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Monday, 2 May 2011

May 2nd Updates!

Taiz: clashes between security forces and citizens demanding domestic gas and the arrest of some citizens in 26th Street.
Yemeni Pilots & Engineers Association annouces their support and joins the peaceful youth revolution to overthrow the regime
Martyr Saleh Yousef Ahmad, 26 years old, who was shot dead by security forces this afternoon after breaking in to Al-Sa'ada neighborhood in Khormaksar, Aden. 
Aden: In the same events of attacks that were launched by security forces in Al-Sa'ada neighborhood, a female was injured in Al-Ahmadi building while cooking lunch today with live bullets- condition not as serious, she is being treated at the hospital
 Hodeidah: Dead and wounded in Zabeed and a loaded car with weapons was held yesterday evening by the Department of Security Directorate, in which is had three of the wanted gunment by security. 
 Mass march in Ibb today condemning the attacks on Aden and rejecting the Gulf Initiative

To everyone in the sit-in around all the cities of Yemen. You must not go into the question of Al-Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden; do not lift images or gestures that mention Bin Laden because the system is already planning to use this issue in its favor. Please be careful and do not let the revolution slide away.
Aden: In the same events of attacks that were launched by security forces in Al-Sa'ada neighborhood, a female was injured in Al-Ahmadi building while cooking lunch today with live bullets- condition not as serious, she is being treated at the hospital
Statement: The University of Sana'a Adminstration have declared the postponement of the Sencond Semester for all Faculties to an "unknown timing" due to the "civil disobediance" applied by the students, the circumstances surrounding the university, and the overall situation in the whole country..
Urgent : (AL'er) camp is now under full hands of the tribes of Yafea after strong clashes with the army for days , & news that tribes have entered the camp.
May 2nd in Ibb

Al-Baydah Today
Yemen Scholars condemn the killing happening in Al-Hadd, Yafai and whats around that area and is calling the leaders and Sheikhs of Al-Baydah to work on stopping it for less bloodshed and to prevent further violence.
Youth of Change in Al-Jawf condemning the acts of violence in Aden, Yafai and Sana'a and are demanding the immediate departure of the regime and trailing it.
Arrived to Sana'a airport, Dr. AbdulLateef Al-Zayani, Secretary-General of the GCC after a telephone conversation between Ali Saleh and Saudi King.
Mahara: The people's forces coalition confrimed the rejection of Al-Mahra residents to use their city in favor of any agressive attack on the other cities, and they would stand against it and lookout
Al-Baydah: Tanks and tankers with the help of GCP leaders are heading to attack Al-Hadd, Yafai from the Habaj road after it was denied access from Al-Zaher
A silent march of thousands of students from the University of Dhamar today condemning the regime thugs attack on the students of Faculty of Education last Wednesday
Al-Dalie: Two marches in Demt and Mores calling the Gulf countires and the international community to lift the the cover on Saleh and to support the demands of the people of Yemen in his resignations and trial
JMP declares its full solidarity with the people of Al-Hadd, Yafai and Al-Hemekan, Al-Baydah regarding the attempts they're being exposed to dissuade them from their positions of supporting the peaceful revolution
Mekhlaf and Shara'ab tribes are condemning the attacks on the regions of Yafai
Ibb: Qohza Point in Ibb detained MR. Tawheeb Al-Dobaee with others since 2 pm
This afternoon, Republican Guards withdrew with all their weapons from Al-Aer Mountain in Al-Hadd, Yafai, Lahj and headded towards Al-Bayda after a siege that was imposed by tribe members of the residents for the past two weeks. Tribes seized the entire site after it was partily seized yesterday evening.
Tens of students from Hodiedah University protested in front of the University demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh because of all the massacres the regime committed against the peaceful protesters around all the Yemeni cities.
Angry protesters in Hodeidah cut some main streets today and set tires on fire protesting against the on-going power outages at a time where Al-Hodiedah is suffering from a heat wave. Protesters went out in different neighborhoods, Al-Metraq, Bab Mashrif, Jamal St. Mosa St. and other main streets condemning the practices that the Elec...tricy Institution is performing, they chanted "Our streets are always off, we want electricity, we want electricity, leave leave, where is the electricity where is the electricity?" A number of citizens said that yesterday they had no power from 4 am until 12 pm and it was off again after sunset.  A number of military forces tried to disperse demonstrators in Al-Metraq district but they refused to obey orders.
Zayani cancels his visit to Sana'a after Saleh manipulated the Khalejis and rejected to sign the initiative for the second time
May 2nd in Sana'a, Hawkers March

Abdullah Ahmad Ghanim, member of the General Committee of the Political Department of the GPC in Yemen revealed that President Ali Saleh will not submit his resignation until the JMP implemets the obligations contained in the Gulf initiative. To end the sit-ins, end acts of banditry and military rebels in some of the units of the arme...d forces, end Huthi's rebellions and other causes of political and security tension. Abdullah Ghanim also said: There is no meaning to the Gulf Initiative if it didn't represent a vast difference between before and after, and the crisis should be resolved and not a factor to extend it. He also said in an interview with Al-Methaq Newspaper, speaking for the GPC: We know very well that the JMP only wants the resignation of Ali Saleh from the Gulf Initiative and this will not happen until the implementation of point 2 of the initiative. He also expressed his concerns about the failure of the Gulf Initiative if crisis escalation continued by the various parties of JMP and efforts that he described as "military rebellion" from some of the armed forces units, and those who seek to bomb the situation in Yemen and undermine the initiative.
The Organization of Reporters Without Borders showed its concern because of the wave of repression that is targeting journalists in Yemen since the start of the peaceful proters, it condemned the confiscation of newspapers and libel against journalists

Al-Baydah supporting Yafai
  Republican Guards withdrawing from Al-Aer Mountain in Al-Hadd, Yafai today. VIDEO: 
Change Sqaure: Twelve thousand photos of Osama Bin Laden were printed by regime thugs and delivers to infiltrators in the square from national security to be distributed inside of the Change Square; it has been reported to the Organizational and Security Committees.
Death toll of clashes between tribes of Yafe'e and Republican Guard forces rises to five soldiers and three of the tribes men, and the withdrawal of Republican Guard from the military location of Al-Aer Mount.
URGENT Sana'a: residents of the capital Sana'a and other governorates of Taiz, Aden, Hodeidah and other major cities complain about the large number of blackouts at nights, Blackouts up to 4 hours, electricity returns for 3 hours and then cut off until the morning. 
France expresses its regret that President Saleh rejects the Gulf corporation council's initiative .
- Zayani confims to Basendwah during two phone calls, one of them in the morning that he would be in Sana'a in the afternoonto complete the efforts in signing the Gulf Initiative, but he didn't arrive/
- Riyadh Embassy tells the JMP that the president didn't agree yet
- U.S. Ambassador in Sana'a is still in Riyadh to convince Khalejis to continue mediation
- JMP is meeting today with Ali Muhsen
 National security arrested late Sunday evening the young preacher and activist known in Freedom Square of Taiz Tawheeb Al-Dobaee with other youth on their way to Sana'a to visit the Change Square.

Sources close to Al-Dobaee said that the security point in Qahazah- located in the outskirts of Sana'a- had stopped Al-Dobaee's car at around 12 am sunday and there were armed men in civilian clothes- believed to be national security escorted Al-Dobae and one of his companions to unknown location. They aslo confiscated their phones, laptop, flashes and documents. They still don't know where the car was taken to.
Abdulrahman Burman: After her son, Omar Obali died after being brutally raped, his mother is receiving threats and demands to speak on Aden Channel and denies the death of her son. She said out of fear, she slept in the bathroom with her other son Ali.
Abdulrahman Burman: Kidnapping four year old child, Qais Mohammed Saeed yesterday morning while he was beside his house in Shumaila district. The kidnappers are demanding ransom of fifty thousand dollars for his release, and they're threatening by phone calls to kill him if their demands aren't met.

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