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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

April 27th Updates - Bloodiest Day in Sana'a After March 18th

The death of Raofa Hassan- professor, journalist, activist, and founder of the Cultural and Development Programs Foundation- this morning in one of Cairo's hospitals.

Taiz mass march rejectin the Gult Initaitve today
Sana'a: A mass march from the Change Square to 60th street rejecting the Gulf Initiative and demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh and his soliders.
Civil disobedience in Al-Baydah today
Yemeni women collecting firewood because of the shortage in domestic gas.
Hodeidah young men shaking hands with security forces. 
Death of three soldiers and injury of six in an attack by gunmen in a security point in Abyan
Civil disobedience in Ibb  today
April 26th- The lady that was shot in Taiz from her window by Republican Guards is in critical condition at one of the hospitals. The governor went to the hospital to "visit" and when the lady's brother asked "Why do you shoot houses?" one of the guards pointed his gun to his chest and threatened him of killing him- JUST because he asked that question.
Successful civil disobedience in Lahj, Al-Baydah, Aden and Ibb today, April 27th.
Abdu Al-Jendi's son: I no longer follow statements by my father and when I hear him on TV, I change the channel.
Ali Saleh's regime issues customs statement free of charge to a large numbers of the state cars (army, government, police, hospitality) to convert them into private property to pro-regime supporters.
Youth Revolution burnt the panel headquarters of the Women's GMP in Taiz today in Jamal St. April 27th
Masdar: Death of one protesters and one soldier in clashes in Aden, tanks are surrounding the Aresh district in Khormaksar.
Dhamar: Security forces attacked students of the Department of Education in Dhamar University by beating them because they were protesting to suspend studying period in the University.
‎20 tanks carryinng security forces in 60th street and thugs from everywhere gathered to be ready for any escalation or marching to the presidential palace.
Rally of pro-regime supporters coming from Al-Mesbahi round and moving towards Al-Kumaim Mall.
Republican Guards troops surround a group of youth in Khormaksar, Aden.
GMP President in Aden distributes 700 pieces of weapons under a security plan to create chaos in the city. 
Aden: Death toll rises to 3 in Aden after a young man called Nabil Yahya Mohammed passed away half an hour ago by live ammunition from security forces in Khormaksar.

Aden today: 3 martyrs and 5 injured.
Sana'a: Dozens injured by live ammunition in a mass march that was blocked by security forces and Saleh's thugs now.
Sana'a: A martyr and tens wounded due to heaving shooting on the mass march from Al-Thawra Stadium in Jeraf where regime thugs were gathered.
Sana'a: The mass march is now beside the Yemen National TV station chanting for the immediate departure of Ali Saleh and the fall of the lying media that supports the regime.
URGENT: Over 6 martyrs in Sana'a and dozens wounded arrive to the University of Science and Tech Hospital due to live ammunition by Republican Guards and security forces on the peaceful protesters in Sana'a
Fall of seven martyrs and dozens wounded by live ammunition by Republican Guards and security forces on the mass march in Sana'a
Continous heavy gunfire on the mass march in Sana'a using different weapons, injuring dozens and killing 7.
Sana'a: Medical sources: Most of the shots are directly targetting the head or chest- fatal shots.
Over 100 cases of live ammunition fatal shots- another massacre committed in Sana'a today.
Almost all of the injuries arriving to the field hospital in Sana'a now are by live ammunition or stabbing by sharp equipment.
Sana'a: Continous heavy gunfire using different weapons on the peaceful march by the Republican Guards and regime thugs in the TV Street.
Medical Sources: Arrived to the field hospital a young man shot in the kidney- bled to death.
Medical Sources: Over 100 of injured protesters are arriving to the field hospital. All injuries are by live ammunition, stabbing by sharp equipments or beaten badly by batons.
Death toll increases to 8 martyrs in Sana'a field hosptail due to fatal shots -head, chest, kindey.
APPEAL to all doctors to all the hospitals, Kuwat Hospital, Science and Tech and most of the private hospitals. ALSO to go to field hospital to help.
‎90% of the injures are by live ammunition, mostly fatal shots.
Most of the injured are in 22 May Street. Regime is blocking ambulances from transfering to the injured to the hospital which results in bleeding to death.
Death toll is increasing fast in Sana'a: 10 martyrs and over 100 wounded by live ammunition in very dangerous spots in the body, due to regime thugs blocking a peaceful march in Sana'a
Witness: I tried to hospitlize a young injured man and thugs blocked us and attacked us from behind. The injured young man passed away because of severe bleeding.
Snipers on rooftops are shooting on the peaceful protesters in Sana'a
Mukalah: Mass marches in Mukalah now condemning the massacre in Sana'a
Kidnapping of 12 of the injured protesters into the Thawra Stadium and not allowing them to get medical help.
Medical Sources: Shortage of antibiotics and other medications at the field hospital. APPEAL for docotrs and pharmasists to help out asap.
Alawi Al-Habali Lawyer: Appeal to the international organizations to save the 12 wounded protesters that have been kidnapped by security forces and thugs into the Thawra Stadium and transferring them to special camps. ALSO, 8 other martyrs have been taken by security forces and bured in unknown locations beside Bani Matar a couple of weeks ago.
Sana'a: Power off in the TV Street and witness say that Saleh thugs, republican guards and security forces open fire on demonstrations with anti-aircraft guns known as 7/12.
Sana'a: Eyewitnesses say that injured protesters are bleeding in the TV street and security forces & Republican Guards are preventing them from getting medical help and shoot who-ever tries to approach them to help.
Mass marches in Taiz condemning the massacre that is taking place in Sana'a.
Protesters are appealing to all Security forces that are pro-democracy to help out the wounded protesters in Sana'a that are kidnapped in the camps.
Suhail: Eyewitnesses: Regime thugs in TV street are throwing rocks on the injured protesters that have been kidnapped and denied medical help until one of them passed away.
URGENT APPEALS: Doctors needed at field hosptail in Sana'a. O- blood type is needed at Kuwait Hospital and Field Hospital in Sana'a.
(GRAPHIC) Pictures of some of the martyrs and injured in Sana'a  

Suhail: Sana'a: Dozens of the regime thugs are coming out from The Flower Hall east of the Thawra Stadium dressed in First Armored Division uniform to provide informational and fabricated material to official channels.
Medical Sources: Many of the injured are in Kuwait Hosptial as well as other private hospitals and the field hospital. 10 martyrs and over 100 wounded by live ammunition and stabbing by sharp equipemts as well as beating by batons.
The abduction of 15 wounded protesters in Al-Thawra Stadium, appealing to all international organizations to help.
Sana'a: Mass march started from 60 street and reached the TV street, when the heavy gunfire started from the stadium area.
A 12 year old child passed away in the German Yemen Hospital due to republican guards attack today on the peaceful mass march in Sana'a.
URGENT: Death toll rises to 12 martyrs and over 130 injured by live ammunition including 10 in critical condition due to regime thugs blocking and attacking the peaceful mass march in Sana'a today.
Suhail: Mahmood Gulaidan & Mahmood Al-Mashriqi are the two thugs leaders at Al-Thawrah Stadium.
Suhail: The start of the live ammunition on the peaceful mass march in Sana'a started from Al-Ghafri building in Amran Street beside the Thawra Stadium.
Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar is condemning the new massacre that the regime committed agasint the peaceful protesters in Sana'a.
Suhail: 80 injured protesters are abducted by Republican Guards and security forces in the Thawra Stadium.
Mareb Press: Thugs that are in Thawra Stadium chanted "God, The President, Death" and lit fire near to the stadium and blocked the general road before attacking the peaceful mass march that expressed their rejection of the Gulf Initiative.
GRAPHIC last breaths of one of the martyrs
President Ali Abdullah Saleh said he supports "peaceful" change in line with Yemen's constitution as at least 13 more people were killed and more than 100 wounded on Wednesday with no let-up in protests.
URGENT : Aden || heavy gunfire in Aden (the Queen Arwa Street)
‎13 martyrs and 220 wounded by live ammunition and sharp equipments, 85 kidnapped injured protesters.
URGENT || Mass marches in Aden , Taiz and Mukalah now condemning the massacre in Sana'a now.
Youth Revolution: Our revolution is peaceful and Saleh will not succeed to pull us to being violent.
Marib Press | Witnesses: ambulances belonging to the "48 hospital" which belongs to the Republic Guards, enter Al-Thawra hospital and kidnaps some of the injured protesters.
Medical Sources: From nine different hospitals and tents in the Change Square, the numbers are: 798 cases in total. 12 confirmed dead (including children), 8 in critical condition, 569 beaten badly by batons, 125 live ammunition, 91 of gas suffocation. In addition to 85 wounded protesters that are kidnapped.
Ali Mohsen: Those who committed today's Sanaa massacre will be punished. Yemen We'll not be dragged to conflict. 
Abdulrahman Burman: National Yemen TV has been fabricating news for today's massacres
Burman: International Red Cross Ambulances have been kidnapping injured protesters.
Burman: A large number of abducted protesters are being tortured badly in prisons and in underground prisons. They have been denied access to bathrooms, they only get a plastic bags. They receive ONE drink of water and unedible rice once a day. Many of them have been beaten until death, from April 9th until now. Everyday regime thugs kidnap protesters.
Hood organization got a hold of a number of plate numbers for cars that abducted protesters today.
Names of the thugs that led the massacre in Sana'a today:
- Mahmoud Guliadan
- Mahmoud Al-Mashraqi
- Saleh Abu-Awja
- Muslih Al-Warwari
- Dagheer Aziz- member of House Representative
A Mareb tribal leader spoke on Suhail TV and sent a message to security forces and thugs saying: We left our guns at home because we do not want to kill you.
Martyr Nasser Mohammed Nasser Fadaq from Abyan, a student in Community College in Sana'a was run over by one of the thugs water trucks today at the scene, plate number 1540/2. His body is at Science & Tech University hospital.
Major-General Ali Mohsen calls for escalating and uprising to stop the massacres, he says, "Saleh's record is full of shame and disgrace"
Names of Martyers in Sana'a massacre today:
- Mohammed Ali Rashid Al-Anisi, Live ammunition
- Azmi Khaled Mohammed Shamsan Al-Maqrami, Live ammunition
- Nasser Mohammed Nasser Fadaq, Abyan, run over by car
- Murad Abdulhaq Al-Ariqi, Live ammunition
...- Asem Abdulhameed Al-Hammadi, Live ammunition
- Abdullah Ali Al-Sameri, Live ammunition
- Abdulwahid Abdulrahman Al-Mansoob, Live ammunition
- Abdulraheem Mohammed Ahmad Imran, live ammunition
- Azi Khaled Al-Qershi, Live ammunition
- Abdullateef Al-Miqdam, Live ammunition
- Abdulrahman Mohammed Al-Okeri, Live ammunition

Names of some of the injured:
- Mohammed Al-Hadad, live ammunition
- Ali Ashesh, live ammunition
- Ali Haidar Ghaleb, live ammunition
- Mohammed Hussien Amir, live ammunition
- Nasser Ahmad Mohammed, run over by car
- Majed Al-Qadasi, shot by live ammunition on head
- Hayel Saeed Al-Azab, live ammunition
- Fares Al-Sayad, run over by car
- Abbas Mohammed Rabih, run over by car
- Ahmad Saleh Awad, live ammunition, critical condition
- Abdulsalam Saleh Wahbi, live ammunition
- Abdullah Awad Al-Edresi, live ammunition
- Hisham Al-Jabri, live ammunition
- Ali Hadroun, live ammunition
- Mohealdeen Ameen Moqdim, live ammunition
- Nayef Ja’aban
- Abdulwale Abdulrahman Al-Samee, injured by rocks
- Mutahar Saleh Nasser, live ammunition
- Abdulsalam Saleh Wafi, live ammunition
- Ahmad Ameen Abdullah Ali, live ammunition
- Hussam Ali Hizam Al-Jend, live ammunition
- Akram Ahmad Sa’ad Al-Mahjari, stabbed
- Nabeel Abdullah Hatem, live ammunition
- Hussien Al-Rawhani, live ammunition
- Hashim Al-Abadah, live ammunition
- Mohammed Mohammed Sharaf Al-Mutawkil, live ammunition
- Waleed Ali Mohammed Al-Sharjabi, live ammunition
- Abdullah Mohammed Abdulsalam Kurman, live ammunition
- Sharaf Al-Hori, live ammunition
- Ali Mohammed Ayed Sailan, thrown by rocks
- Adnan Ali Anees, live ammunition
- Maher Al-Nofali, live ammunition
- Wadah Al-Hori, thrown by rocks
- Jamal Mohammed Abdullah, live ammunition
New clashes in Al-Aer mountain between Republican Guards and tribe members of Yafai, Lahj.
(GRAPHIC) Pictures of injured and martyrs in Aden today

Names of martyrs in Aden today:
- Nabeel Yahya Mohammed Bin Mojali, 30 years old, Aresh

Names of injured in Aden today, Aresh:
- Abdullah Saleh Haidara, 43 years old, Aresh
.- Ahmad Mohammed Abdullah Al-Oud, 23 years old, Shiekh Othman
- Ali Salem Abdullah Al-Dooh, 19 years old, Mansoura
- Ayman Ahmad Abdullah, Taqyeah, Mansoura
- Saleh Hassan Mohammed Al-Qarn, 50 years old, Aresh
- Zakeria Hassan Al-Solomi, 35 years old, Aresh
Ahmed Ronaldo
| looms to reject the initiative as long as can not stop the ongoing bloodshed done by .

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