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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Warplane bombings of Yafai + May 3rd updates

After the Republican Guards withdrew from Al-Aer Mountain in Yafai, warplanes bombed the place at 11:00 am Tuesday, and reports of injuries, atleast eight tribesmen have been injured. Some of the names are:
1. Mohammed Abdubakr Al-Moshakis
2. Yousef Salah Al-Hakami
3. Ali Hussien Al-Yafaiy
4. Ahmad Salim Saleh
.5. Mohammed Awad Al-Magogi
6. Mohammed Saleh Al-Hadi
Major rebellion in the Yemeni Air-Force, where many of the pilots are refusing to attend because of their unwillingness to be dragged into killing citizens, as planned by the regime.
So, commander of the Air-Force has threatened to deduct their salaries for their absence
Document Text:
To the Commander of the Fourth Air Squadron
To the Commander of the Eleventh Squadron

You have to inform the people that who is constantly absent will be fired, and who is usually absent his monthly salary will be deducted.

Air Commander: Khaled Ali Al-Bahloli, Commander of the Fourth Brigade Aviation

Ibb: Arrived a people convoy to support the protesters in Freedom Khaleej in Ibb from Al-Radma Directorate in loyality to the blood of the martyrs and to support the peaceful youth revolution.

Ibb: Al-Mushna Directorate close down the local council protesting of the gas, diesel shortages and against the use of citizens in favor of political calculations.
Secretary General of the GCC Al-Zayani postponds his visit to Sana'a as a request from the Yemeni government side.
Ali Salah speaking about his abduction and reveals what happened with the national security.
A groupd of JMP leaders, headed by Sultan Al-Atwani, Mohammed Salem and Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar visited the wounded in the hosptial and then went on the Change Square stage and made some speeches stressing their support to the youth. A member of the JMP said that accepting the initiative doesn't mean that they are not with the youth; Sh...iekh Sadiq Al-Ahmar assured that the revolution is successful and they have to be patient. He also said that the revolution was started by the youth and they will be the judges, and they're only here to work with the youth and work for them. He called on all the officers in the various Squares to support the youth revolution stating that these squares are the new civilized countries. 

Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar: I second what Basendwa said we will not leave the sit-ins until the regime falls and a new government is formed. Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar is speaking now in Change Square of Sana'a
Basendwah says to the youth from the Change Square Stage: The aim from the opposition agreeing to the Gulf Initiative is to "Put President Saleh in the corner"
Ghadr district in Sana'a, headed by Mohammed Rafiq Allah is not allowing domestic gas distributions to Shara'ab people because they joined the revolution in addition to some personal problems
The Organizational Committee of the Youth Revolution is calling for a full strike tomorrow and to join the Squares to demand the fall of the regime and confirm the rejection of the Gulf Initiative
Mass march in Ataq, Shabwa now condemning the attacks on the peaceful protesters in Aden and Lahj
Sana'a: The release of the kidnapped Saudi Diplomat, Saeed al-Maliki.
Yemeni jews declare their support for Ali Saleh
Tens of thousands protest in Taiz demanding the Gulf leaders and the international community for a firm stand against Saleh after he refused the initiative and wanting to ignite war in the country
Al-Arabia: Postponement of the meeting of the Arab Foregin Ministers to the middle of this month
Spokesman for the JMP welcomes China's position in supporting the Gulf Initiative that demands the resignation of Ali Saleh 
 Female mass march in Taiz now condemning the attacks on the peaceful protesters
China and Russia welcomed and supported the efforts of the GCC to resolve the current crisis in Yemen. This was the conclusion of the joint ministerial meeting for the second strategic dialogue between the Gulf countries and China, which ended on Monday in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

An envoy of Dmitry Medvedev, Russian President, arrived today to Sana'a and is scheduled to meed with the government and the opposition parties in Yemen. The Russian envoy assured Medvedev's support to the Gulf Initiative to resolve the crisis in Yemen.
National Security at Sana'a Airport today deteniad Amal Al-Basha's passport- President of Arab Sisters Forum for Human Rights and the representative of the International Criminal Court in Yemen. She was scheduled to leave today to Kuwait to attend a panel discussion on the situation around the Arab world. Subsequently, after she made some calls and threatened international escalation, she was approved to travel 15 minutes before her plane took off. As she said speaking to the media center that the Yemeni Revolution will resolve all these repressive acts and the officials applying them to suppress the people and restrict their freedom rather than working in their workframe.
Nas Mobile: The release of activist and preacher Tawheeb Al-Dobaie
Continuous sit-ins to demand the immediate departure of Ali Saleh in Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Hadramout, Hodeidah, Ibb, Hajjah, Lahj, Shabwa, Mareb, Dhmar, Al-Baydah, Al-Mahara and Socotra
Ibb: the dissappearance of two children from the sit-in; human rights organizations bear the responsibility on the ruling party:

1. Mohammed Sadiq Al-Refaee, 15 years old, Saturday April 30th
2. Hisham Abdullah Ahmad Yahya Al-Tahish, 14 years old, April 22nd
Both disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Seyaj for Child Protection Organization in Ibb and the Legal Committee received reports from the families of these children, they informed police stations, hospitals as a first step; the ruling party is taking full responsibility of this.

The kidnapping appeared to be the trend now, on April 25th, 7 youths were abducted by thugs beside Freedom Square and released two days later on so called charges of burning cars.
The president raises his demands for guarantees:

President Ali Saleh requests from the Gulf guarantees of non-prosecution and trail to 560 civilian and military personal from his family and his regime, in addition to a previous list that included 130 personals.
President of General Conference of Bakeel, Sheikh Al-Akemi:
We renew our support with the youth revolution in the various squares and protect the protesters from oppression of Saleh and his corrupted regime
GCC Secertary General Abdullatef Al-Zayani will provice clarification on the second item of the Gulf Initiative and the Gulf's position to stop the sit-ins either before or after Ali Saleh submits his resignation
The lady that was abducted 3/4 days ago soon as she left the Change Square in Sana'a named Badria Ghailan is STILL abducted. JMP says that this abduction reveals the extent of moral decadence that the regime reached
President Ali Saleh has retained his position in the list of "The Greatest Enemies of the Press in the World" within 38 other leaders, kings, criminal networks, organizations and paramilitary groups described by Reporters Without Boarders by extreme.

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