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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Attack on Al-Oula ( 1rst) Newspaper editor assassination attempt, intern stabbed 10x

Quick rough translation, better one coming up:

Communication about the fact the attempted murder of a newspaper editor of Al-Oula (1rst) Newspaper ,  Mohammed Ayesh, and  and the attack on the newspaper staff

Al Oula Newspaper targeted a serious incident at dawn on Saturday, May 21, 2011. An armed group tried to break into the paper at three in the morning to try all the evidence indicates that it aimed to assassinate the editor colleague Mohammed Ayesh, and implementation of the vicious assault against the rest of the newspaper staff.

When the gunmen found the doors of the newspaper closed they  ambushed at the gate of Architecture until he they arrived from the outside, colleague Hassan Saeed Hassan, a student at the Faculty of Information and editor trainee at the newspaper, so they told him, before beginning to attempt murder, they  beat him and displayed handguns him to force him to up and open the newspaper or apartment opens the door to colleagues who are in the apartment, with a view to access to the office of colleague Ayesh.

And when he tried to keep them happy, colleague Hassan by saying that the editor is not there,  the armed militants responded by saying: "No, he is there. We callledl by telephone in which he said that in his office."

Colleague did not respond to their demands and they attempted to kill him by stabbing him and tear reported in both hands, then began to stab him with slaughter knives in his thighs. The gunmen gagged his mouth with a cloth before they filled it with gravel and dirt so as not to scream.

Wanted militants to reach the editor in their hands guns and knives, targeted him mainly, and anyone who was present from the Editorial Board in place,  Hassan  managed to escape from their hands, and he called the members of the military police who are in the checkpoint , They told his colleagues in the offices of the newspaper to come to the rescue and first aid, and they found infected with approximately ten stab wounds suffered during the assault, which preferred not to respond to the demands of the aggressors, even if it has to sacrifice his life in order to preserve the lives of his colleagues.

It was a very horrible scene and we see our colleague, covered in blood and unable to breathe due to gravel and dirt lost his ability to move and to speak and almost ending his life in the blink of an eye.

Condemning the first what had happened to one of its editors trainees, they are considered the present communication to you is also a communication to the Attorney General and Ministry of Interior and all the authorities involved in providing protection to its citizens.

Remember, the newspaper Series of attacks on them and on some crew members and distributors and the detention of their liberty and, similarly, holding copies of the paper for two numbers in a row (119 and 120) (number Thursday and Saturday), and prevented from reaching the Dhamar, Ibb, Taiz, Aden, Dali and other cities of these provinces.

Newspaper "first"

Editorial Board

May 20, 2011

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