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Thursday, 14 April 2011

April 15th updates

Mosques to be closed on friday in Taiz and people from Hujjariyah to be brought for a counter protest.

Context: Yemen, being a deeply religious country, closing a mosque for friday prayers is unheard of and a great offense to the religion. 70% of the country's citizens live in rural areas and are the most religious.

Yemenis depend on gas- clinders for cooking: price of cylinder gas is 5000 yemen Riyal, a teacher makes 30,000 Riyal a month, a whole month salary only gets 6 gas cylinders. Mar

Rashad Al-Alimi and Abdulaziz Abdulghani admitted today the closure of mosques in the city of Taiz, forcing the poeple to go to Jamal street. The peaceful protesters are calling for prayers and funeral prayer in Freedom Square.

Locals in Taiz say that Alimi may be planning to assisinate local protest leaders so they start revenge killings amongst each other instead of against Saleh. - unconfirmed yet.

Utimatum for Saleh to live in two weeks. -JMP

URGENT: Heavy gunfire in Taiz to separate protesters while marchin to the Freedom Square for Friday prayer. News of 8 injuries so far.
Over 5 million are participating this Friday all around Yemen, calling for the immediate departure of Ali Saleh, the stop of the killings and massacres, the rejection of any initiatives that do not include the immediate departure of Ali Saleh, his family and his trail.
Number of injuries increased to 13 in Taiz today by thugs attacks.
The first deputy of Al-Baydah province Hussien Dayan joins the peaceful youth revolution.
Today, a medical team from the protesters in the Change Square of Sana'a, arrives to Abyan province to help out the ammunitions factory explosion victims
‎10 prisoners that are sentenced to death escaped from the central prision of Amran today at dawn in mysterious circumstances.
Saleh's thugs attack protesters today by live ammunition in Change Square in Al-Shahil, Hajjah.
Female mass marches in Al-Mukalah, Dhamar, Aden and Hodediah this afternoon as a response to Saleh's speech today that offended the women in the different squares.
Power off in Ibb and Hodeidah and some other cities from this morning.
Women and men in the Change Square of Sana'a send a message to the attorney general demanding the arrest of Ali Saleh because of his horrible speech today that was very offensive and affected the honor of Yemeni females & males.
Sources to Al-Jazeera: Yemen agreed on the following:
- Transfer of presidential powers to deputy before the end of the week.
- Ali Saleh resigning in a month.
- Ali Saleh's son and nephew step down before he does.
- Ali Mohsen to step down.
Another tsunami of people today in Taiz.

First injured person in Taiz today.
  Aden march for today.
Ibb today.
Friday prayer in Ibb.
Friday prayer in Al-Baydah
Friday prayer in Sana'a.
Hodiedah female march this afternoon as a rejection to Saleh's speech.


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