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Friday, 29 April 2011

Loyalty to the Martyrs- Friday, April 29th

Saleh's speech in 70th Square today- "Friday of Constitutional legitimacy"

Al-Baydah, Friday, Loyalty to the Martyrs

Sana'a, Friday, Loyalty to the Martyrs

Ibb, Friday, Loyalty to the Martyrs
 Names of the martyrs that were in the burial march in Sana'a today
Sana'a: Major General Ali Mohsen Saleh was in the front row of the millions in Sana'a on Loyalty to the Martyrs Friday in 60th street.
Waseem Al-Qorashi: The signing of this initiative does not concern us and we will keep doing whatever we're doing.
About 10 people have been wounded after they marched in Sana'a Street in Hodeidah in front of Central Bank after Friday Prayer by live ammunition. Security forces and thugs shot them and abducted 3 of them, all with serious injuries; one is injured in the abdomen and the other two in the head. News of one of them passing away due to the serious injury.
Suhail: Hielux pickup, plate number 11414 kidnaps two injured protesters in the head in Hodeidah.
Abduction of several activists and journalists in Hodeidah:
- Abdulhafith Mojeb, arrested by security, beaten and then released
- Tareq Sroor, arrested by security, beaten and then released
- Rafat Al-Ameri, arrested by security and then released
.- Ehab Al-Maqtary, abducted by security and until now, no one knows his fate
- Mohammed Yousef, arrested by thugs, stole his phone and camera and then released him

The injured abductees, no one knows their fate until now.
A memorable day in the history of the Yemeni revolution: More than 6 million Yemenis performed Friday prayers, Loyalty to the Martyrs in all cities of Yemen demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh and his corrupted regime that has lost its legitimacy and refusing to give him any guarantees.
- Two million in the 60th street in'a.
- 1.5 million in Taiz
- Over half a million in Ibb
- Hundreds of thousands in Aden, Hadramout, Hodeidah, Al-Baydah, Mareb, Shabwa, Socotra, Dhamar, Mahra, Dalii, Lahj, Sa'ada, Amran and others condemning the masscres performed by Ali Saleh and demanding his immediate departure and rejecting the Gulf Initative.

- Funeral of 12 martyrs from Sana'a massacre and martyr Ghassan Abdulqawee in Aden.

- Injury of 10 protesters and kidnapping of 12 others including two injured ones in an attack on a peaceful march in Hodediah.

- Mass marches in Taiz, Aden, Mukalah, Al-Baydah, Al-Shahr, Ataq, Karsh condemning the massacres of Ali Saleh and demanding his immediate departure and rejecting the Gulf initiative
Mass marches in different cities of Yemen condemns the remarks that Saleh said and his unvalid abusive speeches towards Qatar that has stood next to Yemen in the difficult times. The marches confirmed that whoever is conspiring against Yemen is the one that kills the youth in cold blood, and seeks to drag the country to a civil war in order to stay in authority.
Reuters: Zayani -GCC official- arrives to Sana'a tomorrow, JMP delegation will go to Riyadh with him to sign the agreement. Ali Saleh will sign the Gulf Initaitive in Sana'a however sends Al-Eryani to sign the official aggrement in Riyadh.
The lady that got shot in Taiz from her house while she was spraying water to help the protesters.
The Organizing Youth Revolution Committee is calling for a civil disobedience tomorrow, Saturday from 8:00am until 12:00pm is all the Yemeni cities.
Ali Saleh phones Bashar Al-Assad and says what our countries are going through is a "conspiracy"
National Security abduct a revolutionary female activist after she left the Change Square
Dr. Azmi Bishara: The youth have to stay in the Squares even if the initiative was signed.
A new crime added to Saleh and his regime: Female national security kidnap a female leaving the Change Square; the youth are demanding immediate intervention for her release.
Mona Safwan to Al-Jazeera: The Gulf Initiative ignored the people, therefore it does not mean anything to them; the youth are their only opition for a peaceful esclation to the revolution and they own the revolutional and constitutional legitimacy. The president will use the Gulf Initiative for maneuver only.
Arrived to Taiz at dawn yesterday Missile Brigades that were located in Artel region and Sanhan with the needed materials (Luna-M & FROG). As well as the arrival of 6 Scud Missile Launchers that were located in Ayban Mountain.

In the same context, 311 members of Brigade were replaced by 1,500 members of Republican Guards because they have refused to fire on the protesters in Taiz.
Everyday he waits until hes done with his shift at the Republican Guard camp so he can go the Change Square in Sana'a to join the liberal rebels. Until he was killed on Wednesday in the Thawra Stadium -an honored martyr. This hero, Ali Ahmad Hassan Al-Raymi has 5 children, and elderly parents that he takes care of. When he passed away... on Wednesday, the Republican Guards denied that this martyr belonged to them and was one of them. People in the Change Square had a bruial march for him and the other 12 that passed away on Wednesday.

He will be transferred to Rayma- his hometown for his family to say goodbye to him and then bury him.
Pictures from the Marches around Yemen:





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