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Thursday, 19 May 2011

May 19th updates

May 18th at night, protesters in Sana'a chanting "Ali Saleh and the parties, wasted the youth's blood"

To confirm that the unity of Yemen is the unity of the people and not made by one person as Saleh's regime says, and to coincide with the 21st anniversary to re-establish the unity of Yemen, the Media Council of the Change Square issued a statement in coordination with the youth revolution in the different squares around all the cities of Yemen to name this upcoming Friday, May 20th 2011 by "The Unity of People". The statement as follows:

O Free Revolutionists:

As an embodiment of the aspirations of the youth revolution in overthrowing the corrupted regime and building our moderen civilized country that every Yemeni can find his full human rights, and to promote the unity of Yemeni, land and people, since long time ago that was divided by the British Colonial. Since the south of Yemen got free, the honorable people of Yemen reunified under the leadership of martyrs: Salem Robayeh Ali and Ibrahim Al-Hamdi who were betrayally assassinated. Yemeni Unity was acheived by the gatherness of people in 1990. The corrupted regime then pursued the policy of exclusion and marginalization to the unity partners. As a confirmation from us, the revolution youth, that the unity of Yemen is the peoples' unity and not an invention of one person as praised by Saleh since the duration of seizing power.

Coinciding with the 21st anniversary to acheive Yemen's Unity:
The Media Council of the Revolution to the Change Square of Sana'a in coordination with all the revolution youth in the different squares around the different cities of Yemen announe to name this upcoming Friday, May 20th by "The Unity of the People".

Therefore, we call upon all the honest and free people of Yemen in all the cities of Yemen to gather and attend Friday prayer in all the Squares of Freedom and Change and to continue the peaceful escalation in the coming days until the fall of the regime.
Glory and Eteernity to the Martyrs, Victory for the Revolution, Long Live Free Yemen

Issued by The Media Council of Change Square- Sana'a
May 18th 2011
Sana'a ariport is almost totally devoid of any movement, Yemen is going into an international isolation due to the bad conditions
Protesters have mourned martyr Talal Al-Jalal in Freedom Square in Taiz today and buried him in Jabal Jebshi.
A march started from Sinan Round to Jamal St. then went back to Freedom Square in Taiz today as well.

Masdar: Al-Baydah Sheikhs refuse to use their tribe members against each other and they call authority to bear its responsibilities
Sana'a: Police Academy in Sana'a expelled 20 student officers because they went to Change Square a couple of times
Mareb Press: Private Sources: Al-Ziyani is coming back to Sana'a and there are confirmation of signing the Gulf Initiative.
Taiz: A protest in front of the field hospital in Freedom Square in Taiz to demand the release of Dr. Ahmed Al-Damini who was arrested two days ago and still in detention.
The GCC foreign ministers hold an emergency meeting to discuss the crisis of Yemen
Now on Al-Jazeera : Coverage of the speech of President Barack Obama on Arab revolutions, with participation of Yemeni journalist Mr. Munir Al-Maweri
Masdar: Yemens economy is on the brink of collapsing and donors refuse to provide aid until President Saleh leaves
AbdulKarim Al-Eryani, Ali Saleh's advisor confirms that Saleh will sign the Gulf Initiative on Sunday, May 22nd.
GCC's Al-Zayani informed the opposition of Saleh's agreement to sign the initiative without any changes on Sunday.
Dr. Ahmad Abdulqadir Al-Dameni got released a couple of minutes ago after he was abducted by Republican Guards for the past two days.
Change Square in Sana'a today- different chants and joining of a military leader:
Two activists, Mohammed Abdulwahab Al-Masholi and Ahmad Kamal Al-Mahsoli got kidnapped by Republican Guards in Qahaza Point before entering Sana'a.
It is the same place that Dr. Ahmad Al-Dameni and Sami Al-Najjar got kidnapped from two days ago.
Abdulghani Mohammed Abdu Maree got injured on May 12th beside Al-Sha'ab school in Taiz, he passed away today May 19th due to his wounds.
Private Sources: President sent Mujawar to Gulf countries last week to give him a chance to end the sit-ins in the squares and breaking in to them before signing the Gulf Initiative. Those sources confirm that an intrusive simultaneous to the Squares may be on Friday night or Saturday before the signing meeting of the GCC on Sunday.

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