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Sunday, 3 April 2011

April 3rd Updates + Taiz under attack!!

Security forces in Taiz are trying to break into the Freedom Square, using live bullets and teargas and field hospital receives a scores of injuries

Security forces blocked the march of teachers bound for the Council of Ministers.

Women's March video from Taiz

Clashes between security forces and the army from one side and gunmen from another side, in Malah, Radfan and there are reports of injuries

Marches in Taiz today:
- March I: Students, gathering at the University of Taiz - Faculty of Education
- March II: Women, will be launched from Farza Deluxe to Freedom Square
- News about a third youth march will proceed from Freedom street and will be directed to the governorate building in Taiz

Security Forces attack protestors attempting to enter Freedom Square in Taiz from the Shaab School side.

Protest in Taiz was blocked at "Hawd Alashraf round" with Tear gas and bullets in the air.

Urgent: injuries of 250 protesters in Taiz due to suffocation by tear gas.
A constant firing of live bullets , close to Freedom Square in Taiz, about one hundred meters from the yard.

Security forces are using live ammunition on the peaceful protesters in Taiz. 
URGENT: 750 reported injuired so far from shots and tear gas.

*In the 1:17 minute is the young man who got injuired in the head.

URGENT: Number of injuired is up to 900 in Taiz reported .


As a neutral organization, 
We have pro-Saleh Rally photos: Yay! March 25th. 

We are trying to locate non-"official story" non-scripted footage from the ground from pro-Saleh protests. Please send us if you have any to get your side reported. These are images from State TV.

This is image provided from a local on the ground in Sanaa, 
 of what was found at that rally's place the next day 

Called a "thank you" card. With government stamp. Can be redeemed for cash. Each number represents a rank and section, which will affect the size of the monetary award. It is reported that the crowd was not photo-shopped this time, as was the case previously.

Some say they attended because they believed in the cause.

If you are pro-Saleh, send us your original videos and photos - if they are not from the state's Yemen TV, or BBC or Aljazeera. Thank you.

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