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Thursday, 5 May 2011

May 5th Updates!

Oil crisis in Sana'a and central security requested a booking of 10 thousand liters from a station for their military
Masdar: Two people killed in a missile strike aircraft believed to be U.S targeted a car in Abdan, Shabwa
Yemeni officials direct to cut off electricity for the residents living beside Change Square and across from Sana'a University
The poet Waleed that his tongue was cutt of by unknown people- Regime is blaming JMP and JMP is blaming regime. 
Governor of Dhamar stops the Tourism Office Director from work because of his support to the revolution
Pro-regime supporters attack Al-Arabia team in Yemen
The march that started from Education building in Jamal street, arrives now to Freedom Square of Taiz
Thugs burn down tents in Al-Baydah during afternoon prayer, and they are promising the GCP director in Al-Bayda of escalation

Citizen was killed today afternoon in Ataq, Shabwa by central security soldiers when they opened fire randomly at a suspected car. Unknown name of citizen, from Taiz own a transportation bus, shot when he was beside Al-Jalforz point and transfered to Ataq Central Hospital
Trade Sources: Yemen's Aden Refinery, shut due to lack of crude flow from the Marib oilfield, is tendering to buy a total of 105,000 tonnes of oil products. The 130,000 barrels per day refinery, which has been closed for at least a week, is looking to buy 20,000 tonnes of jet fuel.
Preliminary report of the victims of the Zanjibar, Abyan massacre on Wednesday:
Martyrs were between 7-10 until now according to Al-Razi hospital, two names:
1. Saleh Alawi, 35 years, shot in the head
2. Ibn Abdulraheem, 24 years old, sells vegetables, shot in the head -unknown name from Taiz

Injured: around 24 people were injured, named of 12 of them according to Al-Razi hospital:
1. Hassan Mohammed Hassan, 26 years old, Al-Khameli resident, shot in the heel of the left foot
2. Yahya Abbas Ghalab, 50 years old, Zanjabar resident, shot in the left thigh
3. Ali Ibrahim Mohammed, 60 years old, Al-Kood resident, shot in the abdomen, arm and thigh
4. Mukhtar Salim Ahmad, 40 years old, Al-Msemeer resident, shot in the left thigh
5. Anwar Ibrahim Salim, 32 years old, Dahl Ahmad resident, shot in the foot from the back
6. Abdulfatah Ali Abdo, 60 years old, Zanjabar resident, shot in the leg and finger
7. Mahdi Al-Turki Saeed, 30 years old, Abr Othman resident, shot in the arm and leg
8. Mohammed Rashad Mohammed, 28 years old, Al-Msemeer resident, shot in the hip
9. Saleh Mohammed Al-Fadli, 45 years old, Zanjabar resident, shot in the backbone
10. Mohammed Saleh Mansour, 42 years old, Zanjabar resident, shot in the ankle
11. Fahmi Ali Salem, 30 years old, Ja'ar resident, shot in the bladder
12. Ali Ahmad Ali, 40 years old, Zanjabar resident, shot in the bladder 
Trade Sources: Yemen's Aden Refinery, shut due to lack of crude flow from the Marib oilfield, is tendering to buy a total of 105,000 tonnes of oil products. The 130,000 barrels per day refinery, which has been closed for at least a week, is looking to buy 20,000 tonnes of jet fuel.
Aden | Mansoura: shooting by the army near Martyrs Square
U.S Ambassador meeting today with southern leaders in Sana'a
Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ahmar condemns the misleading campagin that is practiced byt the regime's media with all the distorting facts and ingoring the country's role in judiciary in the tragedy of the citizen who had his tongue cut off
Al-Bayda protesting in support of Yafai and the bombing that took place in Al-Aer mountain.
Aden: mobilizing a number of tanks and armored vehicles near Caltex round after protesters cut the main Mansoura Street again.
Urgent: A new waiver imposed by the Yemeni sophisticated opposition: The signing of the Gulf Initiative in Sana'a by Dr. AbdulKarim Al-Eryani as a GCP representative and its members and signed by the leadership of the JMP and its members. It has to be ratified subsequently by Ali Saleh and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bin Sultan, UAE president
Taiz from Freedom Square
Masdar: Protesters in the Square in Al-Baydah are almost done with the completion of constructing room bricks instead of tents that were burnt by regime thugs this afternoon
BBC Channel Correspondent Abdullah Al-Ghurab is getting threats and attack attempts by the regime for his role in covering the youth revolution of yemen with all credibility
Silent march in Sana'a today rejecting having protesters detained and arrested. Many people participated in this march including families of the abducted protesters.

Health Awareness Campaign in Change Square, Sana'a

Sana'a at night- getting ready for tomorrow, Friday, Loyalty to the South
Thugs firing live bullets trying to break into the Freedom Square in Taiz
Taiz: Now: The attacks were by thugs that tried to break into the Sqaure with their motorcycles and when they got blocked, they fired live bullets.
Yemeni opposition is demanding Gulf countries to pressure Ali Saleh to step down
Masdar: Manager editors of newspapers and some media reporters are paid money from the presidency of Yemen to attack Saleh's opponents and to disrupt the revolution. Some amounts exceeded 10 Million YER. 
‎35 officers of the Republican guards announce their support and join the Youth Revolution in Taiz
Kidnapped cases from Hood Organization:
Bassam Al-Sharabi, 13 years old was kidnapped on last tuesday night and was held for a whole day. Criminal Investigation did not proceed with any acts nor did they capture the criminals to justice. The child complained after his release from bad treatment and deprivation of food throughout the w...hole day he was kidnapped.

Qais Mohammed Saeed Harqash, 4 years old kidnapped since the first of May. Kidnappers are demanding a ransom of $30,000 USD. Despite the willingness of the family to pay the money after realizing that security services isn't offerring them any assistance, the kidnappers stopped calling.

Shaima Amer Ali Noman, 16 years old, kidnapped on April 20th while on her way to school. Police refused to receive any information regarding her disappearance from her family until 24 hours after she disappeared- which shows that they are participating in this crime that require accountability and punishment.

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