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Friday, 20 May 2011

Witnesses: An 11 year old shot 13 times in the neck in Dhamar

 A child was killed this morning by regime thugs bullets in Dhamar after he was shot 13 times by live bullets in the neck that killed him inistantly and another one was seriously injured during a clash between Al-Maqadsha and Qanaf Al-Masri (Brother of Rashad Al-Masri, Minister of Interior). The incident, which took place this morning after a march passed by Rada'a St infront of Ans market and the car that the child was killed in belongs to the victims uncle and it was parked in the street.

Witnesses said that the clashes took place between Qanaf Al-Masri and Maqadesha and gunfire was from both sides from the right and left side on the car. The victim, Hassan Mohammed Ali Al-Washli, 11 years old was shot several times in his neck which killed him inistentatly. His body was taken to Dar Al-Shefa Hospital and when one of the victims relatives tried to document the crim with pictures, a group of CID interfered to stop him from taking photos and they verbally argued. That is when the body was transfered to General Dhamar Hospital fridge so that security forces can protect it. A doctor was not assigned to perform an autopsy until this moment.

In an attempt to cover-up for the murderers, administration for General Dhamar Hospital prevented documenting the body as they said "directed by head of security" and also that security gave the hospital orders to cover-up the case and not investigate because supreme leaders support the murderers- in reference to leaders in Ministry of Interior that supports and arms tribal groups that are in the city this period of time to carry out attacks against the peaceful protesters.

Another person was injured in the chest and transfered to Queen Arwa Hospitals, doctors said that his injury is ver critical and serious. In a deterioration of security that the city is witnessing, supreme sources said that the governor Yahya Al-Amri rejected to give out directions to arrest the murderers. Also, the governor have received high orders to not arrest the murderesrs and not to investigate with them, and these sources that these instructions came from the Yemeni president personally and that the murderers are protected under the leaders of the country.

In the initial developments of the incident Bait Al-Washli decided in their meeting with Sheikh Mohammed Mutahar Al-Washli, Sheikh Abdullateef Al-Shaghdari, and a member of House of Representatives Abdulrazaq Al-Hajri that they blame President Ali Saleh personally to what happened to their son and the governor Yahya Al-Amri and security director of Dhamar. They also said that they are the reason for the lawlessness that is witnessed by the city of Dhamar.

As for the murderers, they have decided their right of reply at the time and place that fits. And so that lawlessness does not exceed in Dhamar that was created by the regime and maintains to expand it in order to reduce the public pressure and presence of the protesters that demand his departure.

Witnesses said that the incident was deliberately aimed at the citizens from the murderers, they tried to invent an argument so they can use live ammunition. They used heavy gunfire aimed at the Moving car that was parked owned by the vitcims uncle which killed the child inside of the car. Reports say that Maqadesha have committed many murderes and crimes against the citizens as clashes between them and record the incident as if its a presence for a victim in the wrong place wrong time.

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