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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Government document - government to fire pilots who don't follow orders and not kill civilians

To the Commander of the Fourth Air Squadron
To the Commander of the Eleventh Squadron

You have to inform the people that who is constantly absent will be fired, and who is usually absent his monthly salary will be deducted.

Air Commander: Khaled Ali Al-Bahloli, Commander of the Fourth Brigade Aviation
Description Says:

Major rebellion in the Yemeni Air-Force, where many of the pilots are refusing to attend because of their unwillingness to be dragged into killing citizens, as planned by the regime.
So, commander of the Air-Force has threatened to deduct their salaries for their absence


  1. Why would yemeni government do that? How authentic is this post? Can you please share the source of your information because why on earth would a country want to unnecessarily kill their own citizens.

  2. This should be the attitude to those who do not respect their job and the values of the work place. Rules are made to smoothen the work of everyone not to break.