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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Govt document to replace teachers protesting with those without qualifications

March 29th- Hood human rights organization got a hold of an official document which is a letter from the Minister of Education to the Prime Minister which says, (The payment of salaries of those absent from work to those who will fill the deficit). The document refers that the Ministry is asking the Prime Minister to contact the governors to pay the salaries of those absent from work to the other ones to fill the deficit instead of them, and justified this letter by saying (for fear of getting into a civil disobedience and chaos rampant that may occur which we will have to be responsible of, you and us.) The document is dated on March 29th 2011, with the number of 147.

Hood was surprised by the direction the ministry took to replace civil workers with other designated by (from filling the deficit) without having any legal status or qualifications. It is against Yemen's constitution and laws.
Hood also confirment that the variation of these procedures from one city to another is the result of the fact that these behaviors do not have an existent of any legal basis to ensure the Yemeni Constitution and the law of civil service gives them the right to protest peacefully and to strike for all the demands they want.

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