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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

April 13th updates, Ibb + Aden Attacks!

The six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) offered its own proposal officially on Monday to end the unrest and called on Saleh to transfer power to his deputy as part of a deal with the opposition. The alliance, which includes 30 youth groups, said the GCC proposals were an attempt to abort the peaceful revolution. Civil Alliance of the Youth Revolution, said "The initiative does not clearly mention the immediate departure of the head of the regime and it did not touch on the fate of his relatives who are at the top military and security agencies that continue killing the peaceful protesters," .

A mass march in Sana'a, Ibb, Taiz, chanting the fall of the regime and the immediate departure of Saleh and his family and to stop the massacres and killing in all of the cities in Yemen.

Civil disobedience in Hodiedah for about 60%, in Dhamar for about 58%, in Taiz for about 90%, in Al-Badya for 3 hours for about 94%.

A number of injuries in Ibb by the University of Ibb after firing bullets by Saleh's thugs. Number of injured increased to 17 students from Ibb University, 2 of them in critical condition.

Heavy gunfire from Al-Moala police towards the protesters. Two died and a couple of others got injuired.

President of Hodiedah University fires Dr. Kefah Al-Dobai, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs. He orders to strom her office and incitements agaisnt her because she is supporting the peaceful youth revolution.

Sana'a: protesters handing out roses and flags to soldiers by Kentucky and Baghdad rounds in Zindani Street.

Women continue to arrive to the Change Square in massive marches that passed by 60th street, fifteen minutes ago.

Urgent: Military Source: Ali Saleh transfers the armed forces official operations room from the Ministry of defence to the Presidential Guards, led by his son Ahmed Ali because of not trusting the officers of Ministry of Defence.

One of the biggest marches taking place now in the streets of Sana'a callin for the fall of regime and departure of saleh. Chanting non stop.

Yasser Al-Barakani, Al-Maafir- Taiz
He used to stimulate young people at the rallies held in Taiz, one of the security forces heard him and planned to attack him later on. They beat him up severely which resulted in a crack in the skull. He is now at Al-Safwa hospital in Freedom Square.
Dozens of the presidential guards join the revolutionists after escaping from Sana'a to Taiz, Dalii and Lahj.
A number of vehicles holding the presidential license plate are on the way to the airport under heavy guarding.
Suhail: Sources: Ali Saleh honors the thugs that performed the March 18th massacre in Sana'a in the presidential palace. Al-Mahweet governer thugs are getting the highest share and benefits.
Abdulaziz Abdulghani & Rashad Al-Alemi, and leaders of Motamar party, arrive to Taiz to commit new massacres.
Hundreds of convoies loaded with cooking gas are being prevented from entering Sanaa by security forces. People who are against the regime are not getting any gas, while the pro-regime ones are receiving their share.
Demonstrations in the streets of Ibb, protesters are demanding to end the cookin gas problem- sound of gunfire a couple of minutes ago.
Names of the injured in Aden (Mansoura & Moala) by live ammunition on April 13th 2011.
- Ghassan Abdulqawee, 34 years old, Moala, Shot in the face/head
- Baseem Jameel Salim, 22 years old, Mansoura, Shot in the knee
- Salim Saeed Ibrahim, wounds in the neck & left arm

- Thaween Abdulkareem Al-Dalaee, 33 years old, injury in the stomach
- Moneef Ahmad Sa'ad, 43 years old, run over by security car
- Salah Ali Al-Khodr, 15 years old, shot in the head.
- Bakeel Jameel Salim, wounded
- Khaled Ali Alawi, 31 years old, wounded in both knees
- Jalal Hussien Al-Qershi, 26 years old, wounded
- Shayee Mahmoud Mohammed Nagee, 22 years old, wound in the head.
- Raweh Salih, wounded.

Name List of Casualties from Ibb's Attack Today:

1- Radwan Hamood Al-Shara'e
2- Hamdan Yahya Abdullah
3- Mohammed Mahyoob Rajih
4- Zakaria Abudllah Ali
5- Abdulrahman THabet Al-Shihab
6- Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Shoja'a
7- Mohammed Abdullah
8- Mohammed Yahya Al-Samit
9- Ghamdan Faisal Al-Fahd
10- Mohammed Ahmad Mansour
11- Mokhtar Abdulhameed Abdo
12- Habeeb Ali Abdullah
13- Abduljaleel Al-Madrahi
14- Mohammed Ali Al-Khateeb
15- Sayaf Qayed Al-Asadi
16- Mansour Al-Selmi
17- Helmi Yahya Al-Sabri
18- Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Jama'e
19- Kamal Sadeq Qaid
20- Salah Al-Zohairi
21- Wadah Abdullah Abdo
22- Yahya Qaid Atwan
23- Ashraf Al-Yafea
24- Issam Ali Rajih
25- Ibrahim Sinan Aboud
26- Hamza Abudllah Mahmoud
27- Khaled Mohammed Taha
28- Ahmad Hameed Al-Rajehi
29- Ayman Salih Al-Jama'e
30- Farooq Abdulkareem
31- Badr Mohammed Al-Halmi
32- Haytham Qassim Mahyoub
33- Mohammed Hassan Ahmad
34- Bassam Noman Fares


Taiz marches today.
Injuries in Ibb due to live ammunition by Saleh's thugs today.
One of the martyrs in Aden, Mansoura today.
In Crater, Aden, security forces run over protesters by their cars.
Gunfire in Aden, Moala.

Live ammunition fired at protesters in Al-Moala, Aden.

One of the batons that Saleh's thugs used to attack Ibb university students with today.
Civil disobedience in Al-Bayda and huge demonstrations rejecting the GCC.
Al-Moala this morning.
Taiz's youth are burning Saleh's pictures.
Huge female march in Dhamar today.

Sana'a today with a message included for the immediate departure of Saleh.


Female March in Ibb today.

Injured in Ibb today.

Injured in Aden Today.

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