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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Expired made in USA Rubber projectiles responsible for 100+ injuries in Taiz

Taiz field hospital :
 Projectiles and CS gas bombs thrown at protesters

This is the US gift to the Yemeni government, rubber projectiles from 1991, purchased legally. Warning on the bombs saying: prevent using after the expiry because of the seriousness of severe, even in the case of training. These are the bombs that were using TODAY April 3rd on the peaceful protesters in Taiz!

This is what the injuries of CS gas bombs (see photos in earlier post, also made in USA) looked like:

Above scene from Taiz earlier this morning 

Taiz Now:
Number of injuired have increased to 1500 due to posion gas/tear gas and live ammunition. The field hospital is full and cannot accept anymore cases. Some of them have been taken to other hospitals in the city.

Safwa Hospital that is located inside of the Freedom Square is no longer capable of receiving anymore cases. The number of injuired is escalting crazly.

Presidential guards are still there as well as their guns.. they're expecting more to happen.

Two confirmed dead by live ammuntion at military hospital.

bdulkader alguneid

very large Nos. of soldiers at northern and Eastern sides of AlHurriyah sq. Directions leading to Governorate buildings

 (by phone by Abdulkader Al Guneid) 100 wounded. Forces use stones,live bullets into air&Tear Gas,NOW. protesters marched to palace in support of those injured and killed in Taiz
 Protesters in Hudaidah shouting -"get out Saleh, and "with our soul and with our blood we will defend you Taiz"

Hood human rights organization reported 45 missing.

The youth get a hold of some of Saleh's thugs.

Sanaa Solidarity with Taiz video

Desperately asking for medical aid.

Demonstrations in Sana'a, Marib, Hodiedah, Sayoon, asking the departure of the regime as well as opposing to what happened in Taiz today.

Statement from the Youth Council
The Coordinating Council for the youth of the revolution of change, holds President Ali Abdullah Saleh personally, Minister of Interior and the security forces, all the responsibility for the criminal & ugly assaults to our brothers at the sit-in in Liberty Square in Taiz on Sunday / 03.04.2011, which resulted in the injury of more than 700 protesters and the death of man , by using banned gases and live bullets , according to some initial statistics . we call on all local and foreign organizations and stakeholders to condemn and pressure on President Saleh and his regime, which does not take into account the human rights. We also remind this regime that we will not move from our places no matter how much the oppression will be, here in the arena of change and freedom –Sana’a, and in all other provinces.

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