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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

May 24 and 25 Updates from twitter follo @yusraAlA

From others:
From: en 

 Ibrahim Mothana 

From Yusra
Sanaa International Airport has been reported closed and that Aden Airport has been receiving flights bound to Sanaa -tough other reports show that its operating but next to impossible to get to due to road closures
May 25 Today at dawn, Mohammed Atta died due to severe injuries on Resolution Friday in   
Mareb Press: Clashes in the vicinity of Al-Ahmar's house&heavy shelling on Saba News Agency after taken over by Al-Ahmar troops 
: Over 50 dead and dozens wounded as a result of clashes in Sana'a until 11:00am today.  
News of death of a female volunteer from the Yemeni Red Crescent yesterday during the armed clashes in Al-Hasaba 

1 hour ago 
Mareb Press:  governorate is under control by tribes that support the revolution led by Sheikh Hussien Al-Ahmar  

 Yusra A. 

2 hours ago
Mareb Press: Republican Guards close Sana'a-Mareb road in Khashm Al-Bukra area and prevents entry of citizens  
2 hours ago Almost confirmed news that a meeting is going on in Sheikh Hussien Al-Ahmar's house in Amran to discuss the situation  

 and  are calling their citizens to leave immediately
: Army shelling randomly at citizens and tribes are shelling back; one dead at the moment 

6 hours agoMasdar: AGAIN, renewed shelling in Al-Hasaba area   

Message to the International Community from Dr. AbdulWahab Al-Ansi from Field Hospital 
 Change Square & field hospital today in  

President  is calling upon the Ministry of Interior and Abdullah Al-Ahmar's troops to cease-fire" to save Yemenis blood"
14 hours agoHood: Lawyer Abdulrahman Burman: 17 maryts and dozens injured as a result of Saleh's attack on Al-Ahmar's house 15 hours ago 
Artillery shelling on the First Armored Division by Saleh's forces 
Shooting the modern buldings of Saba Islamic Bank in Nahada district in Sana'a by Nuqom missels and armed thugs are helping in the attack; 1st Armord Division is trying to intervene to stop them
17 hours agoSumood:Arrival of many tribe leaders with their tribes from Al-Habari round and started shooting towards Saleh's military groups  
17 hours ago  Net:  may be exposed to international sanctions 

19 hours agGeneral Ghalib Al-Qamsh chairman of the mediation committee got injured in today's bombing of Al-Ahmar house  

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