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Monday, 11 April 2011

April 11th updates!

Aden April 11 -separatist flag flying

Sanaa blind men protesting April 11

-Ali Saleh accepts the GCC initiative. He says hes ready for the peaceful transfer of power within the consititution.

-The youth revolutionists in Tareem, Hadramout are calling for a huge demonstration after esha prayer.

-Huge demonstration in Hodiedah rejecting any initiative that doesn't include Ali Saleh leaving, and they tear up his pictures from the streets.

-When Ali Saleh said that he will transfer his power within the consititution, this is what the consititution says:

Article (115): The President may submit his resignation, stating his reasons, to the House of Representatives which may accept it by an absolute majority vote of all its members. If the resignation is not accepted, the President may submit a further resignation within three months, and this time the House of Representatives is obliged to accept it.

-A demonstration for hundrends of thousands in Ibb today.

-A demonstration of dozens of high school students in the streets of Sana'a calling to overthrow the regime and the trail of Ali Saleh.

-A huge demonstration in Taiz asking for the trail of Ali Saleh and the stop of the massacres.

-Hood: Yemen security kidnaps 20 dead bodies and injuried people.

-Russian special security forces arrest 22 Yemeni students instructed by the Yemeni Ambassador in Moscow.

Police say in video  what is going on- the yemenis say they are just protesting for democracy. Police officer says he is Russian, can't do much to help. Woman police woman asks, they are protesters why should we arrest them.

-Now: Huge demonstration filling the 60th street callin for the trail of Ali Saleh.- Sanaa

-Military planes are flying low over the protesters in Shabwa and opened the barrier directives sounds -too loud.

-Ali Mohsen: The Yemeni regime has lost its legitimacy and now is taking Central Bank reserves and turning it into personal account abroad.

-Mass marches through the streets of the Hajjah, condemning the repression and calling for the departure of Ali Saleh

-Mass marches in the streets of Hodeidah.

-Over a million people marchin in the streets of Sana'a asking for the trail of Ali Saleh.

-Abyan: A mass march in the streets of Zinjabar chanting the fall of the regime and resignation of Ali Saleh.

-Urgent: Attorney-General threatened to resign unless the government is taking action and arresting the people who caused the massacres.

-Some of security forces are firing live bullets to disperse protesters against the lack of Gas (cooking gas) in Taiz street in Sana'a.

-Urgent: Thousands of female and male protesters marching through the streets of Crater, Aden condemning the massacres of the regime and demanding the departure of Ali Saleh.

-URGENT: Brigadier General Abdullah Abdul-Karim Hizam, renewing right now joining the youth revolution and supporting Ali Mohsen from the stage of the Change Square in Sana'a.

-A mass march in Socotra Island chanting the fall of the regime and rejecting the GCC initiative.

-Reliable sources: Ali Saleh wants to appoint Rashad al-Alimi as his deputy to hand over power to him to create confusion and complexity of the crisis.

-Some of the martyrs bodies that were kidnapped Saturday night, were delivered today to Al-Jomhori Hospital in Sana'a.

-Some of the martyrs bodies that were kidnapped Saturday night, were delivered today to Al-Jomhori Hospital in Sana'a.

A Yemeni woman is really upset with Ali Saleh and wats him to leave ASAP.

17: A statement rejecting the GCC initiative
18: Clarification on the spokesmen of the Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution of Change.

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