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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

More details: May 24 Bombing of Al-Ahmar House AGAIN + VERY GRAPHIC photos!

Al-Moqbeli to Aljazeera : Ministry of Interior became a place for thugs to attack the house of Shiekh Sadeq Al-Ahmar  
Almoqbeli to Aljazeera : Live bullets have stopped now but shells keep falling in the area of Shiekh Sadeq Al-Ahmar
Clashes are still going on to the moment and the sounds of bombs cause a state of panic among families and children living in the area of clashes
The area of clashes in Sana'a

Armed GCP members and thugs seen on the rooftops of Mareb hospital, GCP office and the nearby houses
Witnesses to Yemen News: tribesmen loyal to Sheikh Alahmar showed courage in defending the Shiekh's house and defeated the security forces and police back to the Ministry of Interior
Arabiya correspondent: RPG rocket grenades hit the Interior Ministry building in Sana'a
Efforts by Shiekh Naji Alshayef to stop the conflicts between Hashid tribesmen and regime forces
Abdulqawi Qaisi: Director,Office of Sheikh Sadiq Alahmar: We tried to stop stockpiling weapons in Alrammah school which is adjacent to the house of Sheikh Abdullah bin Hussein Al-Ahmar, so the school won't become a military barracks but security forces insisted on that and responded with live bullets on us
Aljanady to Aljazeera : Security forces in the Interior Ministry has not yet responded, but they are still under attack by supporters of Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar.
Large tribal crowds at the entrance of the capital coming from Sana'a, Amran and Hajjah
While Saleh's forces are bombarding with heavy artillery, Yemeni people chant "selmia, selmia (peaceful, peaceful) no to civil war"
Al-Jaradi to AJA: Ali Saleh is using his last card to maintain his survival in power, which is to drag the country into violence and civil war, to show the world that the country will be in war without him.
Mass demonstration in Taiz
Ministry of the Interior is now besieged by Al-Ahmar's armed men.
Sana'a | Alhasaba: Loudspeakers urging Business owners and street vendors to close shop
Sana'a : Four ministries, the building of the Yemeni news agency Saba, the Institute of Guidance, the building of agricultural center and the Department of military logistical are all guarded now by tribesmen loyal to Sheikh Al-Ahmar, and news about security forces announced joining the tribes of Al-Ahmar
Alarabia | Sheik Hassan Ghalib Alajda: President is the one who aborted the mediation, he wants to drag the country to a civil war as he repeatedly threatened.
Witnesses to the "AlmasdarOnline": Many were injured in the renewed shelling of the tanks on the house of Sheikh Al-Ahmar in Sana'a
MarebPres : News about tribal militants loyal to the Sheikh Al-Ahmar, have now taken control of the Ministry of Local Administration
Sources to AlmasdarOnline : New tribal mediation trying to intervene to stop the clashes between Al-Ahmar and the forces of Saleh after the collapse of the previous mediation agreement.
Tanks and republican guards reinforcements is heading towards Hasaba
Suhail: Outcome of the ongoing clashes between Al-Ahmar Guards and military is 7 martyrs and the 24 injuries
Almasdar Online : Intense battles in the vicinity of an old house of President Saleh used by his troops for bombing the house of Alahmar
BBC Arabic: Tribesmen loyal to Al-Ahmar take control of a tank in Marib Street
Heavy gunfire on houses of Major General Ali Mohsen and Sheikh Hamid al-Ahmar and neighboring houses in the 50th street
Mareb Press : All areas from Marib Street and the Ministry of Education and the central prison is located within the framework of full control of the loyalists of Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar
Unconfirmed reports that tribes on AlAhmar's side are 200 meters away from State TV building
Yemeni opposition appeals to brotherly nearby countries for immediate intervention
Tribal sources to "Almasdar online": The fall of Al-Azraqain check point located north of Sanaa in the hands of Hashid tribes.
Marib Press : Heavy clashes near the building of the National Security 
Sahwa Mobile: Artillery shelling from the Mount of Noqum on Alhasaba and 7 armored vehicles belonging to the central security heading towards Alhasaba from Al-Nasr Street Now
Dozens of citezen and tribesmen casualities now on Suhail TV. Mortar shells continue to land n Sheik Al-Ahmar's residence and neighborhood.
The Washington Post: America and its allies are reviewing support for Saleh's regime to force him to step down 
Field hospital in Change Square receives all injured cases by live ammunition due to clashes in Al-Hasaba, as it has received 2 members of the 1st Armored Division that got shot from one of the nearby buildings to Qat market in Swad Hansh 
Seven tanks belonging to Central Security are heading to Al-Hasaba from Al-Nasr St and six military tanks from Taiz St.
Sumood: Semi-mass escape from thugs camps that are around Sana'a including TV St, Zubairi St, and Tahrir Square.
Tribesmen to Mareb Press: As soon as we go to any side, we see the withdrawal of army before we arrive.
Al-Saeeda News Agency photographer gets injured while covering the events in Sana'a
Taking over some of the tanks in Marib St after Republican Guards escaped.
Clashes stopped for half an hour and resumed ten minutes ago. Clashes started again from Ministry of Interior side and heavy clashes are around the Permenant Committee for the GCP and the street across towards Ministry of Local Administration.
A number of mediation Sheikhs got injured by missile strikes by Saleh's forces on Al-Ahmar's house.
Clinton: America is "disturbed" that Saleh refused to sign the transfer of power agreement.
Suhail: General Ghalib Al-Qamsh chairman of the mediation comiittee, Sheikh Ghalib Mabkhoot Al-Omari, Sheikh Abdulsalam Zabeya, Shiekh Saba AbuLohoom, Shiekh AbdulKhaleq Showet have been injured by the bombing of Sheikh Al-Ahmar's house.
Suhail: Mohammed Hadee Morait, Republican Guard Officer shoots by missels from Nuqum Mountain to Al-Ahmar's house.
Suhail: Sheikh Mohammed AbuLohoom, member of the mediation committee have been seriously injured and transfered to the ICU room in Science & Tech University Hospital due to the bombing of Sheikh Al-Ahmar's house.
Confrimed: More than seven tanks have been taken over by Al-Ahmar's gunmen in Marib St. and republican guards have escaped.
Al-Jazeera Net: Yemen may be exposed to international sanctions.
Urgent: The death of Sheikh Muhammad Abu-Luhoom member of the Mediation Committee, affected by the injuries of bombing the house of Shiekh Al-Ahmar
None of injured dignatries died as of now, yet Chief Mediator Gen Al-Kamesh & head of intelligence is moved 2 UST hospital now.
Sadek alahmer : All what has custody of ministries will be handed over to the youth revolution who are the legitimate owners
Dozens of children & women were injured due to the bombardment on residential buildings .
Alliance tribes Marib and Al-Jouf mourns death of Sheikh Naji Theffi
News that Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar , got injured in the latest clashes , when the mediation committee was attacked.
Very loud explosions are heard next to Al-ahmar house now .
Masdar: Shiekh Ahmad Najee Al-Tihifi and Sheikh Mohammed Mohammed AbuLohoom died today due to the bombing of Al-Ahmar's house.
Masdar: First Armord Division close down 60th St and extensively spread in anticipation of any Saleh's forces possible attacks on its headquarters.
Confirmed: Sheik Naji Altuhaifi, of Mareb, killed in the mortar shelling of Al-Ahmar's house today. He was among other mediators.
bombing of Fares Mana's house in Hasba Street , few minutes ago.
Masdar: Armed men belonging to Saleh attack a military area beside Al-Nahada School, norther from the headquarters of 1st Armord Division and the injury of two soldiers
U.S ambassador is to move from the embassy to spend the night in a safe place tonight and leaving Yemen to America tomorrow.
Citizens in Al-Hasaba neighborhood appeal to the international community to save them from Saleh's missels and tanks.
Sumood: Arrival of many tribe leaders with their tribes from Al-Habari round and started shooting towards Saleh's military groups
Clashes between Saleh's thugs and First Armord Division in Al-Nahada district near the headquarters of the division.
Sumood: Clashes are intense and the sound of explosions and gunfire is near Marib St.
Injured that have arrived to field hospital of Sana'a
A distress call to the doctors, surgeons and pharmasists to go to Azal and Isteshari Hospital in 60th road to help the injured.
Shooting the modern buldings of Saba Islamic Bank in Nahada district in Sana'a by Nuqom missels and armed thugs are helping in the attack; 1st Armord Division is trying to intervene to stop them.
Artillery shelling on the First Armored Division by Saleh's forces
Shiekh Majed Al-Dahab got injured in the bombing of Al-Ahmar's house
Hearing of explosions in Al-Hasaba and a number of other explosions in the area near Frist Armored Division
Masdar: Bombing Al-Ahmar's house happened after a phone call between Saleh and Chariman of the Mediation Committee General Ghalib Al-Ghamsh
Suhail coverage on bombing Al-Ahmar's house 
Clashes in Mathbah round where thugs tried to attack 1st Armored Division in the sit-in pretext that they are Mahweet tribes, they have been deterred by the Division.
Masdar: Sheikh Al-Ahmar people control Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Education
Masdar: 17 people died today and dozens injured due to Saleh's attacks on Al-Ahmar's house today.
The Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution is calling on the masses of people to have a mass march tomorrow to confrim the peaceful revolution.
Urgent: "Brigade Mountain Republican Guard- Infantry " is bombing Nihm now using heavy machine guns .
Suhail: Al-Ahmar house is being bombed heavily again now. 
Very graphic: dead bodies from today's attack
Abdulrahman Burman: 17 maryts and dozens injured as a result of Saleh's attack on Al-Ahmar's house today. A number of martyrs from citizens that ambulances were not able to get to because they were being targeted by Saleh's forces. Two missels on Al-Nahada district and injured arrive to field hospital.
Masdar : United States following the situation in Yemen, "very closely " and Zayani calls to stop the fighting immediately.
Hameed Al-Ahmar assures to AJA that this revolution will stay peaceful despite what happened. What happened is because of tribal presnece in Yemen but the President is the one that wanted to move the revolution from being peaceful. If the Yemenis and the tribes felt that the revolution will lose its sucess then they will end this mess.
A large gathering to Amran tribes in Amran waiting on Sa'ada tribes to join them to go to Sana'a
Theft and looting of houses by Saleh's thugs in Hasaba and Marib St now.
President Saleh is calling upon the Ministry of Interior and Abdullah Al-Ahmar's troops to cease-fire to save Yemenis blood.
CCRYC is calling upon all the Yemenis to mass march tomorrow, Wednesday starting at 4 pm to assure the peacefulness of the revolution and continuation until the regime falls.
The Mediation Committee headed by Major General Ghalib Al-Ghamsh decided to stop mediation and bear Saleh the complete responsibiility and declare to stand by Sheikh Al-Ahmar
Abdu Al-Jendi to AJA: What happened today was an unintended mistake and it was not deliberated by the government.
Arabia: 38 dead in clashes between Saleh's troops and Al-Ahmar troops.
Arabia Correspondent: 14 dead from Saleh's security forces and 24 dead from Al-Ahmar troops.
Sheikhs and leaders in Radfan, Lahj condemn the crimes that Saleh's regime did and the attack of Al-Ahmar's house in Sana'a.
Yemen TV: The President calls for the evacuation of all Al-Ahmar troops from the ministries seized by them hours back. 
Abdu Al-Jendi to AJA: Al-Ahmar troops occupied Ministry of Toursim and Economy and Ministry of Interior and many other ministries- AJA reporter comments: You're explaining as if they are the government and you are the other party.
Ministries that were taken over by Al-Ahmar troops:
- Ministry of Interior
- Ministry of Local Administration
- Ministry of Education
- Ministry of Trade and Industry
- Ministry of Tourism
In addition to police help camp, Higher Institute and Saba News Agency
Sana'a Change Square today
Renewed clashes from Marib Round to Al-Habari Round right now.
Sahwa Mobile: Sheikh Mohammed bin Mohammed AbuLohom, Sheikh Abdullah Mabkhoot Al-Darhani, Sheikh Najee Ahmad Mahyoob, Sheikh Sadiq Qa'aban died today due to bombing Al-Ahmar's house by Saleh's forces.
Lahj: Air Commander Abdo Abdullah Al-Ameri announced joining the youth revolution and condemns the attacks of Al-Ahmar's house and asserts that this precipitates the fall and trail of the regime.
Yemen National TV and pro-government channels broadcast from the Presidential Palace & Moral Guidance Studios.
Continued clashes and Shiekh AbdulAziz Al-Shayef says that his mediation has succeeded and will emerge in the coming hours.
Youth in the Change Square opinions around the clashes between Al-Ahmar & Saleh 
Clashes today between Al-Ahmar troops & Saleh forces

Mediation Committee before the bombing took place


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