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Saturday, 28 May 2011

May 28th updates + Abyan attack photos Graphic

Commander of the Maintenance Camp is training thugs in Mazda St and is telling them to attack Al-Ahmar family in Sana'a

Yemeni protester speaking on peaceful resistance in Yemen 

Organizing Committee of the Youth and People's Revolution: The bombing on citizens by Ali Saleh's aircrafts is considered a crime of genocide that requires trial before the International Criminal Court.
NAS Mobile | Italy calls for international pressure on President Saleh to accept and sign the GCC initiative.
Very loud explosions shaking many places in Sana'a with the movement ofwarplanes in these moments and they are said to be on the First Armored Division.
Mareb press: Unconfirmed reports of mortar shelling near the Permanant Committee of the GCP in Al-Hasaba
Machine guns sounds moments after the blasts in Sana'a
Sana'a: News of renewed confrontations with light and medium weapons in Hasaba neighborhood
Suhail: Republican Guard camp in Dhamar announce joining the peaceful revolution.
Warplanes are flying over Sana'a now.
Witnesses: Saleh's thugs gathering around entrances to Change Square in Sana'a from Agriculture St and Kentucky round.
To confirm that Yemen National TV is airing from the Presidential Palace, notice the furniture.
Masdar: Sounds of explosions in Sana'a believed to be near Sheikh Al-Ahmar's house
Witnesses: Light clashes in Hasaba, as well as sporadic clashes in Al-Rawda near Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh's house near the airport.
Another explosion near Al-Qayada St, Tunisia St. and Al-Adl St.
Two explosions near Cheifs of Staff and Defense Ministry previously
Very violent clashes taking place now near lower Hasaba
Sporadic clashes in Asir round now
Shabwa: warplanes are flying over Shabwa right now.
Confirmed news: Transportation fares are very high from Sana'a to other cities because of the displacement of the large numbers of families that got affected by the bombing and clashes between security forces and Al-Ahmar troops, in addition to no water, gas and oil in Sana'a.
Families leaving Hasaba area during the heavy clashes 
Abyan : Camp of central security fall in the hands of youth of revolution
President Saleh's son and leader of the Republican Guard, threatened the Republican Guards commander in Taiz Murad Alaubaly after a rumor that he intends to join the youth revolution.
An hour ago in Sana'a : A person thrown a hand grenade in the area of Shamlan and news of a number of injuries.
Sana'a : Forces loyal to President Saleh give warnings to the citizens in the area of Marib round in Sanaa to evacuate the area and fear of impending attacks.
Al Jazeera: Renewed clashes in the vicinity of the house of Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar in Sana'a hours after Al-Ahmar announced truce between his tribe and the security forces
Eye witness to Yaman News Agency : A shooting in front of Azal hospital in the 60th street now!
Complete calm in Nihm and Arhab tribes today and the withdrawal of army units after exposure to the painful strikes of tribesmen
Secretary of the President Saleh, Mr.Ahmed Al-Sufi: The President has committed a serious mistake by agreeing to a truce with the sons of Sheikh Al-Ahmar and tribal militants
Shaykh Sadiq Al-Ahmar calls the Republican Guards and the Central Security forces to stand by the peaceful people's revolution and not to sacrifice for a person -Saleh-
Suhail | Al-Qirbi: Saleh will not step down and the transfer of power will be through the ballot box
Truce between the tribes of Al-Ahmar and forces of Saleh ends today six O'clock in the evening (in 30 minutes from now) and the mediation committee haven't yet reached a to a resolve
Suhail : Yahya Alraie, Chairman of the Board of Representatives and a number of council members meet now with armed groups in an area close to Bin-Anash conference hall in Habra area, Sana'a
Urgent | Sana'a Ten minutes before the end of the truce period clashes renewed in the of Alhasabah and the hearing of fire in the area
Abyan : Heavy artillery fire at the moment on the city of Zanjibar
Alsahwa Mobile : After the failure of the Republican Guards, Saleh's regime is trying to recruit militants to strike the Al-Ahmar
Abyan : Shells fell on houses in the neighborhood of Bajdar in the city of Zanjibar
Clashes between troops and militants of Saleh and Al-Ahmar in Marib round near the camp of the military police
Media Center of Change square in Sana'a : Clashes stopped now after the intervention of mediation committee until the end of the mediation meeting which is still going on to the moment
News of the disappearance of Colonel Najib Mahfoudh, head of the Revolutionary Committees in Taiz after a visit to the change square of Hodeidah amid mysterious circumstances.
Mareb Press | United Nations: the situation in Yemen could deteriorate and become a major humanitarian disaster while the death toll rose rapidly.
Hashed tribal leader says mediation effort failed and no agreement with the govt was reached before 6pm deadline
Aljanady denies the attack on the camp of Republican Guards and accuses the Islamic Brotherhood of blowing up the situation in Yemen
Three French aid workers are kidnapped in southern Yemen, local official says - Reuters
Marib Press | Gathering of Militia belonging to Saleh in Sawan area near the U.S and UK embassies and the Movenpick Hotel, and fear of bombing on that area tonight.
Great tension in the Marib round with the militants of the regime gathering on the rooftops of some of the houses, and news that the regime will impose a complete blockade on the area of Alhasaba to cut out supplies and prevent any one from going in or out of it.
Alsahwa Mobile | Saleh's regime armed militias enter school of Omar Bin Abdulaziz which is close the U.S. Embassy, and some other militias were positioned in Al-Yamamah Hall in the area of Habra Sana'a
Saudi tells its local employees and Saudis in their Embassy in Sana'a to compelete their late transactions in preparation to leave the country
Checkpoints by armed civilians from Al-Hada tribes in Sayla from supporters of Minister of Interior and Al-Qawsi
Mareb Press: Arrival of 671 thousand tons of liquefied gas from Salalah port of Oman to Aden refinery.
Mareb Press: The French hostages were taken towards the desert at 1pm.
The Minister of Trade and Industry, Hisham Sharaf Abdullah said in an interview with Reuters, "We have reports that the losses of between four to five billion dollars 
Two people got wounded in Al-Hasha area in Dalii after thugs attacked a peaceful march heading from Al-Hasha towards Freedom Square in Taiz. The first one got injured in the head and the other one got shot three times in his legs, they are both in a stable condition now.
Mareb press: New mediation led by number of Sheikhs and social figures to extend the period of the truce between Saleh and Al-Ahmar
An important press conference to be held the military commanders adhering to the revolution in presence of Ali Muhsen Al-Ahmar, Commander of First Armored Division and a number of other military commanders at 10 am tomorrow, Sunday May 29th. During the conference it is expected to unveil new facts about Saleh and his regime and the new military aspects on the scene during the past few days.
‎2 explosions and renewed armed clashes in Hasaba as well as hearing warplanes in the city.
Saleh's regime plans to bomb SabaFon tonight, civilians are requested to evacuate the neighboring houses.
An intensive campaign of arrests and abductions in Agriculture St and the atmosphere is very tense in the Change Square
Weapons are being distributed to ''Saleh thugs'' across Sanaa;with deteriorating security in some of the neighborhoods, familys have reported looting and theft incidences,,theres a campaign collecting information from all affected families..!
Arabia: An agreement reached between Saleh and Sheikh Al-Ahmar demanding to hand over government installations to intermediariers and return life to normal in Hasaba.
Armed groups dressed in civilian clothes positioned in the neighborhood of Aljeraf (Martyr Kibsi School) near the textbook presses, their identity is unknown. Families and people in the neighborhood should be careful and leave their houses if necessary.
Director of Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar's office denies to Masdar Online any information of reaching a final agreement between Saleh and Ahmar.
JMP is accusing the regime of handing over Abyan to the armed groups that they have created by them to intimidate the local and international parties; they bear them the outcome of such dangerous practices
Mareb Press: Al-Jidaan youth have pledged to hand over all military vehicles and heavy weaponary to the Revolution Youths after the fall of the regime,and at any time to pro-youth military.
Al-Shami to AJA:
- The truce was extended twice to give opportunity to Al-Ahmar sons and as a request from tribal leaders.
- The country tolerated the actions of Al-Ahmar sons and that is clear omission that everyone recognizes. 
Abdulqawee Hayel to AJA:
- We welcome all international movements that aim to displace Saleh from power.
- We are against the use of force in case it was decided by the Security Council while discussing the Yemeni file.
- Saleh has lost many people, and only the ones that are polishing his image are the ones left for him.
AJA : Saturday mediation efforts succeeded to reach a truce between Ali Saleh's forces and Al-Ahmar supporters. That comes at a time in which the International Crisis Group warned that a confrontation between the two parties may bring the country into civil war in a large-scale
Nas Mobile: Police and security forces block Habra area and the neighborhoods there in Sana'a after citizens rejected to evacuate their homes.
News that there will be another GCC initiative that states the immediate departure of Ali Saleh tomorrow.
 Abyan victims yesterday: GRAPHIC -soldiers killed

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