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Friday, 8 April 2011

The faces of Tagheer square Sanaa by Raja Althaibani (G-rated)

Photos are copyright of Raja Althaibani

This tent is set up in memory of the martyr Abdullah Hameed AlJaify in Sanaa Tagheer, where his family camps out and continues his struggle of peaceful protest, and family members can be seen

        A child laborer selling revolutionary paraphernalia ... reminding the photographer of what Yemenis      .                                              .       struggle for, a world were children are able to play and go to school, where there is no longer such                                                                .       poverty that there would be a need for child labour 

      Qat chewing break. Qat is a mildly narcotic herb, indigenous to Ethiopia, but consumes 80% of Sanaa's water. It is estimatd that Sanaa would to run out of water by 2020.

Protester who survived thugs protesting at Tagheer square continues to protest. Told photographer, if thugs protest, to bring them on.

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