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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

April 26th Updates- Aden & Taiz!

According to press sources in Sana'a the signing of the Gult Initiative for Ali saleh to step down will be signed next Saturday in Riyadh, Saudi. Today's News newspaper -close to Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar- predicted that the final signin of the initiative will be on Saturday, confirming unnamed sources, the joint meeting of the coalition of the opposition and the government given regional and international guarantees to implement the initiative.
The Organizational Committee of the Youth Revolution renewed its refusal to "the initiatives that only serve the authoritarian regime". They also said that they will continue with the sit-ins and will escalate the situation until the demands are acheived, fall of the regime and trail of Ali Saleh and the corrupted figures. They said that the Gult Initiative is a "walk away" for the regime, when the JMP declared the acceptance of the initative after receiving weird guarantees.
 Aden Youth Sit-ins in front of the governate building

Organizing Committe of the Youth Revolution: Sending a call to all Yemenis to go to the Change Square to get ready to march to the presidential palace.
Hodeidah: 8 injured by live ammunition due to attacks by military crews on peaceful demonstrations asking for the immediate departure of Ali Saleh.
Security forces attack protesters in Taiz beside Al-Sha'ab School wounding five by live ammunition, one of them is in critical condition.
Armed gunmen firing live bullets to the air in the streets of Ibb to scare the citizens.
Taiz: One young protesters were killed and number of injured during clashes between demonstrators and central security forces and Republican Guard in front of Al-Sha'ab School
Taiz today beside Al-Shaab School, army started firing live bullets on the protesters killing one after they protested against the Gulf Initative. Protesters thought that the army will protect them from Republican Guards and security forces, but it wasn't true. They now don't trust anyone but themselves and decided to esclate the situation.
 GRAPHIC: Another injured protest in Taiz today
A protester shot in the head and is in critical condition in Taiz
Pictures of Taiz attacks today- some graphic-

All the cases that arrived to the field hospital in Taiz were shot directly in the head. One of the protesters was dead upon arrival and another was shot the same way and is in critical condition now and some other injuries.
Al-Arabia: Yemeni opposition will try to convince the youth of the initiative after singing it, where the youth will participate in the political process after the departure of the regime
Mass march in the streets of Mansoura, Aden demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh
Al-Arabia: GCC are calling the opposition and government in Yemen to go to Riyadh tomorrow to sign the Gulf Initiative.
Gunfire in Khormaksar now
Continous attacks in Freedom Square of Taiz beside Al-Sha'ab School.
Aden: Khormaksar: Ambulances and gunfire sounds in the streets of Khormaksar. Security forces are shooting randomly -even to houses.
Khormaksar, Aden:
Continous gunfire next to Al-Orood Square -diplomatic area- because some protesters tried to pull down a picture of Ali Saleh. Security forces fired live ammunition on them beside Mali and Amideast institutions -some students are in them.
These regions are noted as very sensitive because of the presence of the German, Saudi Arabia and Russian Embassies.
Mass marches in Socotra Island demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh.
Al-Jazeera: Mass marches in Yemen rejecting the Gulf initiative saying it does not meet the minimum demands of the people.
Mareb Press: Authorities shut down the city of Aden and blocks the entry and exit of all the ports anticipating of a mass demonstration organized by the South Movement tomorrow in memory of April 27
Khormaksar: News of one martyr and a couple of injured protesters due to clashes by security forces and firing live ammunition randomly.

Names of injuries in Aden, Khormaksar:
- Mahmoud Al-Salami, 17 years old, critical condition shot in the head
- Nasser Saleh Al-Mansour, 38 years old, shot twice in the left leg
Khormaksar: Housebreak of citzen: Awad Al-Sa'a in Al-Salam neighbourhood and arresting him and his brother Ali Al-Sa'a and beating them badly in front of their families.
Al-Mansoura people are protesting condemning what happened in Khormaksar today.
The regime fails in organizing a female march that supports Ali Saleh in Aden- for the second time.
Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution calls for a civil disobedience and mass marches every where in Yemen tomorrow.
Martyr in Taiz: Marwan Mohammed Abdullah

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