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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Analyst: President's Plan to Eliminate Revolution on Unification Day - from masdaronline

Al-Maweri reveals a secret plan for the President to eliminate the youth revolution on Unification Day. He says that the regime is waiting for May 22nd to implement the refusal of stepping down.

Muneer Al-Maweri the political opposing Yemeni that lives in America warned the youth protesters in the different Squares of Yemen from a plan... that he described as a confidentiality sought by President Ali Saleh on its technique of eliminating the youth revolution and staying in power for the rest of his life.
Al-Maweri held a speech yesterday in front of a crowd of Yemeni and Libyan demonstrators by the White House in Washington D.C, during his speech he said that he believes that the Yemeni president is following a very dangerous and serious tactic that is based on procrastination and gaining more time. Ali Saleh has been known for using this technique since the day he came to power; hoping to achieve the following:

First: Convincing the countries of the GCC and the international community the need of a period of time that is not less than 30 days before declaring his resignation, and at least a full week to transfer his power to his deputy, in hope that Unification Day (May 22nd) will arrive while he is still in power. According to Al-Maweri, the president will participate in the celebrations of this day after obviously mobilizing his supporters the usual way in the celebration area in 70 Square. He would then instruct them to carry out a play of wanting him to stay and oppose to his resignation in front of the regional and international mediators, which will make him refuse resignation out of a sudden.

Second: Is the second part of the plan, according to the expectations of Al-Maweri, President Saleh will use the upcoming five weeks to create chaos between people. He will distract the opposition and penetrate the different Squares around Yemen with creating conflicts between liberals and Islamists, military and civilians, and between men and women in order to empty the Squares with at least more than half to show that the 70 Square is more crowded, dense and is very strong on Unification Day. Depending on the sympathy of the people that think that President Saleh has really sacrificed for Unity, although he is in fact ready to sacrifice Unity for his own power and his own personal interests, as Al-Maweri explained. Saleh cannot sacrifice his “chair” authority for unity.

Third: As Al-Maweri named it, “A camouflage plan” requires that the President accepts shifting his son Ahmed from leading the Republican Guards and his nephews, Yahya and Ammar from the central security and national security without changing the power balance in practice because he already anticipated for it and has appointed his brother Major General Ali Saleh Al-Ahmar as a leader for the combat operations, while the central security guard will remain under the supervision of the commander Abdulmalik Al-Tayeb, as well as the national security will remain under the supervision of his head of office manager Ali Al-Anisi.

Under the evil plan as described by Al-Maweri, President Ali Saleh will get rid of the staff of the central security and Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, his nephew, who began to bother the president views by rebelling. In addition to get rid of his other nephew and deputy of national security Ammar Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, who became the other troublesome for the president because of his mistakes in leading the department of national security. Regarding the president’s son Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, isolating him from leading the republican guards, according to Al-Maweri, it will satisfy the masses of people, although it won’t make any difference since the republican guards will remain under the President’s control during the upcoming weeks through Ali Saleh Al-Ahmar and Tareq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh. Al-Maweri also sees that Ahmed Ali, the president’s son, has become a heavy burden on his father, after the failure of the inheritance project, which made Ahmed very enthusiastic to blow up the situation with Major General Ali Mohamed Al-Ahmar troops. If this explosion occurs, his father fears that it will be a like a suicide for him and his regime; therefore, it is only wise to exclude Ahmed Ali from the commanding and leading of the republican guards at this time.

Al-Maweri also says that if the president was actually ready to step down and accept the international guarantees and the regional protection for him and his family, then he should immediately step down now because there is no difference in resigning now or after five weeks; only if his intention is originally improper and the goal is to stall. The Yemeni opposing author sees that the escalation from the youth protesters is a must because President Ali Saleh will not leave his presidential palace and won’t give up power unless he is forced to do so. Al-Maweri called on the youth revolutionists to refuse any amnesty or prior guarantees for the President and senior officials of his relatives, saying that the amnesty should have been declared in favour of military officers such as republican guards, central security, political security, air force and air defence, and all the other military formations that still get commanded by President Ali Saleh and his relatives. To give the opportunity to the unit commanders, factions, individuals and officers to align with the revolution or at least to refrain from attacking the peaceful protesters or defending the corrupted President that did not hesitate to murder, steal, and betray his own people according to the expression of Al-Maweri.

Al-Maweri continued saying that if the President is not held accountable for his actions as the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, then the school of corruption that is founded and adopted by him will prevail for many years and will be so difficult to get rid of it. As well as the billions that the President and his relatives stole, as Al-Maweri says, from the public treasury of the Yemeni people, the upcoming government must restore it to be able to fix all the problems that were created by the corrupted, genetic ruling system, which created a serious deviation to the September Revolution. This youth revolution came to correct the deviation.

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