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Sunday, 1 May 2011

May 1st Updates

Omar Obali died yesterday from wounds he survived from rape, due to the fact his mother testified in the dead of another child shot by government forces as a witness.

Rami Barmeel went out with some friends from Abu-Thar Al-Ghafari School in Mukalah in a peaceful protest calling for the resignation of the regime on March 12, 2011. That day he got shot in the head and passed away; no one witnessed the shooting except for an old poor lady that worked in Khaled Bin Al-Waleed School Mukalah. This lady testified against security forces; although she was threatened, she still testified. On April 4 2011 her son, Omar Obali got raped and she was suspended from her job.

The rape left some physical scars on the child who was hospitalized to Aden for a surgery by his mother. Doctors in Aden adviced her to send her son to Sana'a for treatment. Today evening, while Hood Organization were confirming hotel reservations to Omar's mom and contacting the Science and Technology University Hospital to secure the procedures; Omar died on his way to Sana'a. April 30th 2011.
In a statement by Hood Organization on May 1st: We all upon all the youth in the different squares around Yemen to maintain their peaceful protesting and their approach of a non-violent demand for change. You have made a stunning global model for a continuous peaceful struggle; where you have put down the hopes of many who said you will be violent. Your refusal to be dragged behind the schemes and attempts to change your non-violent ways made the world stand in tribute. Make sure you stay this way to cut down all the roads for advocates of sedition and warmongers.
Domestic gas crisis in Makdama, Ibb
Secretary General of GCC: Saleh agrees to sign the Gulf Initiative but only in Sana'a. He is now looking this proposal with the foreign ministers of the GCC
Heavy gunfire in Mansoura now by army and security forces
Aden: Dishka shooting on citizens houses and the youth are backing to the neighborhoods
GCC holding extraordinary meeting today in Riyadh to discuss Yemen situations after the rejection of signing the Gulf Initiative
Security forces fire light weapons at youth who tried to get close to Martyrs Square in Mansoura
Some injured : Photo from Aden El Ghad
Adeeb Issa, injured, from Mansoura, in the  النقيب Capitan's hospital in Aden 
Reuters: Yemen opposition considering "options of escalation" after president's refusal to sign transition deal - opposition official
Mareb Press: Heavy clashes in Mansoura, Aden between army and gunmen
Hood (The National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms in Yemen), accused Red Cross of kidnapping wounded in Sana'a.
Aljazeera| Mohamed Almotawakel : we intend to escalate peaceful protests after the president's refusal of the initiative
Reuters: Gulf source announces the postponement of the signing of the Gulf Initiative
Mass march in Taiz condemning the attacks in Aden yesterday
April 30th in Mansoura Aden
Hudaidah & Taiz | Mass demonstrations condemning the massacre that happened yesterday in Aden
Local sources in Yafe'a : The failure of mediation came from Sana'a to end the war in the limit since more than ten days, according to those sources that Yafe'a men rejected the proposals made by the Mediation Committee,
EMSC : Earthquake M 4.5 - NEAR THE WEST COAST OF YEMEN - 2011-04-30 22:36 UTC
URGENT | | Shortage of petrol in all gas stations today in Sana'a
An emergency meeting of foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council regarding the initiative
Saleh makes an extensive calls with leaders of the Gulf states - Saudi Arabia - Bahrain - Emirates - to discuss the situation in Yemen
King Abdullah affirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stands by Yemen in all that protects its safety and unity
Hadhramaut: 3 soldiers dead and another wounded in an attack on a police patrol in Sayun
Republican Guards strike areas of Yafe'a (Alhadd) with heavy artillery, and mass exodus of people was reported.
Thi-nakheb, Alhanaka village, news of a woman been killed by the massive random strike by republican guards on Yafe'a
Sultan Al-Barakani to Al-Jazeera: There is no problem in signing and the agreement can be valid by Saleh after the delegations returns from Riyadh or to transfer it to Sana'a
Lahj: After the bombing by the republican Guards' tanks and artillery in Al-Hadd villages; groups of tribesmen in Yafai break into the Republican Guards camp in Al-Aer Mountain and clashes with light weapons currently taking place in the camp
Yafai today
Statement by the Foregin Ministers of the Gulf: GCC Secretary General will visit Sana`a, Yemen again
Yafai people are in control of the Republican Guards camp in Al-Aer mountain- members of the camp surrender
May 1st children march in Sana'a

This destruction happened on April 30th when security forces stromed into the Martyrs Square in Mansoura Aden and attacked the protesters, burnt their camps and damaged the mosque & field hospital.

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