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Friday, 27 May 2011

Documents: Highly Confidential- War Escalation in Sana'a!

Masdar Online reveals documents that show the preparation of Saleh and his regime to escalate war in Sana'a particularly in Hasaba where clashes took place between Saleh's forces and pro-Shiekh Sadiq Al-Ahmar.

Masdar published these documents while there is another mediation committee putting efforts to end the clashes which calmed down since yesterday, and that was after the withdrawal of the first mediation committee headed by Presidenf of the Political Security Ghalib Al-Ghamsh following a strike that they recieved while in Al-Ahmar's house. That attack resulted in the death of many Sheikhs of the mediation committee and wounded others including Al-Ghamsh.

According to the documents titled as "highly confidential" on the so-called "operational proposal to address the situation of Hasaba" on Wednesday May 25th 2011 was given to President Ali Saleh by Major General Minister of Defense Mohammed Nasser Ahmad, Major General Ahmad Ali Al-Ashwal President Cheifs of Staff, Major General Ali Mohammed Salah Deputy of Operations, Major General Nasser Abdurabo Al-Taheri Director of War Opersations.  

The documents also provides a summary to the meeting held on Tuesday May 24th under the chairman of Ali Saleh Al-Ahmar, Director of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Office (although the presence of Minister of Defense in the meeting), and also people who attended this meeting were:
- Chief of General Staff for Operations
- Director of Military Operations
- Commander of the Central Security Forces
- Director of Military Intelligence
- Deputy of National Security Agency for Information Technology
- Republican Guard Chief of Operations
- Head of Operations for the Central Security
- Chief of Operations Rescue Forces
- 314 Armored Brigade Commander.

The output of the meeting came out with a number of points for the purpose that they called "Strenghening the security protection of the installations of the country in Hasaba and what's around it" The most dangerous thing in these documents is that they can drag to civil war as a proposal to process groups of citizens or as they called it "total public support" to participate in the fighting. The formation of those groups are led by some officers from the members of House of Representatives and other officers that were described as "the good faithful officers."

The meeting identified a number of those officers as an example -not limited, they are:
- Dean Mohammed Al-Haweri
- Dean Yahya Ghobar
- Dean Mohammed Sowar
- Dean Muhsen Al-Anisi
- Dean Ismael Al-Samawe
- Dean Ali Ahmad Al-Hade
- Colonel Najee Juma'an
- Colonel Sagheer Aziz
- Colonel Muhsen Al-Jumra

They also approved a new military to replace some of the security forces in what they called "protection of government institutions and vital installations and important ones in the region of Hasaba and what's around it" -security forces should carry our the tasks assigned in Sana'a.

Among the points that were proposed is to move infantry brigade of the Republican Guard to spread in Hasaba region for the same purpose.

Despite the reference of the documents to the Defense Ministry not having any reserve force ready to push it for enhancing the situation in Hasaba, the meeting that was held under the chairman Ali Saleh Al-Ahmar the half-brother of Ali Saleh and his office manager acknowledged that the instuction issued under the signature of Minister of Defense and Interior to all the military units in Sana'a. Suggestions that this could be the aim for Saleh and his relatives to "get away" from any crimes that could happen when implementing this plan.

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