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Friday, 29 April 2011

Last Day of the Month- April 30th! +aden massacre

Seige in  Mallah,  Aden,Yemen
(rest updated from bottom latest to top) photo from
video of first dead today in Mallah, Aden, Yemen by
Killed on camera
Successful civil disobeidence in Ibb, Taiz and Aden

Students of the Medicine Department of Sana'a University just started a massive march from the University to the Change Square condemning the massacres committed by Ali Saleh and rejecting to study until the regime falls
Foreign Minister of Philippines Fi Albert del Rosario arrived to Sanaa today to discuss countries relations, trade & other related topics regarding Philippinees in Yemen
Abdulrahman Burman- Hood Organization Lawyer: Found 3 chopped dead bodies inside of small tanks in Bait Baws in Sana'a on Wednesday night, special source cofirmed that it was done for political reasons without giving out any details.
Burman: Found 3 chopped dead bodies inside of small tanks in Bait Baws in Sana'a on Wednesday night, special source cofirmed that it was done for political reasons without giving out any details. 
Arrived to Taiz yesterday night a procession of youth revolutionists to Freedom Square from Aden, including activists, intellectuals, politicians and jurists. Hospitality and warm welcome by the youth; disagreement is in the existing regime, when we get rid of the regime the country will stay one and united.
Protesting agasint domestic gas shortage: Security forces used live bullets to disperse protesters that blocked the road in front of VP house in 60th street, Sana'a
Urgent: News of gunshots on the protesters in Aden in the Martyrs Square.
Aden: Armored army vehicle penetrates the back alley of the Martyrs Square in Mansoura and fires live bullets randomly
Eyewitness: "There are some dead from central security and some injured, a couple of minutes ago there was some shooting in Reme district beside Sabir Hospital, and I saw them transfering injured soldiers to the hospital"
From Aden Al-Ghad 

 صورة المواطن المصاب في الإشتباكات التي شهدتها المنصورة صباح اليوم السبت -عدن الغد
عدن ((عدن الغد )) خاص:
أصيب جنديان ومواطن بجراح بالغة صباح اليوم السبت خلال مصادمات عنيفة شهدتها المنصورة بعد محاولة وحدات من الجيش االتوغل في شوارع المدينة وسط إطلاق نار كثيف.

Yemen: Violent clashes between gunmen and troops in the region of Mansoura city of Aden and reports of injured. Reports of 5 tanks moving in.  Witness, "its like a war-zone with tanks and wounded people everywhere." Many explosions reported. 

Aden: Security forces trying to get to the sit-ins under heavy gunfire and toxic gas; chashes between protesters & security forces to control the sit-in
Aden: Withdrawal of republican guards forces minutes after breaking into the sit-ins in the Square; protesters proudly succeed and back to the square
Aden: Mansoura: Sounds of very strong explosions around the sit-ins
Eyewitnesses: Tanks entering Mansoura from Boreqa side
Aden: Five tanks broke into Martyrs Square in Mansoura; violent clashes currently taking place; reports of injured & Republican Guards tanks enter sit-in now
Aden: Witness: House paint is falling on us from how hard the bullets hit the walls
Aden: After withdrawing for a while, security forces returned aggressively to Mansoura & sit-ins
Aden: Security forces have orders to kill and assasinate- what appears from shooting heavy live ammunition on citizens houses randomly
Aden: Mansoura: Witness: I hear explosions, machine guns, grenades and anti-aircrafs
Aden: Youth in Mansoura appeal to the honorable people for intervention; security forces are shooting randomly and intensively; situation similar to state of war with the explosions in the area
Mansoura is under attack with tanks and sources say it is a humanitarian tragedy, appeals to support and help; reports of 4 injured -confirmed 
Commander of the Southern axis, Mahdi Maqola enters the square in Mansoura with tanks & armored vehicles, burns tents- reports of injuries
Aden: Mansoura residents demanding international community to resolve crisis quickly
Aden: Tanks and Republican Guards surrounding Mansoura and ambulances cannot transfer wounded due to heavy and continuous shooting
Masdar: Death of Colonel & soldier and wounding 4 soldiers in clashes with gunmen in Mansoura
Aden: Violent clashes in Mansoura now and reports of injuries from both sides.
Shiekh Othman: Heavy gunfire at a rate of 10 and anti-aircrafts now
Mansoura under siege by tanks, shooting is continuous; army requesting residents to evacuate their homes
Preliminary report: More than 18 wounded and 2 martyrs in Mansoura; continuous shooting
Aden: Tanks hit Al-Jabal Hotel in Mansoura
Youth around Yemen condemning the criminal acts committed by the regime against their brothers in Aden
Number of martyrs bodies and injured are thrown on the streets in Mansoura. 
Three martyrs including a child
Al-Jazeera: Anis Mansour: Destruction of tents and the Media Center and the Field Hospital, even the mosque was not spared for the shooting in Freedom Square in Mansoura
Tanks now enter AbdulAziz neighborhood, as well as shooting Al-Jabal Hotel that the youth escaped to now in Mansoura, Aden 
Appeal to ambulances to go to Martyrs Square to save lives and transfers wounded in Mansoura
 One of the martyrs in Mansoura, Aden today
 Three martyrs including a 12 years old child and not less than 12 injured until now in Mansoura
Masdar: A senior officer in the Yemeni air force was killed in addition to another soldier; wounded four soliders in clashes between troops and gunmen in Mansoura; while security forces and republican guards killed two youth protesters atleast and wounded tens after opening fire at them in Martyr Square in Mansoura
 Al-Naqeeb Hospital: 2 martyrs and 5 injured arrived to the hospital now in Mansoura
 Aden: Witness: Martyr, Fadel Mohammed Ahmad from Al-Mamdarah residents when he was helping one of the wounded in Mansoura camp; 7 injured from the camp youth.
 W.D: Now in Mansoura heavy bombing using several sorts of weapons (tanks, APCs, amd Armoured Vehicles) and heavy depolyment of Central Security Forces in all Main and inner streets of Mansoura... The bombing starting at approximately 09:30 A.M. with intermittent machine guns then deteriorated quickly to be heavy bombing on the Changing Square in Mansoura... Unidentified numbers of martyrs till the time now>> with a confirmed 1 security officer killed and 2 other soldiers. Security forces attak reached Shaik Othman and the vicinity of Al-Saila area after storming Al-Mansoura Changing camping>> Chasing operations are continuoing to the YOUTH through the streets and bystreets and inside zones... Number of myrters is increasing
Tanks are shooting on AbdulAziz residents and armored vehicles belonging to central security are shooting randomly on buildings
Security burn tents and forces medical crews to leave, loots the Hotel next to the camp, and some houses are under seige- state of terror prevails Mansoura 
Major Genneral Mahdi Magwalah south region Military Commander lead military operations in Mansoura - Aden.
Names of marytrs and injured in Aden:
- Martyr Fadel Mohammed Ahmad Al-Namis

Injured in Al-Naqeeb Hospital:
- Ahmad Mohammed Obad
- Ali Yaslim Saleh
- Ayman Mohammed Saeed
- Ammar Hussien Abdullah
- Khaled Ali Alawi
Martyr Fadel Mohammed Ahmad was sniper shot in the head while transferring a wounded person to the hospital

Journalist Khalid Al-Alawi known as Abu Shahin shot by live bullet in his thigh in Mansoura today
Four apartments have been torched by security forces missles wounding two people in one of the apartments beside Muamar Transport building
Arrival of Secretary-General of the GCC Abdullatif Al-Zayani to Yemen. Al-Zayani will deliiver invitations to the ruling party and the oppoosition to attend the signing of the Gulf Initiative
Witness: Republican guards and security forces looted shops and hotels beside Martyr Square in Mansoura
Witness: Continuous heavy shooting and bombing till the time being near Damaran supermarket, Aden International Market and extended to Shamsan Mall to AbdulAzeez area and Al-Sailah souk in Shaik Othman District.. The security situation is extremely tense,streets and roads lead to Mansoura are all blockaded by security forces (Central Security)... We are undergoing "a war" guys... May Allah help us...
Medical Sources: 3 martyrs and over 50 injured due to the clashes in Mansoura today.
Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar condemns the crime by republican guards and central security on the peaceul camp in Mansoura
Al-Naqeeb Hospital: Blood donations needed, B- blood type, please go to the hospital to help save a life.

Urgent | A remarkable proliferation of snipers on the roofs of buildings adjacent to the square Camp in Aden .
Yafia: Destruction of two armored vehicles in Al-Aer Mountain in Yafai by resistance
Army troops enter Freedom Camp in #Mukalah and reports of wounded
Photos and video from
first killed today in Aden
Second killed today in Aden

Second martyr in Aden today
Names of the martyrs of today's massacre in Aden:
1- Fadl Mohammed Alnamis (40 years old)
2- Ammar Husien Abdullah (20 years old)
3- Mohammed Mahkum Saeed (20 years old)

.Injured :
- Ahmad Mohammed Obad
- Ali Yaslim Saleh
- Ayman Mohammed Saeed
- Khaled Ali Alawi
- Jamal Abdullah Mohammed
- Mohammed Ali Qasim
- Hisham Thabet Mohammed
-Saddam Ahmed Saied
- Majd Faisal Mahmud
-Waseem Shaher Mohammed
- Mosed Husien Ali
- Sameer Ahmed Esmail
-Musleh Mohammed Zaid
- Tha'er Qasem Abdullah
- Abdulkarim Mahmud Abdulrab

Injured from security forces:
- Nawaf Khalil
- Ahmed Husien
Taiz | Earlier today, Tens of thousands in Taiz march in mass demonstrations condemned the the use of force against unarmed civilians in Aden
Yemeni Organization calls for Human Rights Council to hold an emergency meeting about the bombing and shooting on the protesters and citizens houses in Mansoura, Aden
Al-Arabiya director Rashid: the continued killing of demonstrators could end to the prosecution of President Saleh instead of leaving in a way that preserves the man's position of prestige and dignity.
A leader in the JMP "We will not go to Riyadh unless the president signs the initiative, and our sources reveal the president's refusal to sign the initiative and he'll assign of Abdul Karim al-Eryani to do that.
Aljazeera| Ahmed Alsufi: The president will not sign the GCC initiative because he is not a party of the initiative but he is a guarantor.
Yahya Abu-Isba: the agreement must hold two signatures, first sign of president Mr.Ali Abdullah Saleh and the second of the representative of the opposition Mr.Basendwah. As you can see, Here is Ali Abdullah Saleh refusing to sign the agreement and this is what we have always been suffering from him.He does not respect agreements, even if he signed.
Secretary General of GCC will meet with Ali Saleh regarding the signing of the Gulf Initaitive in Sana'a now.
A senior commander in the GPC said that Ali Saleh refused to travel to Riyadh to sign the Gulf Initiative because he fears of a military coup if he leaves the country
CONFIRMED: Ali Saleh refused to sign the Gulf initative and informed the Secretary General of GCC about that- Secertary General is going back to Riyadh and Eryani is not going to Riyadh.
Albarakani to Aljazeera: President didn't at all refuse to sign the agreement, its just that we want it to be signed in Sana'a and not in Ryadh
A call to all people in Aden to come out to the Squares condemning what happened in Aden and Mansoura from repression and military involvement of the army who instead of defending the country against any external aggression is a part of the repression and attacking citizens houses
Aljazeera | Protesters in change square in Sana'a call against any initiative that do not clearly state the immediate step down of the president
Suhail | local sources: an armed group from Bait-Ghawbar led by Yahya Almaswari block Sana'a-Hodeidah road due to a land there looted by the Minister of the Interior
Lahj: Security and the military forces entered the arena of change square in Alhotah, No injuries reported, but the security forces arrested five people in the campaigns without giving any reason for the arrest.
The names of the arrested: (Anees Albolom. Ahmed Badr, Lutf Alnahary. Mohamed Aboud. Hamada Aliafie, and AbdulRahman Almasbooh)
 Burman revealed today at a press conference held in Change Square that the old man that was involved in the murder of 3 young prosters with a pistole, he also injured others. There is a video recording that proves the involvement of this old man killing the protesters on Wednesday April 27th in front of the Thawra Stadium in Sana'a. Burman also said, that this man will be shown tonight on TV to admit many things that the official media forced him to do deliberately mislead the public opinion. He will talk about who was behind all this
Urgent | Sanaa: security enhancements of the Republican forces in "Kentucky" circle in Alzubairy St.
Ahmad Saleh Awad passed away today due to shot in the head last Wednesday, April 27th, by security forces in front of Al-Thawra Stadium
Socotra: Female mass march condemning the attachs on Aden today
Hodeidah: Security Sources confirmed getting control of a security celll that was led by two central security and aircraft police soldiers in Hodeidah that wanted to blow up a bus carrying 58 civilians, in addition to bombing public facilities under Al-Qaeida name to abuse the youth revolution's reputation
The Coordinating Counsel of Youth Revolution of Change condemns the extreme terror and aggressive behavior of the Republican Guard and security forces who are using live ammunitions and heavy artiliry against peaceful protesters camped in Aden, Mansoura to disburse the protest.

We condemn terrorizing families at homes, children, women and citizens with tanks and heavy armory.

We call upon all protesters of freedom and change squares around the Republic of Yemen, to march out now and today in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in Aden.

We call upon the international community, Human Rights Organizations, and we send a message to the allies of the current regime to stop their support to this regime immediately.

What is happening is genocide against peaceful citizens who are against Ali the criminal, and his regime.

We call upon all tribes, civil leaders, and free Yemenis to stand in solidarity with their brothers in Mansoura.

We also call upon the international media to cover the massacres taking place all around Yemen, and help in assisting exposing this scandalous and illegitimate president and his falling regime.

We remain in faithful to our peaceful revolution.
killed on camera in Mansouria, Aden, Yemen
Bullets used

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