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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

May 17th updates + Moala Attack

Complete electricity blackout nationwid 
News of gunfire from Tahrir side in Sana'a now
Aden: Fire in the Chalets of Sheba and theft of contents of those Chalets
Aden: Heavy gunfire in Omar Al-Mokhtar district
Sana'a: Security reinforcements around Change Square; reports of massive fire in Amran Round- power still off
Heavy gunfire beside the governate building in Aden
Suhail: For the first time ever the Central Electiricity Adapter that supplies many of the Yemeni cities next to Cement Factory in Barah in Taiz stopped.
Heavy machine gunfire at the entrance of Moala city in Aden now
Security reinforcements arrived to Freedom Square in Taiz, 10 military crews beside Al-Sha'ab School and the other came from Al-Thawra Hospital- still no power
News of army units backed by tanks right now at the entrance of Moala in Aden
Sana'a: Security forces beside Kuwait Hosptial and regime thugs are gathering in several entries of Change Square
Witness: Spread of snipers on some of the highlands and buildings in Moala in Aden
Break into the sit-in of Moala right now and reports of heavy gunfire from different sides
The source of fire in Amran Round is from Dhaban Electricity Station
Suhail: Security points are preventing anyone to enter Aden now and block all entrances

Reports of a campaign of mass arrests and chasing of youth in the streets now in Moala Aden
Everything is calm and quiet in Taiz and Freedom Sqaure although power is off- so far so good.
Spread of security personnel wearing civilian clothes in the streets of Moala, Aden
A massive explosion in Haswa in Aden, and proliferation of armored vheicles on Caltex Round in anticipation to break into Mansoura sit-in
Aden: Moala: At this moment, gunfire by security men in civilian clothes firing at the house of the new Director of Security's house near Marib Fuel Station
Reports of gunfire from different places in Mansoura, Aden
High security alert in Change and Freedom Squares in Yemen getting ready against any attempts of breaking into their sit-ins while power is off
‎2:30 am in Moala, Aden: heavy gunfire in the streets of Moala, reports say that it could be snipers -from the sound of it.
Abdulraqeeb Al-Hadyani, Aden to AJA: The power outage is very suspicious with the events that started in Aden; fears of attempts to break into a number of squares in Yemen
Aden: Al-Naqeeb Hospital: Two wounded in Moala, one in his hand and the other in the abdomen in critical condition by live bullets
Some areas of Moala get back electricity as well as some parts of Sana'a
Power off in Sana'a again
Martyr fell now in Moala, an old man was shot by live bullets by security forces 
An hour ago from now, 6:30 am (Yemen Time), Hussien Al-Mehdar from Aden says: They have arrested me and my friend Ahmad Sheikh without any warning for the reason that they have doubt in us. We were headed to Khormaksar Directorate when we were suddenly stopped by a military group and took us out of the car by force. They inspected us and grabbed us to go into a police car, there were 10 other youth detainees at least. They beat us all without any warning and took an amount of three thousand riyals from me.
According to informed sources close to government: The preparation of a new government has compeleted from GCP and its allies in the National Democratic Alliance headed by Dr. Yahya Al-Shuaibi, Minister of Civil Services and Insurance
Gulf Countries are refusing to admit that what is going on in Yemen is a revolution, instead its a political crisis.
Taiz since today morning:
- Low flying military aircraft since the morning
- Republican Guards, Central Security and national & political security in the streets of Taiz
- Thugs carrying guns in the streets of Taiz protected by security forces
Turkish Foreign Minister: Yemeni people can change their leaderships, no one can remain in power for more than three decades without being held accountable.
Movenpick Hotel in Sana'a: Management: Dismissal of 250 Yemeni employees and a mass strike in front of the hotel. Political Security of Movenpick Hotel in Sana'a preventst the hotel staff that were dismissed from placing a tent to protest next to the hotel.
Mareb Press: Active movement of warplanes at Sana'a airport since the early hours of dawn.
Today, marching to Presidential Palace was scheduled and everyone gathered for that reason. When they wanted to start marching, 1st Armored Division prevented them from going for the reasons of, "The Organizational Committee did not give them orders to do so."
Saleh is taking Qadaffi footsteps: Authority is training its supporters to use weapons and be prepared for war in special camps.
Regime thugs firing live bullets at the headquarters of Islah party in Dhamar and damage 3 cars that were parked in front of it.
A number of wounded protesters by regime thugs live bullets on the Change Square of Dhamar 

Bill Doris, Human Rights Activist: The Gulf Initiative is a try to abort the Yemeni Revolution, and the international community demands to side with the people and not the repressive regimes.
Al-Seyani food convoy arrives to Freedom Square in Ibb today
Two protesters were injured today morning when security forces fired live bullets at them in Hota, Lahj
Mass marches in Khadir and Hayfan, protesters close down the government buildings in both districts in Taiz.
Reuters: Yemeni opposition is looking for proposed amendments for the Gulf Initiative to transfer power
The Organizing Comittee of the Youth Revolution announces that next Friday will be called "The People's Friday" 
Abyan : Power still off in the city since 11 AM to the moment
Leader in JMP, Hassan Zaid says that the efforts that was made by one of the countries that is eager to its security, convinced the President to agree on the Gulf Initiative and to resign within 30 days in exchange for guarantees of non-prosecution
Journal Witness of London: Saleh's regime has fully lost its legitimacy; his days are countable and his departure is a matter of time
Taiz: Three groups of Republican Gaurds dressed in civilian clothes arrive to Taiz after Al-Awbali was assigned as Director of Gaurds after he was dismissed before
Mass march in Shabwa calling the Gulf to support the Yemeni people and demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh
Warned from an explosion of the situation in Yemen
Al-Jefri: Saleh is an unsteady person, someone so passionate about crises and fabricates them. He gives up when hes in trouble but then goes back as soon as hes out of the problem, with no use of dialogue
Ans residents condemn the attack of Change Square in Dhamar; responsibility on the governor for this coward and violent act. 
Abdullateef Al-Zayani gave a limit of 24 hours that end today to hear ONE word from Ali Saleh regarding the Gulf Initiative, either Yes or No. 
Al-Zayani tried to communicate with the youth movements today in the Change Square of Sana'a regarding the Gulf Initiative; all the movements and coalitions rejected his offer.
Taiz female march today chanting "The people and the Army are one hand- united"

Marib Press: Kuwait government is leading a pressure on the GCC to determine a final decision from the manipulation of Saleh
Mareb Press: American Ambassador is in a meeting with Al-Zayani now and asks Saleh to sign the 3rd initiative as a last chance for an honorable departure since the JMP already agreed to it.
Hayfan administration closed by the people in Taiz today
News that Saleh requested mediation from Turkey to resoluve the crisi in Yemen after the rigidity of the Gulf Initiative
Aden: Regime thugs and security forces are firing live bullets on the protesters in Moala in Dairi St near Shiekh Eshaq round, where the protesters had closed the Dairi line as a strike for the domestic gas shortage
Dali: Amored vehicles from 35th Armored tried to get out to the general street and fire bullets; it was blocked and turned back while there is some gunfire from Al-Jarba'a Security Point to the city now.
 Saleh demanded that the signing of the Gulf Initiative should be on May 22nd; he will sign as the President of GPC and President of Yemen. Saleh stressed tonight that the initiative is now under the title of "An initiative to resolve the dispute between the GCP and the JMP." He also demanded judical guarantees that keep him safe from any prosecution or future criminal investigations. He also demanded that when he signs the initiative "the delegation of GCP and JMP should travel to Riyadh for a series of investigations on the practical mechanisms of the Gulf Initiative, after the agreement of both parties regarding those mechanisms, they are then submitted to the Emarites President, Abdullah Bin Zayed as he is the current chairman of the GCC so he signs it and then the countdown for Saleh's departure starts. 
Reliable source confirmed that Republican Guards abducted activist youth Dr. Ahmad Abdulqadir Al-Dmeni from a passengers bus belonging to Raha Company and escorted him to an unknown location on Tuesday night. The source said the soldiers kidnapped Ahmad AbdulQader Al-Dameni, member in the Revolutionary Youth Council in Taiz from a passengers bus that belongs to Raha Company as soon as it stopped at 6:00 pm at Hiziaz point in Sana'a. A friend of Al-Dameni that was travelling with him from Taiz to Sana'a that the soldiers took his colleague to an unknown place. He confimred that Al-Dameni is one of the most prominent youth activists in the peaceful revolution in Taiz that is demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh and  his regime.  The Media Council of the Revolution condemned the abduction of Al-Dameni, blaming the Republican Guards and making them responsible to what damages could result from his abduction. The source demanded the immediate release of Al-Dameni, calling on all the human rights organizations and political organizations to condemn the kidnapping incident and to work quickly tto uncover the location of the kidnapped and to release him.

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