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Friday, 29 April 2011

April 28 Updates!

Burial March for Ali Abdulqawee Al-Hemekani, of a Gevena-based human rights group,  in Al-Baydah. He was killed April 27th.

Ibb's march today demanding the trial of the murderer.
Mass marches in Taiz, Hodeidah and Ibb demanding the immediate trail of the murderer.

U.S. pledge to the Yemeni opposition in departure of Saleh

Statement: Sources in the Yemeni opposition's confirmed to «Al-Bayan» that the U.S. Ambassador in Sana'a Gerald Firestein, committed that President Ali Abdullah Saleh will leave authority, under the Gulf initiative and will sign by himself.

At the time the opposition alluded to ...the UN Security Council And the Criminal Court, to prevent Saleh from turning the Convention, which will be signed in Riyadh, on Monday.

Furthermore, protests continued demanding the immediate departure of President Saleh, and the clashes between security forces and demonstrators in Yemen that caused the death of 16 people: 13 in Sana'a, and three in Aden, including two security men. Also, civil disobedience that caused a compelete pralysis in the cities of Aden, Hodeidah, Taiz and Ibb in response to the demands of the youth revolution which resulted in the closure of one of the most important ports of Hodeidah for a couple of hours.
JMP threatening not to sign the Gulf initiative
The Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution is calling all Yemenis to join the mass marches this Friday named "Friday: Loyalty to the Martyrs" in all the different cities of Yemen.
Al-Baydah youth sending messages to Ali Saleh and regarding the GCC
Masdar: Wednesday morning Shiekh Mohammed Saleh Hizam leader JMP in Al-Jawf city north of Yemen and the chief of union of popular forces was killed by gunmen from Al-Huthi's group according to tribal sources.
U.S. embassy in Sanaa urged to avoid provocative marches and referred to a presidential elections next July
In a press release, U.S. embassy condemned the acts of violence on April 27, that caused the killing and injuring of hundreds of Yemeni protesters
Freedom Square in Taiz
 Saleh's interview with Russia Today Channel
Aden: Crater: New military reinforcements arrive from Moala to the clashes site, more than 3 armored vehicles loaded with soldiers and weapons. Clashes going on between security forces and an unknown side.
Tension in Crater, Aden after shooting and throwing a bomb from an unknown sources. The streets are empty because of random live ammunition shots and bombing an armored vehicle beside the Central Bank
Crater: Preventing ambulances from entering the clashes area which extends from the beginning of Al-Hobeshi Stadium to Al-Aydarous Mosque.
Crater, Aden: A number of injured from the military due to gunmen clashes
Crater, Aden: Fall of three military soldiers and one dead and clashes are still going on until this moment, the army is sending more reinforcements to Crater
Tense situation in Aden after unknown people fired an RPG shell or a stun grenade at the army in "Crater". Not known if there are casualties. The army declares a state of alert
Crater: Ambulances transfered two people to one of the hospitals and another armored vehicle arrives to the clashes area.
Tension in Crater near China Hospital after a shot on one of the armored vehicles, said either RPG or stun grenade.
Five deaths reported from the army in Aden. Dead bodies seen dumped in the street and inability of ambulances to access the area because of the mass firing
Crater: Some bullet fragments access the houses close to the Central Bank.
Crater: Public proterty is damaged, houses and cars by live ammunition; chases in Crater streets by the army
Branches of the National Alliance parties in Raimah province announce joining the youth revolution of change in Sana'a.
Local sources : Republican Guard forces equipped with armored vehicles and security Military closes Crater entrances in Aden and surrounds youth of revolution in Liberty Square
Aden: Crater: Preliminary report of the shooting by the army that came after damaging an armored vehicle that was next to the Central Bank and China Hospital in Crater. After that, security started randomly shooting to the point that some of the bullet fragments went into houses. Some chases happened to the youth and residents by the, security forces and masked people. There are 8 killed and tens injured from army and citizens, and the bodies are still hidden. Some gunfire in Queen Arwa Street happened before by army members and there were chases and arrestes according to eyewitnesses. Freedom Square is being surrounded beside the Legislative Council and the Bank.
Gunfire have stopped, some shots here and there and tension is increasing. Inspection of cars entering and exiting Crater, and some random arrests for who ever they suspect
Presidential decision to dismiss the Attorney-General Dr. Abdullah Al-Elfi and appionting Ali Ahmad Nasser Al-A'awash instead. 
Hodiedah: Private gaurds abduct activits, Omar Mastoor Ibrahim and Hassan Ahmad Suliaman and torture them before releasing them after mediation intervered. They got beaten, tortured and their heads shaved as well as foreced them to eat dirt.
A number of youth were arrested from the Smood Youth Movement after participating in a number of events in different cities. They were arrested by Republican Guards at Al-Naqeel point at 8 pm on April 26th 2011:
- Ibrahim Zaid
- Mohammed Al-Shareef
- Mohammed Heba
- Ahmad Hussien Heba 
.- Abdulwahab Al-Sanabani
- Murad Abdulmoghni 
- Adham Abdulmoghni 
A picture shot taken from the coverage of Yemen Tv (Regime's official channel) to the march of Wednesday April 27th . The picture shows 3 snipers lurking on the rooftop of a building very close to the protesters. More than 13 protesters were killed

Hajjah: Moments ago, news of hearing a large explosion in Hajjah west side of the central prision, followed by gunfire until now- unknown sides
 Reports of the victims in Aden during April 26th and April 27th:

- Nabeel Yahya Mohammed Afeef Al-Yaheri, 30 years old, shot directly in the head, April 27, Aresh-Aden
- Abdulhakeem Al-Hamed Ahmad Mohammed, 14 years old, shot in the shoulder, April 27, Aresh-Aden, Al-Naqeeb Hospital
- Mahmoud Mahmoud Salam, 23 years old, shot in the head, April 26th, AlSalam district-Khormaksar- Aden, Al-Naqeeb Hospital
- Ahmad Mohammed Abdullah Al-Mowar, 23 years old, beaten by automated chair in the nose, April 27, Shiekh Othman- Aden, Al-Naqeeb Hospital
- Saleh Hassan Al-Qarn 42 years old, shot in the shoulder and beaten, April 27, Aresh- Aden, Al-Nasr Hospital
- Abdullah Saleh Haidara Al-Khola, 43 years old, shot in right side of his chest, April 27, Aresh-Aden, Al-Naqeeb Hospital
- Zakaria Hassan Abdullah, 35 years old, shot in the back, April 27, Aresh-Aden, Al-Naqeeb Hospital
- Abdullah Bin Abdullah Darwesh, 48 years old, shot in the left leg toe, April 27, Aresh-Aden, Al-Naqeeb Hospital
- Waseem Salim Mohammed Obeid, 30 years old, shot on the right side of the chest, April 27, Lahj, Al-Naqeeb Hospital
- Nasser Salah Al-Mansouri, 20 years old, shot twice in the left leg, April 26, Al-Salam district-Khormaksar, Al-Naqeeb Hospital

- Awad Hassan Al-Sa'a, broke into his house in Al-Salam district, Khormaksar and dragged in front of his family- taken to an unknown destination
- Ali Hassan Al-Sa'a, dragged in front of his family along with his brother Awad on April 26
- Nabeel Hassan Al-Qaeti, arrested on April 27 in Khormaksar, Aden, taken to an unofficial prison camp belonging to central security
- Ala'a Ahmad Al-Temsah, arrested on April 27 in Khormaksar, Aden, taken to an unofficial prison camp belonging to central security

- Dr. Abdullah Alawi Samn Al-Hanshi, activist in the peaceful southern movement, died on April 27 in a horrific traffic accident in Al-Alim city while on his way from Abyan to Aden to atten the April 27th festival hosted by the Southern Movement

Report done by:
Ahmad Al-Rebezi, Human Rights Activist

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