thugs are outside screaming and vowing to get them.
Ibb city are protesting against what is happening in Taiz.

Al-Baydah protesting against what is happening in Taiz.

Sana'a Protesting against what happened in Taiz

Breaking: Rahel Press: Yemeni Scholars appeal to doctors, pharmacists and citizens to do their patriotic duty and humanitarian engagement with the peaceful youth revolution

Breaking: The allied army forces prevents and blocks an attack attempts by the scentral security forces in Change Square of Sana'a

Video of Saleh's thugs carrying sticks and rocks ready to attack the peaceful protesters.

Hodiedah, security forces are keeping thugs safe and shooting gases on the peaceful protesters

What happened in Abyan, a couple of kids filmed the moment when a missle was launched onto the ammunition factory.

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