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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

May 25th: Heavy Bombing in Sana'a + Protests

Heavy shelling and missile strikes in Al-Hasaba district right now at Dawn prayer on Wednesday
Mareb Press: Saleh expanding scope of war: violent attacks in Marib and army shelled random areas, reports of casualties
Al-Zayani: I'm ready to visit Sana'a if President Saleh has the will to sign the Gulf Initiative.
Marib: Army shelling randomly at citizens and tribes are shelling back; one dead at the moment.
Dr. Yasin Saeed Noman receives threatening phone calls from Saleh's government of assassination for him and JMP leaders
France and Germany are calling their citizens to leave Yemen immediately
Mareb Press: Tribal sources in Al-Jawf, Marib and Sa'ada confirm huge sums of Huthi's joining Sana'a to get ready for war, fears of trying to settle previous problems in Sana'a and Saleh is encouraging chaos.
Russian Foreign Ministry is calling its citizens who are in Yemen to leave immediatly
Tribesmen surround the house of Saleh in Al-Dajaj village in Sayah, Sana'a
‎7:15 am: Heavy artillery fire in Al-Hasaba that can be heard in Bab Al-Yemen area.
Washington and its allies are considering sending Yemen's file to UN Security Council to force sanctions on Saleh and his government
Secretary General of GCC said that the killings in Sana'a since yesterday raises fears and concerns of the GCC of expansion and extension and its calling on all the parites that are concerned to be reponsibile and restraint and to maintain national superme interest of Yemen over any other consideration.
Youth are preparing for mass marches all around Yemen that have been planned by the Organizational Committee and the CCRYC to condemn what is happening in Sana'a and to overthrow the regime as well as to show how peaceful the revolution is.
Large exodus of people of Sana'a, especially in Al-Hasaba, Swad Hanas, 60th St districts and fears of block out of Sana'a
Violent clashes in Tahrir close to Al-Qiyada
Many of the soldiers that are present inside of Ministry of Interior that were trapped in it from yesterday came out today in citizens clothes leaving their weapons and unifrom inside. Al-Ahmar troops siege the Ministry very tightly from the East and front side of it.
Mohammed Al-Mikhlafi, 26 years old, Suhail Channel Photographer, injured by bullet fragment in the leg 
Very violent clashes near Moral Guidance in Sana'a near Ministry of Defence.
Comprehensive civil disobedience in Aden, Lahj, Abyan and Mukalah
Hadramout: Mass arrests among the youth in Mukalah by security forces for calling for civil disobedience.
Arabia: Al-Ahmar troops take over Saba News Agency
Al-Ahmar troops take over the Military Hospital in Sana'a
AJA: Saleh: The crisis in Yemen is an internal affiar and should not be referred to the Security Council
Arabia: Saleh:
- I will not leave Yemen when I steps down.
- I will continue as part of the opposition after leaving power.
- I won’t be dragged into civil war by recent provocations.
- I will not make any more concessions and will fight those who threaten security and stability.
- I'm ready to sign the transfer of power agreement within the framework of dialogue.
Mareb Press: Republican Guards close Sana'a-Mareb road in Khashm Al-Bukra area and prevents entry of citizens.
Almost confirmed news that a meeting is going on in Sheikh Hussien Al-Ahmar's house in Amran to discuss the situation.
Al Jazeera: Abdulqawee Al Qaissi, Manager of Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar's office calls President Saleh "a liar"
Arabia: Saleh: Yemen will not be a failed state, “another Somalia” or a safe haven for Al Qaeda.
AJA: British Foreign Minister: Saleh must sign the agreement to transfer power as soon as possible.
Renewed clashes between Saleh's security forces and house guards of Al-Ahmar house in Al-Hasaba
Mass march from Al-Qadi valley in Taiz condemning Saleh's crimes and assuring the peaceful revolution.
Mareb Press: Amran governorate is under control by tribes that support the revolution led by Sheikh Hussien Al-Ahmar
AinNews: 13 bodies were taken out from underground from Al-Ahmar house after getting bombed yesterday.
Death of Sheikh Hassan Muqbil Garoon after being seriously injured yesterday when Al-Ahmar's house was bombed.
News of martyrdom of a female volunteer from the Yemeni Red Crescent yesterday during the armed clashes in Al-Hasaba
BBC: Over 50 dead and dozens wounded as a result of clashes in Sana'a until 11:00am today.
Mareb Press: Clashes in the vicinity of Al-Ahmar's house and heavy shelling on Saba News Agency after it was taken over by Al-Ahmar troops.
Today at dawn, Mohammed Atta died due to severe injuries on Resolution Friday in Ibb.
May 24th: Some of the names of the martyrs of Al-Ahmar tribesmen:
- Sheikh Najee Ahmad Al-Tahefi, member of mediation committee from Mareb.
- Sheikh Najee Ahmad Mahyoob
- Sheikh Mohammed Bin Mohammed AbuLohom
- Sheikh Abdullah Mabkhoot Al-Darhani
- Sheikh Sadiq Qa'aban
- Shiekh Thabet Mohammed Saeed Karam, Dhamar
- Sheikh Jalal Ahmad Thabeet Mohammed Saeed Al-Karam
- Sheikh Khaled Ahmad Mothana Muhsen
- Sheikh Hassan Muqbil Garoon
Masdar: Fumes are rising from one of Saleh's old houses in Hasaba that is used as a military bas by his troops.
Sana'a International Airport is closed and Aden Airport is receiving all the flights that were bound to it.
Alarabia : Obamaa appreciates the efforts of the GCC and urges President Saleh's for cooperation
 House of Sheikh Sultan Alsamei -parliamentary of the opposition- in the area of Hawban in Taiz besieged by security forces. 
Alarabiya : Obama calls on Yemen's President Saleh to 'immediately' transfer power
Gunshots still heard from Al-Hasaba area.
Sana'a : 60m street is blocked by Republican Gaurd.This road leads to Sana'a International airport. Airport is said to be closed! Waiting for confirmation! 
Mass march in Taiz
Despite escalating violence in Sana'a and threats of attacking the square, demonstrators remain persistent and remain at the square
Sana'a : Demonstrators planning to march to 60m st! Street blocked by Republican Guards
Ali Saleh in a conference today : I'm ready to sign the initiative but in accordance with mechanisms to implement the initiative.
Saleh : We will not offer concessions anymore and we will face things firmly
Almasdaronline: Massive march in Change Square to emphasis the peaceful revolution and condemn Saleh's means to drag the country into civil war.
Almasdaronline: Renewed intense shelling on the home of Sheikh Sadek and nearby houses and powerful explosions shake the whole area of Alhasabah.
Protesters in Yemen vow to keep their peaceful protests and not be dragged into Saleh's civil war.
Sana'a : Youth march is returning back now to Change Square.
Sources : Brigade 62 of the Republican Guard bombed houses in Arhab randomly and using various kinds of arms
Ahmed Ayed, manager of Marib Press site to Aljazeera now : All the northern ports of Sana'a were closed to prevent any access to Sana'a, fearing of that citizens will join and stand with the revolution. Sana is completely blocked.
Sana'a: Witnesses: fierce clashes in the area of a police camp in Sho'ub
People of Alhasaba appeal using loudspeakers of some mosques to cease-fire on their homes
Alhudaidah : Massive march started from (Hadeeqat Alsha'ab) now heading to Sana'a Street and there will be a protest until eight o'clock in the evening in Sana'a Street condemning the massacres of killing of the mediators in Sana'a and to confirm the peaceful peaceful revolution
Witnesses to Almasdar online : Violent clashes between the forces of the Republican Guard and tribal militants in the intersection of Marib round, in the northern side of the capital
Sana'a : Traders of Jamal and Alqasr streets in Sana'a close their shops after the death of Taha Aldobaie who was shot dead by by thugs of the regime this afternoon
YemenNews | witnesses : Building of Sama International Media (Suhail channel) now exposed to heavy bombing with the houses surrounding it and columns of smoke seen in the area
Aljazeera Mubasher | Bin Alawi : The GCC is ready to support the Yemeni people if the conditions exist for that 
Sana'a : Heavy gunfire near the camp of First Armored Division in 60th St. Now
 Sana'a mass march
Al-Hasaba residents appeal humanitarily using loudspeakers from the mosques to cease-fire on their district.
Two heavy explosions in the north of the captial right now.
Very heavy artillery srike on First Armored Division
World Federation of Muslim Scholars condemn the attack on Sheikh Al-Ahmar's house.
Sheikh Sadiq speaks to Saleh: We will not give up, we're going with our people to block your plans and you will be the one that gives up and leaves Yemen.
Heavy artillery strikes on the First Armored Dividsion from several areas.
Resident to Masdar: Three artillery shells fell in the Sayah neighborhood east of Sana'a. Two fell in the main street and the third fell on a residential building.
Armed clashes near the Change Square by the First Armored Division under entirely power outage from the Square.
Thick smoke appears to be coming from Military Hospital and fire in the same region with continuous shelling.
Mareb Press: Republican Guards tanks in Arhab resume bombardment randomly on citizens.
Death of Brigadier General Abdullah Musleh, Works and Engineer in the First Armored Division by shooting his car.
Masdar: Huge explosions shake Al-Hasaba area after Al-Ahmar troops bomb Saleh's old house that he used as a military base.
Youth in the Change Square are chanting "Peaceful, peaceful, no for civil war" while loud explosions continue in the North side.
Information on new mediation to cease-fire in the North-East area of Sana'a, and it will be ceased in the next few hours.
Mareb Press: A citizen seizes an armored tank in the clashes in Arhab between two camps of Republican Guards, Major General 61 and 62 against tribes that support the youth revolution.
Masdar: Al-Kharafi camp launched heavy bombardment on Help Police headquarters and Ministry of Interior after it was seized by Al-Ahmar troops.
Hadramout: Mass march this afternoon throughout the streets on Mukalah rejecting Saleh's massacres and his tries to pull Yemen to civil war, calling him to immediate leave and confirm their peaceful revolution
Tribes from Bayhan, Shabwa give Saleh 24 hour limit to stop the civil war and to give up to what the people want. 24 hours or they will stop pumping oil all together.
Sound of explosions are close from Change Square from 60th St and it is a heavy bombardment on the First Armored Division from that area.
Bombing the house at the top of the mountain above Sicence and Tech University Hospital and it is believed to be Ali Muhsen's and under it Fares Mana'a- not sure of whos houses are these that are being bombed.
The GCC & Arab and Islamic League appealed to stop the violence and approach to start civil war that is wanted by Saleh.
The Movemet of Renaissance and Change in Aden appeals everyone to continue in the approach of the peaceful revolution.
Unconfirmed News: Private sources say the rebellion and rejection of some of the Republican Guards camps refusing to kill the Yemeni people.
Masdar: Artillery bombardment aimed at MP Mohammed Abdulellah Al-Qadi close to Saba round north Sana'a
Witnesses: Very heavy weapons used in Swad Hansh between Saleh's forces in Maintenance camp that is attacking First Armored Division from the eastern side and Division forces are blocking them.
Anwar Al-Ansi to BBC: A history of treachery by Saleh with mediators, same with the 2004 Sa'ada mediation and Deputy Governor of Marib mediator with Al-Qaida, and mediation of Ali Muhsen's tribe and mediation of GCC and the latest with the head of CIA and a number of Sheikhs yesterday.
Violent clashes near the headquarters of Command and Staff - Ministry of Defense.
Suhail: heavy shooting on Suhail's building and the administrator is bearing Saleh the responsibility for what the staff might be exposed to.
Very heavy clashes in Al-Nahda district north of Sana'a with heavy weapons by Saleh's forces, reports of casualties. Camp pf maintenance attacking First Armored Division from the east side.
AJA: Clashes near Sana'a International Airport. All flights are diverted to Aden Airport
Obama earlier said: Saleh has to transfer power.
Obama now said: Saleh MUST step down asap!
Female march in Al-Moala assuring the peacful revolution and demanding Saleh to immediately leave.
Masdar: Hearing sounds of shelling from Nuqom Mountain that is targetting Al-Hasaba.
Sheikh Fahd Al-Shaleef and Sheikh Khaled Al-Shaleef sons of Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Shaleef get injured in artillery shelling of Al-Ahmar house now.
Saleh explains that Zayani's way of addressing him was not appropriate and he mistreated him when asking to sign the Gulf Initiative by saying "Will you sign the initiative or are you refusing?"
Yasser Al-Yamani to Arabia: President Saleh is very welcoming to what is going on in Yemen and has adopted mind and wisdom. His Excellency the President, the Historical Commander and the Symbol of All Yemenis was supposed to be addressed from Zayani as a Yemeni President. The Gulf Initiative was going to get Yemen to enter a crisis.

Arabia asks: Why are you against everyone?

Yasser replies: These regulations have to respect the Yemeni people's will in sticking and holding on to their president.
Aden: Mass march in Sheikh Othman starting from Al-Noor Square condemning Saleh's massacres in Sana'a and calling to cease-fire.
Iran expresses regret over the escalating violence in Yemen, calling the government to aviod bloodshed.
AP: Clinton: Ali Saleh is turning his back on his obligations and ignores the legitimate aspirations of the Yemeni people.
Secertary General of United Nation is calling Saleh for immediate cessation of violence.
Voice of Yemen: Sana'a Airport officially closed due to clashes between tribes and the Republican Guards
Almasdar online reported Long lines of people leaving the capital today to seek refuge
Sana'a : Huge explosion heard now in Sana'a, Source unknown yet
Habra area, Khawla Al-Absi 10 year old child got injured by a random bullet in her back while at home.
Suliman Mubarz, 25 years old died while being shot by a live bullet while returning from work.
Armed foreigners with snipers watching the clashes in Al-Hasaba from Sheraton Hotel.
Mareb Press: Heavy clashes around the military police camp in Shuoob area.
Arhab tribes in sieging the Republican Guards Brigade 62, emphasize the determination to resolve the situation tonight.
Mareb Press: Formation of an extended tribal meeting to all Hashid Sheikhs including the previously pro-Saleh ones to discuss the declaration of war by Saleh on citizens and targetting Al-Ahmar's house.
Direct armed confrontations now in Cario St. in Sana'a
Sana'a: Eyewitness: artillery strikes from Swad area south of Sana'a and Attan and Nuqom towards Al-Hasaba and First Armored Division
Saleh's forces are bombing Suhail Channel office at the moment.
Shooting from Prime Minister Council building at the moment
Masdar: Violent clashes taking place now in Saba round close to general headquarters.
Sheikh Al-Awadi to AJA: We assure the youth that if Saleh continues his war, we will let him fall asap God Willing and we will hand over the country to the youth.
Mona Safwan to AJA: Civil war is excluded in Yemen for the first time, tribes and civilians in Yemen agree on one road.
Reports that some of tribemen are able to enter Sana'a right now.
Continuation of the violent attacks on the headquarters of Suhail Channel by heavy weapons by Saleh's forces
Youth are directing a distress call to the Arab League, UN and Human Rights Council to stop the war waged by Ali Saleh on the civilians and lifting the siege on the citizens in Sana'a and the protesters in the Change Square of Sana'a
Minister of Interior is trapped inside the Ministry of Interior building in the basement.
Masdar: Hearing of gunfire in Haddah area.
Masdar: Mortar attack on the headquarters of Suhail Channel.
Suhail: Witness: military carriers with missles enter air-defense headquarters
Suhail: Military sources: Saleh used U.S missiles yesterday in bombing Al-Ahmar's house.
Armed tribesmen in Arhab burnt 3 tanks and took over another 3 tanks of Republican Guards
Flames on the top floor of Suhail Channel building in Swad Hansh after it was exposed by mortar shelling
Science and Tech University Hospital seeking 20 blood bags urgenlty -all blood types required- PLEASE SPREAD.
UAE refuses to receive any members of Saleh's family
Change Square platform calls all the doctors to go to the Field Hospital of the Change Square URGENTLY
Bombardment from the Sabaha camp that belongs to Republican Guards on Sana'a
Five dead and more than 10 injured in bombardment of Republican Guards to citizens houses in Arham North of Sana'a
Bombs from an unknown sources fall on the Sana'a International Airport runway and size of losses is not specified.
Al-Asemat tribes threaten to liquidate Saleh physically this week in 70th Square on the coming friday because he wasted Yemenis blood.
Arhab tribesmen surrounding Republican Gaurds camps after heavy clashes between them; dozens injured.
Fall of the serucity area of Hasaba in Al-Ahmar tribesmen hands; the security area includes the third area of central security and police station.
Power outage in Moala Aden right now
Al-Kharafi Camp launches heavy bombardment on headquarters of Help police and Ministry of Interior after being seized by tribes
Suhail Channel broadcast stopped now after bombing its building in Sana'a
A number of families are escaping from the heavy bombing in the reesidential areas towards the Change Square of Sana'a
Arabia Confirms: Sana'a International Airport is closed all flight are forwarded to Aden Airport.
Press Sources: trying to overcome the malfunctions that occurred in Suhail Channel to broadcast soon after the bombardment of the building.
Yasser Al-Yamani to Arabia: What the youth refused from marching to the Presidential palce is now done by the tribes and that is considered rebellion.
AJA: renewed heavy shelling in Al-HAsaba and clashes between Saleh's forces and Al-Ahmar troops.
After the statement by Yasser Al-Yamani saying we will not allow anyone to take over the Ministry of Interior as it is the one that imposed security, renewed clashes around the Ministry at 1 am.
Violent clashes and gunfire near Ministry of Communication and Ministry of Electricity.
Heavy clashes in Tunisia St near Al-Yarmook station 
Footage from Al-Ahmar's house by Tom Finn
Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar and Hameed Al-Ahmar
Condemnation and Denunciation Statement

For the cowardly attack on Suhail Channel this evening, the Media Council of the Change Square in Sana'a condemned the coward attack that was performed by the Republican Guards and Saleh's thugs on the headquarters of Suhail Channel this evening in Sana'a. It was an attempt by the regime to hide the facts from all the heinous crimes against the Yemeni people but the youth revolution in the Media Council assured that the truth will not be hidden no matter how hard the regime tries. All the youth around Yemen in all the cities will be the eyes of the truth, the eyes of Suhail and the eyes of all the other channels.

Issued by: The Media Council of the Change Square Sana'a
Dated: May 25th 2011
Tribes are heading south: Hearing clashes close to 45 round in Sana'a
Official Source in Suhail Channel: Suhail got affected much due to the heavy bombing, there are services related to the broadcasting that have been damaged as well as a fire broke out in some officies. We will overcome these damages and resume broadcasting as soon as possible.
Republican Guard officers, Sadeq Ahmad Al-Qadi and Saleh Ali Al-Shami declare joining the peaceful revolution.
Ali Saleh froces bomb the Ministry of Interior while Mutahar Rashad Al-Masrsi is still trapped in it after Al-Ahmar tribes took control of it.
Washington recommends that their employees and citizens in Yemen (with exception to emergency personnel) to leave Yemen immediately and urges American citizens not to travel to Yemen.
Continuous bombardment of Ministry of Interior and its surroundings by Saleh's forces and no information on the fate of the Minister that is trapped inside.
Urgent distress call from residents of Al-Hasaba for immediate help and Al-Khaiwani appeals to media to document and reveal what is happening.
Lawyer in Hood Organization: Abdulrahman Burman: Heavy bombardment on Al-Hasaba area by missiles and heavy artillery and the citizens appeal help. As I hear their appeals on the phone and I can't do anything, I swear as I am writing this, I got a phone call from a family of 14 members that have no food and no water and cannot get out to from how heavy the gunfire is. I have contacted the Red Cross to intervene to work out 6 hours to allow residents to stop conflict until people can leave the area.
Bombing from the side of Ministry of Electricity and Al-Thawra park from Airport St north of Ministry of Interior.
German Newspaper: Saleh is more afraid of being in Mubarak's fate more than civil war.. and believes that he is the best in getting snakes dancing. 
Photos of Sana'a protest


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