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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

May 22nd Unification Day!

Tawakul Kurman to AJA:
- By signing the Gulf Initiative is another problem that created a new crisis.
- Gulf Initiative is nothing but a conspiracy.
- Gulf Initiative does not recognize the youth revolution.
- We will stand against the transitional government which will be formed because most of them betrayed the youth revolution.
- Any government that the JMP joins will be from the regime and the revolution will overthrow it because the revolution slogan is to overthrow the regime.

JMP: We agree to sign the Gulf Initiative in public but not in the Presidential Palace; we refuse any changes to it.
Mareb Press: Republican Guards commit a bloody massacre against the people of Hawban in Taiz and cuts the road on thousands of people who want to participate in the celebration of Unity day with the revolution and there are news of deaths and injuries by live bullets.
Suhail Channel is subjected to interference in order to not broadcast the carnival celebration for the youth revolution on Unity Day. 
Thugs are cutting the road on Secretary-General Al-Zayani while he was on his way to the UAE Embassy
JMP spokesman confrimed that the revolution will take off Saleh from power if he did not sign the Gulf Initiative that states his resignation.
Mohammed Qahtan said to AFP: If Saleh did not sign the initiative, the revolution will expel him from authority and he will come out from it disgraced and humiliated.
Today, May 22nd one martyr fell down by regime thugs live bullets in airport road in Sana'a
Mass marches in Taiz and hundreds of thousands participate in a celeberation in Martyrs Round; hundreds of thousands in Sa'ada celebrating as well as ini Dalii and Ibb and other cities.
Yemen National TV airs interviews with Saleh's thugs that were in the streets and they're saying that they will create chaos if he signs the initiative.

September Mobile: angry people are surrounding the president inside Police College and prevents him from going out to sign the initiative.
Yemen ruling party is calling upon all the political parties to attend the signing of the Gulf Initiative today.
Masdar: Spokesman of Huthis in Sa'ada: Unity is not a personal accomplishment that is exploited by some individuals to disrupt the people and plunder its wealth.
Female mass march in Socotra in the memory of Yemen Unity
Sources revealed a martyr and two wounded in a renewed bombardment by Saleh's security battalions of Republican Guards in Mafhaq in Haimah.
Death of Sheikh AbdulHameed Shabreen, Cheif of Teachers in Arhab and wounded two others by Republican Guards
Tareq Al-Shami to AJA: We were in a regular meeting with GCP in Officers Club but the crowds prevented us from going out because they consider the initiative a coup against the consititution. If the JMP wanted to sign they must be in the Presidential Palace and not by correspondence; how will they run a national united government if its by correspondence?
Ahmad Al-Soufi to Arabia: The real crisis will begin from the very first moment of signing the Gulf Initiative.
Taiz: Injured and dead when security forces fired live bullets on protesters in Taiz.
Mareb Press: Vice President AbduRabo Mansour and Prime Minister Mujawar and President's Adviser Al-Eryani boycott the Standing Committtee.
Al-Manari tribe announced its joining to Gulf of Freedom Square in Ibb today under the leadership of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Manari 
Mareb Press: Saleh in the meeting with Permanent Committee:
- The American Ambassador is the sponsor of the Gulf Initiative and he is the one who "cooks" it in the corridors of the U.S State.
- King Abdullah is with us but the rest of the family is against us because they carry out the American Politics.
- US administration called me yesterday night seven times. 
Arabia: Ruling Party in Yemenstill refuses to sign the Gulf Initiative.

AJA: The opposition refuses to go to the Presidential Palace to sign the Gulf intiative and refuses to sign it again.
Leader in the Permanant Commitee to Mareb Press: The President was not surrounded at all during the meeting and we came out of the back door of Al-Shawkani Hall and we went together to the Presidential Palace and there is amplification from the official media for a particular purpose.
Arabia: Gulf Official: The situation in Sana'a is very worrying and hopes are weak to reach an agreement.

Regime thugs are surrounding the UAE Embassy where the US Ambassador is at.

Arabia: Inside the UAE Embassay, Al-Zayani and other foreign ambassadors. 
Names of injured that have been attacked by security forces this morning by live bullets in Taiz:
- Issa Abdurahman Baghash
- Bassam Mohammed Ahmad Saeed

Wounded by batons:
- Suloman Mohammed Mohammed Qassim
- Ahmad Hazzaa Ahmad Qassim
- AbdulBaqee Obad Sultan
- Badr Ahmad AbdulWahab
- Fareed Abduo Ali Al-Hajj
- Ahmad Al-Sagheer
- Ali Abdullah Awad
- Mohammed Abdulraheem
- Faisal Abdo Mohammed

 Gunmen carrying snipers encricling the UAE Embassy in Sana'a and preventing Ziyani and other Ambassadors of GCC to go out.

It is very tense in Sana'a and an operational status-security alert unprecedented; fear of anything happening.
Cheif of Prosecution in the Northwest Military zone survived an assassination attempt of bombing his house in Sanhan because he supports the peaceful revolution.
Republican Guards, Special Forces and Loyalties to President Saleh are very ready for combat and private sources say that the Republican Guards refuse that the President sign the Gulf Initiative and if he does, they will take appropriate measures of the situation- subjected to all possibilities.
Armed thugs belonging to Saleh cut Haddah, Baghdad, and Mojahid streets in Sana'a and scare the families in Algerie St by firing live bullets.
Sultan Al-Barakani: The president is still refusing to sign the initiative.

Ruling Party Official: Ali Saleh is still refusing to sign the Gulf Initiative.
Internet service is cut off, Masdar online is not able to update their website and Yemen Net says that there is an explosion in the Hayel area and they are fixing it. 
‎45 Round in Sana'a blocked by Saleh's thugs

Saleh thugs cut many streets reaching Riwaishan Round by the General Authority for Investment; ambulances by Agriculture St.  
Mareb Press: Aref Al-Zaka is the one leading Saleh's thugs to cut streets and blocking people from reaching Change Square in Sana'a since last night.
Saudi Foreign Minister: Suood Al-Faisal: If signing didn't take place today we will deal with the situation
Abdu Al-Jendi to BBC: Ali Saleh is ready to sign but the opposition has to be in the Presidential Palace, it has to be a memorable day because he will be the first president who resigns and authority goes to opposition. The president in front of the Committee condemned surrounding him and Al-Zayni by crowds. The Gulf Initiative should be understood that it will be signed in the Presidential Palace, not telling us what to do- to give power, that is unacceptable.
Reinforcements arrived to Jamal St to disperse th youth that are celebrating Unity Day in Taiz
UAE Forgein Minister, Abdullah Bin Zayed calling the Yemeni government to take urgent actions to secure the UAE Embassy in Sana'a where Saleh's armed thugs are surrounding it for hours and preventing the ambassadors to leave.  

Al-Baydah and Rada'a, mass gathering of people to celebrate Unity Day assuring that Unity is for the people and not for one person or one family, as they also demand the immediate departure of Ali Saleh and his regime and trail it, and they also refused any initiatives that would side with this corrupted regime.
Gulf Official: If signing did not take place we will withdraw the guarantee and immunity and will take stringent measures as Yemen is more importatnt to us than Saleh.
A Gulf source in Riyadh said that GCC will withdraw the initiative that is trying to settle the situation in Yemen if not signed by Ali Saleh.
Saleh's armed thugs are cutting Sana'a-Taiz road in Quhaza area and prevent travelers from continuing their way by threatenin them by weapons- many cars are stuck.
Sana'a: Forming public committee from the youth of the districts there to save property from the regime thugs.
Mareb Press: Al-Ziyani and other Ambassadors transfered by helicopter to the Presidential Palace that was present in the Central Security beside UAE Embassy.  
Witness to Masdar: Heavy gunfire from regime thugs in Agriculture St east of the Change Square of Sana'a
Mareb Press: Internet outage for most parts of Yemen
Several bands from Sana'a will be in Change Square of Tareem in a live evening of celebrations.
Rueters: Again, failure of efforts to persaude the Yemeni President to sign the Gulf Initiative.
GRAPHIC: Security forces attack protesters in Taiz 
Gulf mediation delegation headed by Al-Zayani leaves Sana'a after a failure of intense efforts to persuade Ali Saleh to sign the Gulf Initiative
Pro-Saleh supporters withdrew from areas close to Change Square, Agriculture St and other districts at 7 pm.
CNN: An Official in the Minitry of Foregin Affairs of the US: We believe that the Yemeni government was the one behind surrounding the UAE Embassy and cutting roads.
- I will not sign the Gulf Initiative until JMP comes to the Presidential Palace.
- We hold JMP responsible of civil war if they do not come to the Presidential Palace.
GCP sign the initiative and Saleh doesn't
GGC is holding a mini-meeting in Riyadh and Ziyani joins them after leaving Sana'a.
Fireworks in Tareem, Hadramout, Crater and Taiz tonight celebrating the 21st anniversary of Yemen's Unity
After Saleh's position in not signing the Gulf Initiative: Reports of major sernior figures resigning from the GCP and joining the youth revolution.
Saba News Agency: Yemeni President makes a phone call tonight to King of Saudi, King of Bahrian and Prince of Qatar.
Ali Saleh's speech regarding refusing to sign the Gulf Initiative. 
Dr. Mohammed Misfir: Saleh's request of JMP signing in front of him shows the lack of trust and confidence of Al-Zayani
In a call to the Gulf Kings, Saleh accuses the JMP of "backing out" from signing the Gulf Initiative.
Reports of gunfire from 45 district in Sana'a, this district has Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh's house, Al-Akwah Secertary of the Capital, Hafid Mead and a number of Yemeni officials that are closed to the Presidential Palace.
Waseem Al-Qershi to AJA: The youth were the ones that started the revolution and they will maintain its peacefulness. We know Saleh more than anyone else and he is a lair. Saleh is prepared to get Yemen to go into a civil war as a form of protocls and the youth will keep the revolution peaceful. More than 100 days we gained the public legitimacy and today overwhelmingly, we celebrated in the streets of Sana'a where Saleh celebrated inside of the walls of a military camp. We will continue escalating and follow civil disobedience. The international community must support the people's choice, especially after today's incident.
 Jamal Al-Meleki to AJA: Saleh no longer trusts central security who disappeared from the streets and the tribes have recieved weapons from Saleh and promised that they will not use it. The Yemeni people have gained their legitimacy in front of the whole world. The Gulf countries have suffered enough from Saleh today and they should take a firm stand. 
Sana'a: Facebook activists are getting harassed: Admins of "The Second Page of The Yemeni Revolution For Change Page" one of them was detained and a female admin was attacked and unable to go home.  
Saleh accuses Al-Zandani of assassinating Al-Hamdi  
Mohammed Qahtan: If Saleh does not resign and sign, we will march to the Presidential Palace and get him out of it.  
Masdar: Former Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Sofan resigns from GCP  
Aden: heavy gunfire in Crater now near central bank One of the youth activits in The Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution of Change (CCYRC) was detained from in front of the Local Administration. There is confirmed news that he is getting tortured, in a message to his friend who spoke to us.  
Aden: Heavy gunfire right now in Crater from Serrah area

Letter from the youth revolution of Yemen to the world 

Change Square youth's opinion about the Gulf Initiative and Saleh's last decision
Celebration Videos in Sana'a

Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar's speech today.
Ibb celebrations today
Interviews on Unification Day in Ibb
Hodeidah today

Mass march in Taiz celebrating Unity Day.
Female mass march in Taiz today celebrating Unity Day
Unity Day in Al-Baydah
Tareem, Hadramout

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