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Monday, 30 May 2011

May 30th + 31st dawn- Sana'a clashes!

Reporters confirm that Safer gas station wasnt burnt,it was the tents next to it.
We received reports that after the refusal of the Yemeni pilots to bomb its own people,Saleh hires Jordanian pilots to bomb the Yemeni people.
Group of Police SUV's are driving around change square ''Hodeidah city",and a gathering of Saleh's thugs next to the republican palace.
Taiz tribes are arriving to the city,and and expectations of a stand in retaliation of today mornings massacre.
Taiz : Firing is still heard intermittently with heavy and medium weapons. Location of the attacks is unknown to the moment
AJA(aljazeera)::4 army men were ambushed and killed as they were heading to Zinjubarr city.
AJA(aljazeera)::Death Toll of today mornings invasion of Liberty Square ''Taiz'' rises to 20.
Marib Press: a campaign of arrests of men of Arhab in the northern entrances of the capital Sana'a
Taiz city::Gun shots being heard from Alkawthar neighborhood.
Taiz : Alsafwah hospital has been looted by Saleh's men. Some wounded still in ICU can't get care or medicines
Taiz city::Remaining tents in Liberty Square are being looted.
Hodeidah: a state of tension in the sit-in of students of the Faculty of Arts - Hodeidah University. News of one student beaten up
Taiz | Youth of Taiz are now trying to regain control of the Liberty square and the security forces use live bullets and heavy weapons on them
Tens of thousands are protesting in Ibb, Sa'ada, Al-Baydah and Hodeidah condemning the massacres against the protesters
Ibb : Hundreds of thousands march in Ibb to condemn the crimes of Ali Saleh in Taiz and emphasis on the peaceful revolution
Al-Baydah marching condemning Saleh's crimes
Ibb's mass march in solidarity with Taiz 
Abdulqawee to AJA: The protesters in Taiz withdrew from Freedom Square to the streets behind it.
Hodeidah: Military crews and Central Security break into Faculty of Arts at Hodeidah Universtiry to disperse students that are protesting.
Two hours ago: Youth in Taiz are trying to regain control of Freedom Square and security forces are responding to them by live bullets
Companies and Inistitutions busses are prevented from entering Taiz and an imposition of a suffocating siege on the city by security forces and Republican Guards.
Initial outcome of the massacre in Taiz: 20 martyrs atleast, injury of more than 200 including 37 in critical condition. In addition to abducting and arressting injured from hospitals, protesters and journalists.
- Warplanes are bombarding downtown Zanjibar.

- A missile falls at the Haj Ahmad mosque in Zanjibar and the Jamal Abdulsalam, hygiene worked died.

- Heavy warplane bombardment targetted two homes near Martyrs Square.

- Warplanes are bombing Political Security, Leadership of Mehwar, Martyrs Square and Al-Salih city in Zanjibar and heavy clashes with infantry battalion.

- For what it looks that it is marine bombing, a missile falls at one of the mosques in downtown Zanjibar.

- Heavy clashes in the streets using RPG rockets.

- Two warplanes participated in the bombing of the gathered gunmen in Al-Mehwar Leadership and Martyrs Square, reports show at least 11 were dead.

- The city is in state of war, no one is moving except for the parties of conflict.

- After the rejection of Brigade 25 Mika to hand over the camp to the gunmen, warplanes are now bombing the camp and central security leaders do not know the reasons.

- Clashes are still continuous and security forces are getting attacked- skies are raining missiles from aircrafts.

- MarebPress: Republican Guards bombed the house of Sheikh Al-Zandani, Sheikh Yahya Al-Athari and Sheikh Mansour Al-Hunq; serious injuries affecting several villages.
A mass march in scheduled to start at 4pm in Sana'a to condemn Saleh's massacres against the protesters.
Security forces are mass arresting protesters in Jamal St.
Taiz: Death toll in Taiz is up to 51 martyrs- great potential to increase the number due to seriously injured protesters.
AJA correspondent in Aden confirmed the death of 9 people and injury of at least 20 in the recent clashes. Deputy of Abyan City Ahmad Ghalib Al-Rahoni said that among the dead, field commander of the armed forces named Abu Ali and another person holding the Pakistani nationality.
Hodeidah: Military crews and Central Security break into Faculty of Arts at Hodeidah Universtiry to disperse students that are protesting. 
Tareq Al-Fadli: Seven air-strikes on Zanjibar today and gunmen are freely moving inside of the city and raising white flags inscribed with "Sharia Supporters"
AbdelQawi Al-Azzani to AJA: What happened in Taiz was not break-in to Freedom Square, it is a crime against humanity and this file alone is enough to take Saleh and his regime to the gallows. Saleh's forces broke into the Square but they did not control it because the youth are still in the case of hit-and-run with the security forces at the entrances of the Square.
Mass march in Sa'ada condemning the attacks and supporting Taiz 
Security forces are preventing any gathering along Jamal St and shoots anyone who tries to.
Anis Tribes in Dhamar 
Security forces are shooting to the air in Freedom Square in Taiz to cause terror in the hearts of the youth so they do not come near the Square.
Air force and naval forces shelling camp 25 Mika after the rejection of the brigade commander to the instructions of Ali Saleh to hand over all weapons of the camp to the unknown armed groups in Zanjibar
Witness: Many security forces came out of Al-Swad camp south of Sana'a that belongs to Republican Guards- unknown orientation.
Witness: When we were taken out of the field hospital in Freedom Square in Taiz, security forces and thugs dragged the bodies over to a pickup truck without any respect to dignity of human rights. They beat up the surrounded protesters, cursed them, tortured them and looted everything in their pockets from money, cellphones; confiscation of all medical equipments that were in the hospital. 
English subtitles
Mass march started from near Science and Technology University Hospital in Sana'a condemning Ali Saleh's massacres against the protesters in Taiz and emphasizing the peacful revolution.
Sahwa Mobile: Finding burnt dead bodies of protesters in side the tents that were burnt by Saleh's forces yesterday in Taiz.
Witnesses: Drinking-water is being distributed to the remaining residents of Hasaba by a foreign humanitarian organization.
AJA: Yemeni authorities close down all international calls to cellphones
Clashes are still continuous in Abyan by light and medium weapons; bombing has stopped.
a Demonstration in #Sanaa in solidarity with ppl in #Taiz now taking place at the 60th Street.
unrest violence across country escalates , Republican guards resume shooting unarmed protesters in Taiz. airstrikes and marine forces continue bombing Zinjibar Abyan
News and witnesses talking about some of the bodies found charred at some tents. Charred bodies are believed, they belong to some children who were asleep in their tents during the outbreak of fire in the yard of freedom in #Taiz.
News that all media team was arrested in Taiz & that is the reason behind lack of info from Taiz - freedom square .
URGENT | MasdarOnline has reported one anti-regime protester shot dead by security forces at Sinan round in Taiz.
Al Jazeera: Yemeni authorities have cut phone international services from all cell phone companies.
News that people in Yarim - Ibb , have prevented "Brigade 55 Republican Guards" from going to Taiz for the suppression of the protesters there.
Large number of international human rights organizations, Arab and Yemeni today Monday, May 30, 2011 submitted a request to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations which is being held in Geneva, to issue a recommendation to the UN Security Council and to transmit the crimes and serious violations of the Yemeni regime to the International Criminal Court And prosecute all those who are responsible
Abyan is being bombed now by air-crafts & marine forces, after the refusal of Brigade 25 Mika , from surrendering camp to militants.
Tareq Fathli to AJA : 7 airstrikes in Abyan , none of them was directed at the camp where militants stationed at.
Taiz : Handicapped tent in sit-in square set on fire.The handicap couldn't escape and he was found charred in the morning.
Suhail | Sana'a : confirmed sources: the Central Security distributed arms to its members today instead of batons.
The situation in Taiz | Republican Guards and Central Security Forces seize freedom square from all sides and entrances. They are firing live bullets for the purpose of intimidation of young protesters who are trying to regain control of the square
Marib Press : League of Arab States to freeze the membership of Yemen and political moves in Cairo to take decisions against Saleh's regime. There are preparations for recognition of a Transition Council being prepared for in Yemen
Mass march in Sana'a Today May 30th condemning the massacres of Taiz and Abyan 
Masdar: Finding the car that bleonged to the three French hostages in desert road leading to Shibam- their fate is still unknonw.
Two people killed and 4 injured by live bullets of Saleh's forces a couple of minutes ao in the middle of Taiz St in Sana'a
‎5 burnt dead bodies were extracted from Taiz Freedom Square after the burning of the camps- it is believed that they belong to disabled people (couldn't escape)
America sends private security guards to their embassy in Sana'a fearing Ali Saleh's mercenaries and his Qaeda.
Britain strongly condemns the attack on the unarmed civilians in Taiz and stresses the need for the government to account those responsible of using force and bring them to trail.
Abyan: Reports of injured and dead is still unknown because of the continuous shelling for the past two days.
Reliable security source: Within 24 hours, there are plans to break into Freedom Square in Hodeidah and Ibb.
U.S Embassy condemns the attack on the peaceful protesters in Taiz and commends their peaceful way; they stress on Obama's latest call to Saleh to transfer power immediately.
Taiz: Most of the shops closed their doors half an hour ago because of the tensed security situation witnessed by Taiz.
Suhail: A massive march started right now from Al-Meghtarben St (lower Tahrir) towards Freedom Square of Taiz.
AJA: Death toll in Taiz raises to 57 and the number is subjected to increase due to the seriously injured protesters.
Right now, Sheikhs of the central region arrive to Freedom Gulf in Ibb to protect the protesters.
Arabia: Yemeni authorities release Arabia correspondent Mahmoud Taha.
Showqi Al-Qadi to AJA: Martyrs from yesterday in Taiz is nominitated to go up to 100 but we could not count because the three hospitals that are in the Square were burned and looted. Dozens of burnt bodies for people with special needs and elderly, thousands are injured and hundreds are missing.
Two very heavy explosions heard now in Sana'a - Source unknown yet
Hamoud Aqlan is crying on AJA and saying what happened yesterday in Taiz is not embarked nor is it appropriate- I didn't think that I was in Yemen, they broke into the hospitals and took off the meds of the injured and hurting them on their hours. Gunfire was coming from all directions, they broke into the field hospital and the mosque in front of it.
Hamoud Aqlan, Coordinator of Field Hospital in Taiz: They broke into the Hospital at 2 am by security forces and Saleh's thugs- there were injured protesters and they were beating and hurting them on the wounded areas.
Hamoud Aqlan to AJA: Three of the cases I saw where shots in the head- the skull bone disappeard from the head, something we haven't seen before.
Security forces in Taiz are implementing a campaign of mass arrests to dozens of the citizens.
Arab League to Freeze Yemen Memebership
Political movements in Cairo to take decisions against Saleh's regime to pave the way for recognizing an Arab League Council, a Yemeni Transitional Council is preparing to being declared.
Witness: Saleh's forces are currently performing a campaign to raid houses and arrest the most prominent youth activists in Freedom Square of Taiz.
National Security militia in Hadramout distribute weapons to thugs of Saleh through some of their leaders and plans for the implementation of fires and crimes in the city of Mukalla and accuse activists of the city of making those crimes. People of Hadramout said that Saleh and his militia have full responsibility for any crimes or disturbance to the tranquility of the public.
Activists call authorities and human rights organizations to help Zanjibar citizens who were displaced to Aden
A call for humanitarian relief to all humanitarian organizations and human rights to relief hundreds of families displaced from the province of Abyan, who sleep in the streets of Aden as a result of the refusal of the authorities to help them.
Republican Guards assulted Field Hospital female nurses in Freedom Square yesterday when they broke in to the hospital.
Ibb's Sheikhs from the central region of Ibb arrive to Gulf of Freedom to protect the protesters there as there were news of breaking into the square tonight.
Clashes with heavy machine guns in Hasaba between security forces and Al-Ahmar supporters near Al-Sa'a round.
Sheikh Hamoud Al-Mikhlafa after a meeting with Taiz tribes says that the tribes are at the outskirts of Taiz now and promises the youth to hear good news in the coming few hours; there are reports of clashes between Shar'ab tribes and security forces.
Heavy gunfire from Mareb round towards Al-Ahmar house in Sana'a
Masdar: Powerful explosions in Hasaba north of Sana'a
Mass march in Hodedidah condemnin Taiz's massacre 
Clashes are still continuous in Hasaba- exchange of gunfire using various weapons and explosions shaking the region.
Amar Al-Kanani to AJA: Large number of martyrs have been kidnapped and we do not know where they have been taken and whats their fate. There is a number of doctors detained in Taiz Security Governorate, and Large groups of security forces and thugs are firing live bullets in the streets of Taiz
AJA: Sources: hearing 4 explosions and gunfire shooting in Sana'a
Power outgaes in most of the Yemeni cities now
Explosion near the Central prision and renewed heavy gunfire near Interior Ministry in Hasaba north of Sana'a
Armored vehicles are surrounding Ministry of Education in Sana'a to protect it
Thugs are gathering beside governor house and power outage in Al-Baydah
Media sources: National Security distributing wepons to thugs in Hadramout
Two very heavy explosions heard now in Sana'a
Powerful explosion in east Sana'a and there is a possibility of it being in Al-Kharafi camp that belong to Republican Guards
Medical sources revealed that a citizen was shot by a stray bullet going through his back into his heart when the clashes started by Saleh's forces and Al-Ahmar supporters in Mareb Round around Al-Thawra Park moments ago.
Private Sources: Violent clashes and heavy artillery bombardment destructing dozens on homes resulting in a huge damage in Abyan.
Saleh's forces broke into Suhail office in Taiz and looted and burned its entire contents.
Suhail: Sources: Ali Saleh and his security forces are preparing to break into Hodeidah and Ibb sit-ins.
More explosions shaking Sana'a now.
Artillery shelling on houses in Bajaddar area in Zanjibar, Abyan right now
Another VERY powerful explosion sounded like a double-blow in Sanaa right now, sparodic gunfire near Khawlan St, Al-Omari Round.
News of YR Reporter: More explosions from Nuqom Mountain and gunfire from Omari Round.
Abyan: Message as received: I can assure you that there are dozens dead for today only. I can't count them from how many they are in every streets. There are dead bodies in houses that were bombed by missiles, even mosques were bombed. Security forces are exchanging gunfire with armed gunmen, I couldn't tell who is attacking who.
News of Yemeni Revolution Reporter: A small expolosion followed with a very large explosion in Sana'a right now
Abyan: Theft and looting in Zanjibar, shops have been looted very broadly and some of the houses as well. Seized properties of innocent people who have left the city fearing the bombing and clashes.
Three powerful explosions right after each other from Nuqom Mountain in Sana'a right now
Very heavy gunfire right now from Omari Round in Sana'a in addition to another 4 explosions from Nuqom Mountain
Heavy exchange of gunfire between security forces stationed in Interior Ministry and tribal militants in Al-Ahmar's house in Hasaba north of Sana'a
Saleh's security forces are trying to break into Sheikh Al-Ahmar's house amid an exchange of gunfire from both sides
Witnesses: Unprecedented security forces in Kentucky Round and Kuwait St.
Very violent clashes in Hasaba using medium and heavy weapons between security forces and Al-Ahmar supporters
The citizen who was killed by stray bullet in Tunisia St in Sana'a is named Abdulbaset Said Al-Sharabi a restaurant owner.
Another four powerful explosions in Sana'a right now from Nuqom Mountain with heavy machine gunfire in Khawlan St.
Many people are leaving Sana'a and airplanes are finally leaving Sana'a International Airport after an hour delay in flights.
Powerful explosions in Sana'a are every 5-10 seconds with continuous heavy gunfire
Two very huge explosions shaking Sana'a right now
Violent clashes are now around Interior and Electricity Ministries and Shura Council, Mareb and Sheba Rounds
Masdar: Violent clashes right now and from Interior Ministry towards Sheikh Al-Ahmar's house in Hasaba
Military sources: Saleh's regime transmits 25 heavy artillery to Nuqom Mountain Camp today
Very large explosions in front of maintenance camp in Amran St.
Saleh's forces are bombing from Al-Sayla area Shiekh Al-Ahmar's house in Hasaba using various types of heavy, medium and light weapons
Explosions are still continuous with exchange of heavy gunfire in Sana'a
Mediation Committee to Masdar: We have received the Local Administration Ministry building from Al-Ahmar based on the agreement but the regime refused to hand over some of the buildings that his supporters are stationed in.
Fierce clashes in Sharab junction in Taiz
Taiz: Detection of dead bodies that were ran over by military tanks and dumped in garbage barrels in Taiz yesterday.
Witnesses: Soldiers vehicles and Central Security forces left their camp and are now going towards the Change Square of Sana'a
Al-Ahmar office: Saleh's militia end the truce with Al-Ahmar supporters and begin attacking with all kinds of weapons. 
Politicians: The regime's bombing today despite of the existence of a truce aimed to distract attention from the holocaust that was committed yesterday in Taiz.
Clashes between Al-ahmar supporters and supporters of Sheikh/Nagi Alshayef at alshura council after an attempt to break in the building by Alahmar supporters..!!
Military reinforcements from Central Security armoed vehicles are heading towards Hasaba neighborhood north of Sanaa
Plans of breaking in Change Square;shots are being heard heavily most likely between Salehs thugs and the 1st Armored Division..!!
Suhail: Al-Ahmar supporters reclaim the Ministry of Local Administration building and Survey Department and the surrender of all the fighters who were there.
Yemen tv,Sheba tv,and Al-eman tv are announcing that they will cut there broadcasts due to a plan of maintenance to the generators...!!!
clashes in Sana'a have spread to the vicinity of Interior,electricity & education ministries. also neighborhoods by Mareb round, Shura Council & Sheba round.
Current clashes are in the following Streets: Amran St and Maintenance St. and explosions are still shaking hasaba.
Power outage in Hasaba region right now in Sana'a
Liberty Square reporter::2 Military SUV's where destroyed yesterday at sharaab between security forces and sharaab tribe;calling upon its sons from all its villages..!!
Masdar Online::Saleh reinforces 25 more cannons to nukum mountain..!!
Moala, Aden: crossfire in Dairi Road and the Main St. using light and medium weapons.
A huge explosion rocks the capital Sanaa now
Military reinforcements from Saleh's militia from central security, republican guards and thugs at the entrances of CHange Square from Kentucky Round and Agriculture St.
Clashes between Sheikh Al-Ahmar supporters and Saleh's forces near the General Commander of Armed Forces office in Qyada St.
Aden: Continuous live bullets clashes in Moala's Main St. and power outage in that st.
Map showing the areas of where most of the clashes and bombings are.
Backup of troops and artillery are now being sent to Alhasba zone from the republican guard camp..!!
Renewed shelling and explosions in several parts of Hasaba, and clashes using machine guns on Amran St, TV St. Seyana St and Hasaba
Mukalah protesters condemn the attacks of the peaceful protesters in Taiz yesterday
Clashes between Al-Ahmar supporters and the republican guards at close range from the Ministry of ''alqiyada'' street..!!
Masdar: Military reinforcements from Ibb towards Taiz city now.
Arrest of Hassan Luqman and his brother by First Armored Divison from in front of his house- still arrested and not released
Dal'aa: violent clashes currently taking place in Dali in Shahth are and Al-Shanfara station
Viloent clashes between Al-Ahmar supporters and Salehs security forces near ''alhasaaba police station.
Clashes between Al-Ahmar supporters and Salehs Forces at expo gallery (owned by Al-Ahmar family) and its spread to ''alwahda'' park (10 meters away) well as clashes near Fun city park (2 miles away from the republican palace)
Radfan: security forces are bombing citizens houses and neighborhoods
Fierce clashes taking place now next to Mesbahi Round close to Presidential Palace.
Renewed heavy gunfire in Moala main st. in Aden right now
 Heavy gunfiring at this moment near the republican heavy bombing from nukum mountain.
AL-Jazeerah | Abyan : A fire at a bank in the city , storming & looting its contents.
Reports of Al-Ahmar supporters controlling Al-Rasheed Hill in front of Amran Round after it was bombing from within Hasaba area
News of Yemeni Revolution Reporter: Cease of gunfiring and bombing, absolute silence at the Presidentail Palace and its sorroundings
The leader of the military operations that Saleh's forces is leading is now in Hasaba trying to get help from the Republican Guard camp in Al-Swad area to provice reinforcement after tribal gunmen caused them heavy losses of lives and equipment.
Heavy explosion in 60th St right now
Hearing RPJ from the northern sides of Sana'a very heavy and sparodic moments ago
Masdar: 8 powerful explosions shake the north side of Sanaa this morning with increasing clashes
Very heavy clashes in Saba round using heavy weapons between security forces and Al-Ahmar supporters
Witness to MasdarOnline: Violent clashes near the Permanent Committee, Police Department, Shura Council and Yemen Mobile Company.
Nas Mobile: Live ammunition shots reach Change Square podium in Sana'a and youth are warning the dying regime from the consequences of his crimes.
Artillery is very heavy and continuous, machine gunfire and 12.7 RPG weapons are used non stop these moments- some unconfrimed sources saying its close to the Change Square.
Witnesses: Heavy clashes are between Saleh's forces and Al-Ahmar supporters in Al-Dajajah district near the Textile Factory and Military Hospital that is overlooking Al-Saylah close to Sheba Round and near Maintenance Camp which is adjacent to the TV station; sounds of missiles and explosions are getting close to Change Square of Sana'a.
Artillery is shaking Sana'a and sounds of gunfire is pouring heavly on Hasaba right now
Very heavy bombing and clashes near headquarters of Interior Ministry in Sana'a and around Sheikh Al-Ahmar's house.
Witness: Dense smoke is rising from Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Communication buildings and Military Hospital after they were bombed by mortar bombs by Saleh's security forces in an attempt to lift the siege imposed on it by Al-Ahmar supporters.
More powerful explosions shaking Hasaba north of Sana'a
Saleh's security forces are shelling Hasaba since 1am; explosions and violent clashes are still continuous in Hasaba and its surroundings. 6:20am
MasdarOnline: Sounds of heavy gunfire near to the Change Square of Sana'a
Violent clashes near to Saba Round close to Change Square of Sana'a
Medical staff could not access Hasaba area to help and evacuate victims and injured from the clashes
Massive explosion moments ago near Change Square in Sana'a-believed to be on the headquarters of First Armored Division amid heavy shooting in different parts of Hasaba.
MasdarOnline: Fierce battels taking place now with heavy weapons in Hasaba and sounds of gunfire in west 60th St.
Youth revolution in Taiz are calling upon all the Yemenis in Taiz to participate in the "Millions Reply March" on Tuesday on May 31st and will start from Jamal St - gathering is at 8:30 am.
Ahmad Al-Zurga speaking on AJA about Sana'a situation:
- Non-stop clashes by security forces and Al-Ahmar supporters.
- Weapons: Katusha, 12.7, 14.5, artillery, and RPG
- Smoke is rising from nearby buildings
- Sheikh Sadiq Supporters say that Security forces starting firing.
- Ministry of Interior says that Sadiq supporters tried to take over Survery Department
‎- Over 150 killed from both sides hours ago- number increased for sure
- Heavy clashes from both sides
- Sheikh Sadiq supports are defending themselves
- Exchange of gunfire, but missiles are fired from Noqom Mountain
- Reinforcements of security forces wearing civilian clothes
Clashes gradually calm down in Sana'a now, sporadic gunfire is still heard in some areas.
Females in Change Square of Sana'a in solidarity with Taiz
Arabia: Yemeni Official: The truce between the government and Sheikh Al-Ahmar ended.
Sounds of the clashes today morning. 

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