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Sunday, 8 May 2011

GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Taiz under attack 3rd day in a row- May 9th

9Attacks on the protesters in Jamal St. in Taiz now
Heavy gunfire and toxic gas bombs- witnesses say a number of injured fell down in Taiz now in Jamal St.
More than a thousand soldier performing a brutal attack on the youth protesters in Jamal St. in Taiz now- tens of injured so far
Sounds of ambulances in Jamal St. and the youth are appealing to all Taiz people and all Yemenis for help
Taiz: Regime thugs are firing live bullets on ambulance to prevent them from hospitalizing the injured
Appeal: All the youth have to go to the sit-in area to stand with their brothers that are getting attacked by security forces with all types of weapons as well as security pursuits where there is difficulty in hospitalizing the injured 
Witnesses confirm that security forces are kidnapping the injured protesters and are shooting directly at houses 
Taiz: Security forces are after the youth in residential neighborhoods and side streets to intimidate and abuse them 
Taiz: Security forces and Republican Guards abduct a field hospital ambulance with its medical crew 
Taiz: Security forces abduct injured protesters, some of them are:
- Anwar Mohammed Al-Ariqi
- Sam Abdullah Al-Sharabi
- Dawood Suliman Al-Kori
- Mubarak Hassan Al-Nahmi
Taiz: The forces that are attacking are central security, military police in addition to army and armed thugs that are carrying out the process of genocide 
Appeal: Taiz: whoever owns a car please go to the sit-in in Jamal St. to hospitalize the injured as security forces are preventing the entry of ambulances- wounded protesters everywhere
Taiz females are throwing onions and gauze from the windows and rooftops to help the protesters- thousands are coming from Freedom Square now to Jamal St. to help them out
Taiz: Arrest of the photographer of the media center in Freedom Square, Ahmad Saeed Al-Wafee- he has assured in a message that there are a lot of kidnapped protesters 
Taiz: 3 ambulances detained and two tankers belonging to the field hospital of Taiz; medical staff detained as well
Fall of the first martyr in Taiz now- still unknown name, holds a card that has February 11 Youth written on it
Abdullah Mohammed Al-Samee from the media center in Taiz gets injured in the head by a fragment- thank god- superficial injury
Over 20 injured protesters by live bullets- one in critical condition (shot in the head) arriving to field hospital in Freedom Square of Taiz
Injured name: Jehad Ali Ahmad Faree in Taiz today due to live bullets by security forces 
The people of Sa'ada stand as one with the rest of the oppressed people in Yemen and are going out in a mass march today to support the free people of Taiz
Security forces firing live bullets randomly at the youth and following them through the side streets in Jamal st.

Confirmed sources: Injury of two girls shot by live bullets in their house
Clashes between the youth protesters in Jamal St. and security forces reach Masbah round, they are also using rocks- side streets of Jamal St.
Name of the first martyr in Taiz today: Mohammed AbdulHaq shot by live bullets in the head.
 Attacks in Taiz

Mass march from Shara'b to Freedom Square in Taiz now
Continuous gunfire in different areas of Taiz- outraged protesters from the attacks taking place now
Al-Jazeera: Abdulqawee Hayel says that the youth of Taiz are escalating and demanding escalation from the youth in Sana'a and all the other cities. God willing, all the cities will witness escalation and the regime will fall soon
The arrest of activist Faisal Al-Thabhani today by security forces in front of the Office of Education
Field Hospital in Taiz: arrival of 13 injured protesters- 5 with live bullets and 8 by rocks by security forces
Important notice: Youth of Taiz are calling to go out in an angry mass march starting shortly from Sinan Hotel Round beside Freedom Square and will march to Al-Markazi beside Education Office; therefore, calling on all the youth to attend the march
Taiz: Army and central security break into residential districts and fire live bullets on the houses randomly
Injured in Taiz today
 Names of injured

GRAPHIC pics of injured

Taiz under fire: the siege of more than twenty people in Al-Rahman Mosque in the Almasbah, Liberty Square Taiz.
Taiz: The spread of heavy security in Taiz after security forces forcibly dispersed a sit-in in front of the Office of Education
Yemen | In response to comments by Ben-Daghr, General secretary of the Supreme Council of the Southern movementÙˆ Abdullah Nakhbay: The present of the southern movement to the youth of revolution will be waiving the requirement for disengagement of the south.
Taiz : Mass demonstration covered the area from Altahreer street to Jamal street in support of youth revolution there, despite all the heavy and continuous fire by the security forces
Youth of Taiz direct a distress call for all humanitarian organizations and international human rights to stop the killings against unarmed civilians
Continued closure of the main streets in Taiz and the commercial activity is dead during a continuous firing by the forces
Taiz under fire: news of two martyrs in the demonstration which started from Sinan circle to Jama Street.
Republican guards are attacked a peaceful protester infront of the Central Bank round that went out a couple of hours ago in Taiz and dispersed the march by using live bullets- news of injures and martyrs
Ibb: mass march of an estimated hundred thousand marching around the streets of Ibb condemning what happened to their brothers in Taiz and rejecting the Gulf Initiative
Attacks this morning in Taiz
Names of some injured in Taiz:
- Ashraf Sultan
- Adel Abdulrahman
- Mustafa Nasher
- Hisham Haidar Abdo Dabwan
- Ibrahim Mohammed
- Tareq Mohammed Ghalib
- Abdulfatah Ahmad
Pro-regime teacher supports are writing politics related questions for students during their exam.
They have to write a story about JMP and how they should live in peace.
Martyrs in Taiz today:
- Mohammed Abdulhaq Taher
- Mohammed Abdo Qaid
Confirmed sources: Republican Guards are surrounding 20 females in a builing in Jamal St in front of Delux Hotel
Aden: reports of injury of 3 protesters by army live bullets in Mansoura
Dhamar: Injury of 7 people in an attack by thugs using live bullets and rocks on a peaceful student protest in Dhamar
Attacks on Taiz
Preliminary reports of attacks in Taiz: 12 critical condition cases, 400 injured by toxic gas until this afternoon
Taiz: Atleast 40 protesters were abducted today by security forces and regime thugs
Activist Bushra Al-Maktary is one of the females that is surrounded in the building in front of Delux Hotel with a couple of other females.
Ibb mass march condemning the attacks on Taiz
Mass march in Domt in Dalii today to support Taiz:
Mareb Press: Death toll increases to 5 martyrs in Taiz and 50 injured by live bullets and 260 by toxic gas
Attacks in Taiz, Aden, Dhamar & Hodeidah- the regime is about to fall
University of Hodeidah students appeal ambulances to go to University Square to hospitalize the injured protesters that fell by security forces live bullets and gas bombs
Renewed gunfire in Taiz after a quiet hour
Yemen: Strange Anti-Government Protest With Motorcycles
REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah : Anti-government protesters watch as fellow protesters ride motorcycles during a demonstration demanding the ouster of Yemen's President Ali Abdullah.
Al-Baydah supporting Taiz 
Martyr Mohammed Abdulhaq Taher in Taiz today
Aden: Teaching staff and in Nasser College for Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Aden University announces the postponent of the study period and declare their support to the peaceful revolution of the youth
Taiz: Reports of finally opening the siege on the female activists in the building in front of Delux Hotel after the intervention of the youth- they have been marched to the Freedom Square now
Fall of 15 injured protesters including a woman, 2 of them in critical condition in Al-Faiqh area in Hodeidah
Security forces & thugs burn two motorcycles that were transfering injured protesters to the hospital and kidnapp the injured.
Alert and anger in all the Squares around the cities of Yemen- calls for marching to the presidential palace and rejecting ANY initiative that does not state the trail of the regime
Five martyrs and 430 wounded, 80 of them by live bullets in a horrific massacre against the protesters in Taiz
Graphic: Injured Abdullah Taha Al-Qadi in Taiz today
Continuous gunfire in Taiz- lower Tahrir and Markazi areas
Arrival of a food convoy from Rayma to Change Square in Sana'a
Security seige on Taiz since early morning; abduction of a child's body and 4 injured protesters from Al-Mothafar Hospital in Taiz: Medical sources revealed the kidnapping of four people injured by live bullets from inside Al-Mothafar Hospital in Taiz by security forces where they were transferred to Republican Hosptail. Witnesses confirmed that they saw military crews abduting a child's body that was dead by live bullets by security forces and taken to unknown location to hide the evidence of the crime. Informed sources says that Taiz city is witnessing a security blockade that is applied to all entry points since early morning to prevent more protesters from joining Freedom Square in downtown Taiz.
Hodeidah: President of Hodeidah University informs protesters in the University of the stop of studying period- thousands of students are now marching back to the Change Square.
Suhail: Sources: National security kidnap Brigadier General Ali Mohammed Al-Khaysheni, head of eastern region operations from Sana'a airport as soon as he arrived from Mukalah

Organization Committee of the Youth Revolution announces the start of escalation and invites everyone to participate in mass marches tomorrow from the captial streets- it also noted the need to take masks and all safety means to protect protesters from any attacks
Security forces attack protesters today:
Taiz : Renewed firing of live bullets and tear gas by the security forces and guards against the demonstrators in Jamal Street
Military aircrafts now flying close to Taiz city
Thousands protesting in Shabwa and attacking official media, main intention of it is to invent new information and fake materials to be included in 70th Square speech- Ali Saleh's speech-
Youth in Taiz are determined to escalate even if other cities did not respond to the call of escalation.
Thousands of protesters are marching now in a mass march from Freedom Square to Jamal St. Strong and enthusiastic chants
Taiz : Mass march of thousands of protesters now starting from Freedom Square to Jamal street.
The Yemeni Parliamentarians Against Corruption (PAC) revealed an operation of destroying and hiding a huge amount of important documents which condemn the Yemeni regime. According to PAC, the operations of damaging these documents took place in government facilities including, "Presidency and Ministry of Endowments" containing documents relating to the conventions of oil, gas, minerals and fisheries as well as an establishment of the right of the country in land and real estate.
Females of Dhamar joining a protest condemning the attack of Saleh's regime on the heros of Taiz
Suhial: Over 600 parliamentary, social, local and political figures arrive to Freedom Square of Taiz in solidarity with the youth revolution
In attempts to calm down the situation while the youth are killed in Taiz, Al-Zayani: There are signs of a breakthrough soon to the crisis of Yemen and Gulf leaders will discuss at the Riyadh summit the latest mediation efforts
Expanded meeting in the Chage Square of Sana'a to establish how to march to the presidential palace
Raining in Sana'a- protesters in change square praying for victory
Taiz: Republican Guards abduct 64 peaceful protesters to unknown location
Security forces beat up protesters with batons and arrests them

Hodeidah University students protest in front of the dean's office- He gave up later on and stopped studying time.
 Yemeni women in the first rows- how brave: Taiz
March in Mukhala at night

Confirmed news: Speaking from the podium in Change Square in Sana'a, Mr. AbdelBaree Tahir began accepting suggestions from everyone for escalation
The Organizing Committee in the Change Square in Sana'a is asking for mass marches tomorrow in all of the Yemeni cities to stand agasint the violations that the security forces and gaurds are performing against the peaceful protesters in Taiz and Hodeidah
Sana'a: Youth revolution are moving from Change Square of Sana'a towards Kentucky round after an emergency meeting of different groups of youth- including Civic Alliance for the Youth Revolution, Youth Reilience, Alliance Will of the People and a range of coalitions and movements in the Change Square
Sana'a: Youth in the Change Square break down the security barrier and place their tens in the intersection of 20 road with Dairi st.
Sana'a: Unusual intensive security reinforcements from central security now in Kentucky round, Zubairy Street
Protests in Taiz reach the rural areas centers and reports of burning the headquarters of the GCP and security centers in Al-Turbah, Khadeer and Demnah
A call to all the free youth revolution to join and help out in the march that came out now towards Kentucky round condemning the attacks that took place in Taiz today
Reports of gunfire in Kentucky round in Sana'a now
GCP leader Shiekh Ali Saif Al-Zahrawi annouces his resignation from the GCP and joins the youth revolution
Nas Mobile: At least one person killed and several injured after unknown gunmen opened fire at central security camp in Dhamar.
Sana'a: Expansion of the protesters tents towards Kentucky round until after the 20th street
Complete withdrawal of security forces and army from Jamal St in Taiz, the youth control the area (Masbah round & wats around it) by 100%
Reports of gunfire in Kentucky round- southern entrance to the Change Square of Sana'a and news of injuries
Names of the TOP Killers from May 9th in Taiz:
- Major General 33- Foad Al-Matari, shot the protesters
- Security Director of Mudafar- Mohammed Al-Noor, ran behind the protesters and shot them dead
URGENT: The fall of Taiz city in the hands of the youth:
All of the headquarters and government institutions in Taiz City fell in the hands of the youth as a part of escalation of the peaceful revolution. The youth closed down all the government offices and wrote "Closed by the People" on their doors. The purpose of this escalation is to accelarate the fall of Ali Saleh and his regime. Nothing is left in Taiz except for the Presidential Palace.
Sana'a: Wide range of personnel carriers loaded with soldiers and water cannons come out the central security area heading towards the intersection of Kentucky Round, Dairi line, Zubariy Street
Sana'a: First Armored Division sents reinforcements to the Kentucky round to protect the youth protesters who set up their tents and expanded to 20th street. There is a presence of a large force of central security and groups of thugs in that area
Current reports from the attacks on the peaceful protesters in Taiz today by security forces -May 9th resulted in:
- 3 Martyrs
- 86 Live ammunition cases
- 350 Gas suffocation
- 68 abducted protesters
- 4 missing
Republican Guard arrested 10 youth protesters and took them to political security center in Ibb.

Members of the Republican Guard in Mateem area detained ten people from the young people participating in the march, on Monday 05/09/2011 and they
confiscated their personal belongings including their phones and cameras.

Witnesses said that the protesters have been detained and taked by political security. Later during the day people condemned these behaviours in Ibb as well as Taiz attacks. They held the security authorities responsible for what may be suffered by young detainees. Demanding the Political Security Department to quickly release them.

Four names have been obtained out of the ten:
- Abdul Razzaq al-Olayan
- Mohammed Abdullah Ali
- Taj Aldeen Almoafaq
- Mahmoud Abdullah Afif.

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