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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

May 10th + Warplane attack on Nahm Tribes

The announcement of escalation of the Youth Revolution will be today
Shiekh Abdulrahman Aziz Al-Zendani passed away today, mourning and prayers will take place in Change Square of Sana'a
Next escalation: cut the 60th street and paralyze the movement in Sana'a today
Taiz May 10th:
Female police officers break into Khadeja School and prevents the students from participating in a march to Freedom Square
Couple of hours ago, march of hundreds of thousands in Jamal St. in Taiz condemning the bloody massacres that are committed by the regime, they also reached to Education Office and protested theree-the scene were all martyrs fell
More than 11 directorates in Taiz march toegher in a mass march from Al-Maafer, Al-Shamateen, Sharab, Mekhlaf and all around Taiz
Mass marches in Taiz condemning the crimes committed by the regime as well as a successful civil disobedience- great escalation.
Over 30 injured and tens of fainting cases on students of Al-Hodeidah University during their peaceful march by security forces -Republican Guards, Central Security & police.
Ibb today
Al-Baydah: Military crews break into Al-Baydah University campus to dispere protesters
Mareb Press: Youth revolution are condemning the abduction of commander of the easter region in Hadramout
Mass march in Dhamar condemning the regime massacres in Taiz and calling for the immediate departure of Ali Saleh
Hodeidah Updates:
- 3 female students injured by gas bombs- transfered to hospital.
- 10 protesters abducted from in front of Education Office and transfered by security vehicles
- Protesters gather in front of the governates office to pray Thohr and are rejecting to step away from the gates.
Shabwa: mass marches condemning the attacks on Taiz yesterday
Taiz city entirely devoid of army and security forces- there are fears of unknown plans that the regime is planning for
Yemeni Jouranlists Syndicate condemned the brutal attacks that Saleh's regime is using against the people of Taiz, in a statement it said: "It has become very clear that all the military and security reinforcements in Taiz for the previous period shows a strong focus on the city of Taiz. Due to the seriousness of Taiz and the revolutionary and clear escalation from the start."
Urgent : Mass march in Sana'a from change square to Alsetteen Street
A mass march starting from Change Square of Sana'a to Mathbah round and then to 60 street condemning Saleh's massacres in Taiz and Hodiedah and rejecting the Gulf initiative
Dead and wounded in violent attacks of the Republican Guard on the tribes Nehm -a tribe in the western side of Sana'a -. Forces of the Republican Guard attacked the citizens of the tribe.
Sources said that troops of 101 Brigade of the Republican Guard tried to go to the province of Hadramout via the Directorate of Nehm, but the tribes objected the procession, consisting of tanks and armored vehicles, and prevented them from continuing the road.
Sources added that the attacks occurred in "Nqil Ben Gillan" in the area of Aal-Sayyad, about 40 kilometers east of the capital Sanaa.
The sources pointed out that warplanes bombed areas adjacent to the tribal areas in Nehm, and used the Republican Guard tank shells.
General Major 101 surrenders to Nahm tribes; his soliders join the revolution after the escape of their leader
Photos of the attack that was carried out by Republican Guards troops on Nahm tribes. Photos of armored vehicles after soldiers handed them over to Nahm tribe and declared surrender

National security release Major General Ali Al-Khesheni, head of eastern region operations- he was detained yesterday in Sana'a airport
Taiz youth are putting concrete barriers on the outskirts of Jamal St. to prevent armored vehicles from entering- getting ready against any attack
Riyadh: Gulf summit just began, a range of issues will be discussed as well as Gulf initiative that deals with Yemen
Hodeidah: Security forces attack peaceful protesters infront of Hodeidah governate building by live bullets, gas bombs and snipers on rooftops
Aden: Female mass march in Crater and male mass march in Shiekh Othman condemning Saleh's massacres
Sana'a mass march changes the marching from 60th street towards 20th street- intersection of 60th st.
Youth announce from the platform of the Change Square in Sana'a after they return from their mass march, they are giving Saleh 24 hours to hand over power or they will escalate more and apply some revolutionary acts
Tribal mediation led by Shiekh Yahya Mesar seeks the release of Gen. 101 prisoners and handing military equipment
Youth are calling all businessmen to close down their shops/companies tomorrow, Wednesday as an act of civil disobedience.
Aden: Witnesses: Entrance of an ammunition shipment of 4 military trucks to Ma'asheeq in Aden under tight security
Saudi: The Yemeni regime is going through a severe financial crisis; the aim of Mujawar's visit to the Gulf was to seek financial support to pay for staff salaries
Hadramout: Youth revolution in Hadramout appreciate the national role of Nahm tribes by preventing Republican Guards from attacking them
Hodeidah: Continuous gunfire & gas bombs at the peaceful protesters in Hodeidah; reports of injured protesters (males & females)
Female march in Taiz

Masdar: The start of the consultative meeting for the southern areas of Yemen in Cario, Egypt in presence of Al-Attas, Ali Nasser Mohammed & Ghiyab Al-Bayth
Hodiedah: Tens of injured due to attacks by live bullets and gas bombs in Hodeidah now- 4 of them in critical condition
A statement from the Yemeni Embassy in Saudi Arabia warning Yemenis from having any community gatherings or going out in protesters
Change Square expansion in Sana'a
REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah
Soldiers man a barrier blocking demonstrators demanding the ouster of Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh in the southern city of Taiz May 10, 2011.
Hadramout: A mass march in the streets of Mukalah now chanting "Greetings from Hadramout.. to proud Nahm"
Urgent: Appeal to medical crews, pharamacists and anyone that can help out to go to the field hospital of Hodiedah
Female students in Ibb refuse to write their exams and end up protesting! 
Faculty of Commerce students close down their college in Ibb
Youth revolution in Marib, the alliance of Marib & Jawf and the Forum of Marib people condemn attacking Nahm tribes by warplanes as they declare their solidarity with the tribes
Following the goals of the peaceful people and youth revolution of Yemen to overthrow the autocratic, individual, domestic, military regime and transfer it to a civilian rule, today, on Tuesday May 10th 2011 a press conference was held to publicize the media center of the revolution which includes all the media centers in the different squares of Yemen. The conference was be held in the Political Forum tent in Martyrs round- near the Iranian Center- in Change Square of Sana’a. The conference reviewed the mechanism of action that will be taken by the council which in general aims to unify the media work to reach the demands and goals of the Yemeni youth peaceful revolution. It also aims to build bridges to unify information in one network for the success of this peaceful revolution and to develop an independent free platform that includes a credible and honest vision of the youth as it comes as well as news as it is. Another aim is to shed the light on all the work and achievements of the demands of the revolution and everything that deals with media after the revolution. This council is completely independent and provides a revolutionary vision of youth away from any political parties and organizations to create a speech that will serve the revolution and the orientation according to it and its goals. This conference was be held today, Tuesday and was attended by a number of media personalities and activists in the society, as well as interested members of the society.
People are joining the protesters in Jamal St. now and the enthusiasm is back at the top!!
Sana'a: Hundreds of youth are protesting in front of the VP's house in 60th street. They declared that they will not go back to the Change Square until escalation or marching to the Presidential Palace- Among those protesters, Al-Khaywani, Ahmad Said & Dr. Al-Faqih
Al-Jazeera: Tawakul Kurman: Calling on everyone to gather tomorrow in all of the squares around the different cities of Yemen, including Change Square of Sana'a to start marching tomorrow to all the facilities and government institutions.
Sheikhs and Notables of Khawlan, Sana'a strongly condemn the bombings of Nahm by warplanes; Saleh and his regime take full resposibility of it
Taiz : Three protesters wounded when security forces opened fire on a march the streets of the city of Taiz.
Yasin Saeed Noman: The Gulf Initiative has failed and reached a closed door. GCC leaders ignored Yemen's crisis and yet welcome Jordan and Morroco's requests to join GCC in today's Gulf Summit.
Urgent | Mareb Press | Officers and members of the Republican Guard Brigade 101 declare joining the revolution as a result of running with an armor over two soldiers by their commander during the confrontations with the tribes of Nehm
Marb Press : Alshater stops the salaries of the 14 soldiers who joined the revolution
Taiz: Witnesses: thugs are firing live bullets on the protesters in Jamal St. after a sudden withdrawal of security forces
Al-Beheri, security cheif in Debab is in a Cerceda car that is shooting heavly on the protesters in Jamal St. in front of Al-Hekma Hospital- number of casualties unknown
A mass march in Aden condemning the crimes against the protesters in Taiz and is calling for escalation and full civil disobedience. They raised slogans saying "North + South - Ali= Unity"
Plate numbers of the cars that shot the protesters in Jamal St. in Taiz now: Jeep 11/2317, Cerceda 4/28871, white Mercedes 4/13676. Confirmed news that Al-Beheri was there as well as Sheikh Dirhim's son (one of GCP leaders) at 10:45pm
A message from women of Taiz to the youth:
Urgent | Taiz : News about some thugs gathering now in the lanes back to the fish market in Almarkezi area in a preparation for the assault on the youth in Jamal street.
 Food convoy arriving to Ibb
Urgent | Taiz : Five wounded after the regime thugs fire live ammunition on protesters in Jamal Street .
Abdo Aljanady to Aljazeera : Tawakul Kerman is driven by Zindani and the JMP, Marching to government facilities is not a protest but a break-in to the constitutional institutions and will cause bloodshed.
Taiz female march:
Almasdar Online: Organizing Committee of the youth revolution denies the reports by some media about the big march day being tomorrow Wednesday May 11th
Aden : Flame of the Aden Refinery turned off for the first time in 50 years after the strike of its workers
Youth in Sana'a expand their tents into the 20th street 
Sana'a mass march today
Taiz: Security Director Abdullah Qairan give the protesters in Jamal St. 12 hours to leave the sit-in or he will use force to disperse them
Masdar: In a statement by Al-Ziyani: Gulf countries reaffirms its support for the Yemeni people's choices and aspirations and urges the parties to sign the Gulf Initiative
Al-Jazeera: Tawakul Kurman: Calling on everyone to gather tomorrow in all of the squares around the different cities of Yemen, including Change Square of Sana'a to start marching tomorrow to all the facilities and government institutions.
Taiz: National security lifts the concrete barriers that the protesters placed in Jamal St intersection of Tahrir to prevent armored vehicles from breaking in- expectations of attacks on protesters during the coming hours
Sana'a: Reports says a number of thugs led by Majid Al-Thahab are spreading in Zubairy and Baghdad St getting ready to attack the angry crowds of protesters tomorrow that will march in the morning, snipers on rooftops of 20th St and heavy security spread by security forces
Urgent : Media Center of Change Square| Sana'a | hearing shooting in 20 Street Neighborhood near to the old university to where youth have extended revolution sit in last night.
March in Tareem to Nahm tribe- after being attacked by warplanes- one dead and a couple injured
Hodeidah Injured, May 10th
Suhail : Transfer of broadcast equipment for both Saba and Yemen T.v channels, to the presidential palace.
Statement no.32-B
Saturday, May 10, 2011

Cooperation of the Major Yemeni Revolution Facebook Pages

المجلس التنسيقي لشباب ثورة التغيير: (تنّوع)
The Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution of Change

In an unprecedented step, a number of Facebook pages cooperated with each other to support the Yemeni Youth Revolution by uniting the efforts of the different pages to reveal and show the true facts to the whole world.

All the Facebook pages have joined together for a bettter coordination of the Yemeni revolution. This form of media unity includes plans of escalation that are studied in the different squares of Yemen by the Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution, Change. In which this council coordinates with all the differe coalitions in the squares for the renewal of escalation and resolution steps. Several Facebook pages have responded to coordinate, they are listed below:--
الصفحة الثانية لثورة التغيير في اليمن
شبكة رصد الثورة اليمنية
مدينة تعز - Taiz City
شباب مدن الثورة (تعز الأن)
عين اليمن الإخبارية Y-E-N
من هنا سيبدأ التغيير
شبكة أخبار اليمن من عدن
News of the Yemeni Revolution

The Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution, Change welcomes all the major Facebook pages to participate in this Electornic Media Coalition for the success of the electronic revolution as a prelude to a success of the revolution in the squares.

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