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Thursday, 21 April 2011

April 20th Updates!

Coordinating Counsel of Youth Revolution for Change Speaker to B.B.C
Ali Saleh is exposed to his people, he definitely does not have clean history, and thats why he is clinging to power.. for legal consequences

What is happening in yemen is wonderful and unprecedented, peaceful rallies all across Yemen in a tribal and armed... society.

Youth are organized, well networked, and they know what they want!
The GCC gave out a formal five principles to be done in two steps of the initiative: "Call to the Yemeni government and the oppositiong for a meeting in Saudi Arabia under the GCC according to these principles:

- The solution that will be made in this agreement should maintain the unity, security and stability of Yemen.
- That the solut...ion meets the aspirations of the Yemeni people in change and reform.
- That the transfer of power should be done smoothly and safely to avoid Yemen slipping into anarchy and violence withinthe national consensus.
- That all parties adhere to remove the elements of political and secruity tension.
- That all parties abide cease all forms of retaliation, prosecution and following through guarantees and undertakings given for this purpose.

Acoording to the Executive steps:

- President of the Republic announces the transfer of his power to the Vice President.
- Forming a government of national unity led by the opposition and have the right to form concerned committees and councils to smoothly ease up all the political, militarily and economical aspects and develop a consititution and hold elections.
Ibb's silent march
Taiz: The release of the detainees who were arrested yesterday after the youth revolutionists protested in front of the the CID this morning
The transfer of eight detainees who were kidnapped from the protestes yesterday in Sanaà to the CID prision.
Yesterday`s total martyrs were 8. Six of them in Sanaà, one in Taiz and one in Hodeidah.
Ahmad Bin Daghr, a member of the government delegation for the meeting of Abu Dhabi to Al-Arabiya: We did not reach an urgent exit to resolve the crisis.
Aden: The death of a policeman who was shot by gunment. A civil disobedience movement in most areas of the city.
JMP: The kidnapping of the four female doctors in Sanaà confirms the Saleh attacks on the Yemeni woman.
Aden today
 Al-Hodeidah martyr from the shooting at dawn.

The UN Security Council calls for restraint and supports the Gulf Initiative.
A response to escalating the situation by the youth revolution; a civil disobedience paralyzes the movement of Aden, Taiz, Ibb and Lahj
A massive march in the streets of Sana'a right now
Faculty of Arts in Taiz turns from a campus to an attacking square, where "women" thugs were admitted to the college with the assistance of security and their role was to throw stones and swear at the protesters.
Civil disobedience in Ibb
Massive march in the streets of Hodeidah condemning the massacres that the regime is performing against the protesters.
Hundreds of thousands marching in Sana'a, they went to Ministry of Media across the street of the standing committee and Sheba round, towards Tahrir and now arriving to Al-Qeyada condemning the massacres performed by the regime that has lost its legitimacy yesterday and asking for the immediate departure of Saleh.
Angry students threw rocks at a procession of the Governor of Taiz and the Council Speakers, the guards replied to the students by shotting live bullets and injuring four of them.
The massive march in Sana'a arrived to the change square now.
Gulf counties insisted on the Yemeni government delegation to leave soon for guarantees.
Tens of thousands marched the streets of Hodeidah condemning the murders and oppressions in Taiz, Sana'a and Hodeidah and calling for the immediate departure of Ali Saleh
Al-Baydah today
Mass march for the youth revolutionists in Al-Mahra, and a women's festival in Hadramout condemning the killing of the peaceful protesters and the harrasments and abuse against the female protesters, calling for the overthrow of the regime and the immediate departure of Ali Saleh
Sahwa Mobile: Witnesses: Armed soldiers of Central Security and Repubican Guards forces with weapons are expelling workers from the new building of the House of Representatives in 60th Street besides the Ministry of Foreign Affairs anticipating new marches
The outcome of today's clashes/protest in Ibb:
The injury of two soliders and 3 youth from thugs.
The arrest of one thug and taking him to the managment security in Al-Thahar
The youth revolutionists are hailing the role of security to protect the protesters.
 Taiz protest

Youth in Shara'ab in Taiz are preventing Hamoud Al-Soufi from entering the city.
Mohammed Basendway is receiving threats from unknown people- assassination.
Saleh: The change and leaving should be through the election boxes and in the framework of the constitutional legitmiacy.
National security release Mohammed Al-Mohammadi, journalist in Suhail TV.
Saleh: I will stay steadfast and I will not accept coups or plots.
Ali Salah has been released now after being detained yesterday from Sana'a airport upon arrival from Germany.
Arab Sisters Forum for Human Rights: Detection of abduction of two girls from the Change Square last night on Tuesday April 19th 2011. A witness, Wadee Ahmad Najee Dammaj, says that he saw two girl were kidnapped yesterday at 8 pm, after leaving the Change Square. After the girls left Mathbah round towards Mathbah street that is going... towards Shamlan Factory, they were abducted by a black Jeep that does not have a plate number and has the Republican slogan on the back windshield. According to the witness that he saw two other females who were following the abducted girls before they held them from the back as soon as the Jeep cut the road in front of them and they pushed them inside the car. When the witness tried to intervene he was attacked by people who had a physically huge body structure and they yelled at him not to be a part of this before they covered his mouth with a cloth which made him lose conscious. The witness also said that one of the girls name is Bushra -he heard it when the other girl was calling her- he couldn't get the other girls' name. The Forum in a press release said that they are very concerned over the fate of the two girls and demanded their immediate release, stressing the seriousness of the incident of abduction that is happening frequently to the protesters in the Change Square. 
News of hearing some gunfire in Mansoura, Aden.
Sana'a protests

Students in Dhamar university are being harassed, beaten and threatened by university guards, thugs and guards of pro-regime supporters. Two weeks ago, a group attacked some of the anti-regime students supporters of the Change Square inside of the University, their attack was so brutal that one was hospitalized. After the attack, some of the university students said they will not teach for 2 weeks; however, the ones that have power in the University are pro-regime supporters. 

Reuters: Gulf countries will send the Foreign Minister of the UAE to Sana'a, Yemen in the coming days to bring out the view of the GCC 

Aden Protests

Interview with some female protesters in Mukalah on April 20th in the Change Square.
The end of the state of emergency that was declared by the regime, which the Attorney General said has no legal value. 
Aden: April 20th injured in Mansoura & Khormaksar when the army tried opening roads and ending the civil disobedience:
1. Jihad Khaled Abulnasser, 20 years old, Shot in his thigh
2. Ibrahim Salah Al-Amri, 20 years old, bullet fragment in the head
3. Ahmad Ali Abdullah Ibrahim, 30 years old, bullet fragment in the hands
4. Zuhair Yaseen Abdullah Alawi, 59 years old, bullet fragment in the hands and shoulder 
5. Samih Abdulrab Al-Mansouri, 15 years old, burnt back

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