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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

May 4th Updates!

Deputy Ali Ashal: The parliament convening without having the legal number of members avaialble, doubts the legitimacy on all the results they come with
Badria Ghailan, came with her husband from Hajjah before she was kidnapped by a day. She wanted to visit one of her relatives in Sana'a, they told her that her relative is at the Change Square. Badria went to the Change Square with her husband, Ibrahim Ghailan. Ibrahim went to the mens tent that are from his city, and she went to the ...females tent. She couldn't find her relative; some of the girls told her that her relative is iin the organizational committee, she went looking for her and thats when she disappeared. Then, she sent her husband a text message from her cellphone that she has been kidnapped. Two days later, she sent a text message from some other cellphone saying that she gets beaten with some other girls as well for the reason of "why do you go to the Change Square?" Badria has been kidnapped for four days now.
Director of Muala, Aden, Saleh Al-Bazeeh raises his personal weapon with his officers on the youth protesters by Hayel Saeed Ana'm company in order to not continue with the civil disobedience; he is threatening to arrest them.
Teachers strike in front of the Office of Education in Al-Baydah
Female mass march in Sana'a going out of Change Square to the Attorney General office to demand the release of activist Badria Ghailan that was abducted a couple of days ago by national security
Females in Taiz protesting in solidarity outside the house of the woman that is currently in the hospital after she sprayed the protesters with water to help them out, Republican Guards shot her from her house balcony

Shooting in Abyan after they marched condemning the bombing in Yafai and the massacre in Aden
Russian president envoy leaves Sana'a today after a visit to Saleh to give him a letter and a meeting with the opposition of Yemen
Civil disobedience in Aden that paralyzes the movement; its the ninth of its kind. Crisis of rising fuel is on going, long line ups in private stations that didn't receive their share
Civil disobedience is successful in most of the cities, photos of Sana'a civil disobedience:

Video of Civil disobedience in Ibb
The Organizing Committee of the Youth Revolution is calling for a mass march in Sana'a this afternoon in solidarity with the people of Yafai, the detained peaceful protesters and Badria Ghailan the female abducted by national security
Hamim Abdo Najee passed away today due to severe wounds from the April 27th Massacre in Sana'a
Two killed, one holds Chinese nationality in an armed attack on one of the Business Companies in Hodediah and one of the armed people got injured, he is now in Al-Aelfi hopsital under heavy guarding
Tens of leaders and supporters of the ruling party in Canada resigned and joined the Peaceful Youth Revolution demanding to overthrow the regime.
Ibb: Silent march through the streets of Ibb condemning the crimes of the regime in Aden and demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh without immunity
Dalii: Tens of thousands condemn the crimes by Saleh and his regime that has lost its legitimacy in Yafia and demanding his immediate departure of Ali Saleh
Hodeidah: Tens of thousands in the streets of Hodeidah condemning the warplane bombing on Yafai and rejecting the Gulf Initiative; also 3 university students got kidnapped for calling for civil disobedience by national security
Yemeni regime is trying to stick charges on Al-Qaeda to what is happening in some of the southern areas, especially in Abyan
With the continuous flow of food  convoys to Freedom Gulf in Ibb; a new convoy arrives from Jebla directorate today full of food, vegetables, sheep and many more written on it the word "Leave". Spoke in behalf of the people of Jebla, Mr. Ali Al-Kabsh, he said that Jebla is supporting the revolution and to stay strong until the regime falls and Saleh leaves. Also said that Jebla will be continuing to send out food convoys.
Preparations to march from the Change Square in Sana'a to 60th Street now taking place.
Dhamar: Mass march to demand to overthrow the regime and security forces surround hundrends of protesters in front of the governor's house
This afternoon, several crews from central security and military members went to Qat market in Zanjabar, Abyan and fired randomly at citizens. Reports of 4 dead and 14 injured according to Al-Razi Hospital- all from citizens.
Four soliders were killed and 12 wounded mostly citizens in an attack on two groups of security forces this afternoon by armned men in Zanjabar, Abyan south of Yemen. Witnesses said that armend men on a car attacked at 11 am two groups of security forces and threw hand grenades on them while driving by Qat Market in Zanjabar. Clashes then took places between soliders & gunmen that resulted in 4 soliders dead and 12 wounded citizens that were passing by the scene.
Despite the rain, the youth are still determined to march to 60th street in Sana'a
Canadian Nexen stops oil production becuase of a strike in Yemen; Aden refinery stops oil refinery because of unavailable raw material
Mohammed Ali Abdullah Al-Hajri died today in Taiz due to toxic gas suffocation last week in Sofetel Hotel march.
Yesterday night, 18 police officers were detained at the Police College when they demanded their rights- they are still detained until now
Clashes between students in Hodeidah University- pro and against the resumption of studying
The Youth released an important and urgent statement in the Change Square of Sana'a regarding the First Armored Division security breaches recently. The shooting of a young protester named Emad Mohammed Al-Akhali on Tuesday at dawn by a live bullet in his shoulder as well as the entrance of some of the First Armored Division with weap...ons in the Change Square.

The statement included four major points:
1- Condemn, reject and denounce the the incident and acceptable actions from all forms and types
2- To open investigation about the incident by the Committee of Rights and Freedom and announce the results as soon as possible with applying the necessary actions
3- Reject the intervention of the First Armored Division with the protesters inside of the Change Square; it does not have any security apparatus on the protesters in the Change Square
4- Refuse the entrance of the First Armored Division to the Square if they are armed with weapons.
Youth Revolution from the February 11th Independent Coalition in Taiz are calling all teachers to continue with the sit-ins in fron of the Education offices around all cities of Yemen
Several mass marches today in Dalii, Sana'a, Hodiedah, Taiz, Ade, Marib and Dhamar condemning the bombing in Yafai and massacres in Aden and demanding the Gulf countries to withdraw with their initaitive.
In coordination with the Youth Revolution in all the cities around Yemen, they have announced to name the upcoming Friday, May 6th as "Friday: Loyalty to the South." We believe- the youth- that this case is considered to be one of the major goals of our peaceful revolution; in order to establish our modern civilized country to ensure that the consolidation of unifciation of Yemen under a fair and equal citizen law. As we would like to explain this issue that the corrupted regime has long marginalized it and claimed demanding rights is a kind of separation or suppress. This regime has proven that it is an outsider -seperatation- itself and by falling Yemen's unity will return as well as glory. Therefore, we call upon all the Yemeni free citizens to come and join this mass Friday to perform Friday Prayer in the different Squares around Yemen.

Long Live Yemen United and Free, Glory and Immortality to the Martyrs; Victory to the Revolution
Queues of cars in Sana'a in gas stations, May 4th:
Medical Sources: Security director of Sana'a, Rizg Al-Jawfi forces an injured patient at the Thawra Hospital to write a statement and report that the JMP were the ones who cut his tongue off- in order to provide material for official media releases. It has been mentioned in reports before than this patient is a poet named Waleed Mohammed Ahmad Al-Remethi.

Doctors of Thawra Hospital stood in solidarity after the person that was with the patient was abducted. This person video taped Rizg Al-Jawfi while he was forcing the patient to blame the JMP.
Sana'a photos of march

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