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Monday, 25 April 2011

April 25th Updates!

Sana'a protesters marched in a teacher/student march today to the Ministry of Education

Taiz protesters getting attacked today

Al-Safwa hospital in Taiz: 196 general wounds, 41 cases of live ammunition, 6 of them are surgeris, 2 in critical condition and about 500 gas suffocation
A lady in Taiz was spraying water on the injured protesters by gas suffocation from her house balcony when she was shot by Republican Guards in the chest this afternoon. The lady is in critical condition in the hospital.
News of the abduction of a medical crew that was with the march in Sofitel Round in Taiz by police patrol with the plate number (8767)
GRAPHIC  VIDEO: One of the injured in Taiz, Yaseen Mohammed Hassan Al-Khaledi

Taiz Attacks today in Pictures (some graphic)

Ibb's Flower march today

Ibb: two killed and 30 wounded by live ammunition by security forces in civilian uniforms.
Ibb protest today

Report on the Flower March in Ibb:

- 26 Injuries, 5 of them by live ammunition, 3 in critical condition.
- Arrest 3 of the thugs and confiscation of 2 Kalashnikov weapons.
- Burning of 2 thugs car that were firing live ammunition on the protesters.
.- Protesters are surrounding a house where 3 thugs have escaped to.
- Security forces are preventing the protesters from breaking into the house.
- Protesters are throwing flowers at security forces and are asking them to arrest the thugs.
One of the thugs getting treated at the field hospital, does not want to be taped. Ibb today.

 Protesters burnt 2 thugs cars that were firing live bullets on the peaceful prot...esters were they injured 3 and 2 of them in critical condition
 Protests in Sa'ada today
March in Al-Baydah condemning the attacks on Al-Hamekan yesterday -where two were killed and 2 injured.
Al-Masdar: CID transfered 14 young men that were arrested last tuesday and ones that were arrested from the top of the hotel in Sana'a -because they were filming the attacks to the west prosecutor
‎4 Yemeni students in Iran appealed to the Minister of Education to give them their scholarships.

 An attempt to kill a member of the First Armored Division by one of the thugs that tried to run him over by a pickup truck -Heluix- model 2006 in 60th street by Mathbah round in Sana'a.
Power off in the entire city of Ibb before Maghrib Prayer.
Sana'a: During a joint meeting today -Monday-: JMP, supporters and cluster of justice and building decided to form a national coalition that will support the peaceful revolution of the Yemeni people and achieve it's demands
Message from Al-Hemekan to the president! We are all united and he will never acheive his goal of creatingg civil war or any problems between us.
Saleh's regime is turning Al-Ghaydah airport to a military airfield. Stops all flights to and from it and transfers the administrative offices to a storage for rockets, ammunition for military aircrafts. Al-Mahra citizens are not pleased.
Republican gaurds and security forces attack peaceful protesters in Taiz by live ammunition and toxic gas, led by Abdullah Qiaran -he was sent to Taiz yesterday.
Saleh calls on the youth to join the "revolution side and not the members of rebellions and sabotage."
The Arab Sisters Forum for Human Rights: A seven year old child was raped while returning from school in Al-Ma'afir, Taiz. The child (M.G) is a first grade student in primacry school, he was raped on his way home where the accused (B. S) a 27 year old took him to a grocery store where he works at and gave him some candy before he rapes him. The forum said that lawyer Najeeb Al-Jaradi is following the case.
Field hospital in Sana'a, Names of the young men that got injured today in the teachers march by thugs:
- Bilal Al-Monsef, 17 years old
- Said Hussien Rafii
- Bilal Mansour, 20 years old
- Basheer Saeed Mohammed Al-Jabli
Al Islah Party president Al-Yadomi meets today with the US Ambassador in Sana'a to discuss some aspects and developments in the Yemeni case and how to solve this current crisis.
Opposition agrees to the Gulf Initiative after clarification provided, including not to lift the sit-ins.
Sources: Taiz:
- Number of detainees in Al-Jahmalya police station: 70
- Number of injured by gas suffocation: 250
- Number of injured by live ammunition: 30 including the lady that was shot from her balcony while helping the injured protesters. 
Names of injured in the Flower March in Ibb today:

1. Ahmad Al-Mofte, critical condition shot in the hip.
2. Abdullah Ahmad Malhe Al-Oromi, critical condition shot in the liver
3. Ali Mohammed Al-Ghaithi, beaten badly with batons, injured all over body
4. Ismail Ibrahim, wound in the left leg
5. Mohammed Hameed Al-Jamaee, stab in the right foot and arm
6. Arif Al-Mansoub, wound in the left leg
7. Sadiq Lutf Al-Awadi, shot in the head
8. Nouraldin Abdulgabar Al-Jamaee, wound in the mouth
9. Nasr Abdulhafid Al-Sabri, wound in face and arm
10. Khaled Qassim Al-Herabi, wound in the chest
11. Khaled Abdullah Abdu Hassan, wound in the right arm
12. Haitham Mohammed Qassim, stab in the side and right arm
13. Mubarak Abdu Qassim Al-Shami, stab in the right arm
14. Saddam Abdulrahman Al-Jamaee, wounded in the right arm
15. Younis Saleh Ahmad Al-Meleki, wound in the right foot by rocks
16. Fekri Ahmad Abdullah Al-Shaweri, shot in the right shoulder
17. Mohammed Yahya Mahi, wound above the right eye
18. Jameel Ali Bin Ali Al-Hajri, wound in the right foot.
19. Mosa Mohammed Haza’a, wound in the left leg
20. Afif Ameen Mahdi Al-Showhali, wound in the right hand
21. Abdulrahman Qassim Al-Mazoom, wound in the right shoulder
22. Mohammed Hassan Ahmad Al-Shahbani, wound in the right foot
23. Emad Abdullah Saeed, wound in the left shoulder
24. Ali Abdu Ali Thawe, wound in the right arm
25. Mubarak Ahmad Ali, wound in the right shoulder
26. Saddam Mohammed Salih Ali, stab with glass in the right arm
27. Yahya Mohsen Ali Al-Wajeeh, beaten by batons in the shoulder
28. Ali Mohammed Hamoud Al-Ghaythi, beaten by baton in the face
29. Talal Asad Ali, beaten by baton all over body
30. Mohammed Ahmad Mansour, stab in the left arm
31. Bakeel Yahya Abdullah, beaten by baton
32. Ali Mohammed Hamoud, beaten by weapons
33. Foad Hafidallah, thrown by rocks
34. Abdulhakeem Al-Basha, beaten by weapons
35. Majed Yahya Saeed
36. Khaled Mohammed Mosleh
37. Khaled Al-Salahi
38. Ameen Mahmoud Mohammed
39. Ali Mohammed Abdulrab Al-Samawee, beaten by weapons
40. Mohammed Abdulkareem, deadly hit in the head
41. Moath Nasser Ahmad, hit on the head by a baton
42. Khaled Al-Jamaee, rock thrown on head
43. Khaled Abdulhameed, wound by throwing rocks
44. Safwan Al-Amari, bad hit in the right hand
45. Mubarak Saeed Ali Al-Khawlani, dislocation in the right foot
46. Abdullah Hamoud Al-Hadad, wound in the left shoulder and back.

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