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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Taiz Attack- May 8th

Aden: Three injured by live bullets by army in Mansoura when they attacked the protesters, they also arrested around 37 people from Mansoura, the attack took place at 7:00am
Taiz: Mass march in Ma'afer demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh without any rules; rejecting the Gulf initiative that do not state that as well as demanding the trail of the criminals that killed the youth peaceful protesters
Sources of Aljazeera: The road towards signing the agreement of power transfer in Yemen seems to have a dead end
Yemeni community in Switzerland is seeking to freeze the assets of those involved the suppression of the revolution
Tawakul Karman calls the JMP to join the youth revolution with all the sense of the word and urges revolutionaries to prepare for the big march
Tens of thousands gather in front of Education Office in Taiz planning to protest there and then start a march around the streets of Taiz. On the other hand, Taiz University students are protesting inside of the University building against the resumption of studying and the attacks that took place yesterday on the male and female students in Mafa'ar, Faculty of Arts which resulted in one martyr and tens of injured.
Hodeidah | Martyr and six wounded after starting live ammunition on a demonstration
Death of one child (15) and injury of 6 people at a demonstration denouncing the lack of cooking gas & drinking water in Hodeidah province
Youth revolution have reached one of the known streets of Taiz, Jamal St. -Misbah Round- after they have cut the street. News that they are escalating and making this street an extension of the Freedom Square. There are also calls to set up tents for sit-ins, and according to witnesses security committees have been perpared to start working in the borders of the area.

Mass march starting from Freedom Square in Taiz condemning the attack on the teachers in front of Office of Education which resulted in killing one and injuring 6.
While protesters were in front of the Education Office, they were attacked by security forces by live bullets. Two martyrs fell and 60 injured- 10 by live bullets and 50 by toxic gas. Names of the martyrs, Khaldoon Rashed Al-Absi and Hisham Abdullah Mohammed. Khaldoon passed away after he was transfered to Yemen International Hospital due to the seriousness of his condition.

Protesters in the Change Square of Sana'a are very upset and angry after hearing about the attacks in Taiz and news of one martyr and 6 injured teachers.
Masdar: Tribal gunmen cut the road between "Sana'a-Taiz" after injuring a tribal Sheikh by live bullets inside of the headquarters of Central Security in Dhamar
Campaign for civil disobedience all over Yemen 
Mohamed Abdel Wahab Al-Daba - Adviser of the Minister of Interior announced his resignation & his commitment in joining the youth of revolution
Allaw- delegate of the military police in Rada'a announcing joining the youth revolution from Sana'a podium
Downtown at Gamal street from Markazi market to Hekmah Hospital is fully occupied by protesters. Packed head to head and full of anger & defiance. Taiz 8th of May.
‎220 officers and soliders from the Ministry of Defence coumpound join the peaceful youth revolution
News of hearing heavy gunfire in the area of the sit-in -Jamal St.- This comes after the arrival of reinforcements to break up the sit-in
Sana'a Change Square- Really angry with what is happening in Taiz, calling for marching towards the presidential palace
Snipers on rooftops in Taiz today
Martyr Hisham Abdullah Mohammed
 attacks in Taiz today
New Change Square in Taiz- escalation to Jamal st. Tour around the place
  A phone call from the youth revolution in Taiz to the Change Square of Sana'a demanding escalation

A sisters words to her martyr brother!

Sister of martyr Khaldoon Al-Absi, Hana'a Al-Absi wrote on her Facebook page some very touching words that brought tears to the eyes of many people; they promised Allah and the martyrs and they will walk on the same road. "My brother fell as a martyr today.. when is retribution?? I am hurt, my father has tears in his eyes, my mother's heart is broken, his son is orphaned and his wife is widowed.. So how do I not reprise? Allah will get you Ali, I swear we will revenge" Hana'a said.

While Bushra Abdul Fatah added, "Rashood, this is how his dad calls him. This is Rashed, son of martyr Khalood Rashed Saeed Ahmad, the martyr that fell today in the protest in front of Education Office in Taiz. This picture was taken as soon as Rashed found out that his dad passed away, a broken heart is what Rashed has now. His dad wasn't holding a weapon, nor was he holding a knife, his dad was going around with water to help the protesters and gives them a drink. His dad held out his phone to video tape the snipers on rooftops of the Education Office and the building that has Al-Nagashi pharamcy under it. Snipers from security forces saw Khaldoon handing out water and documenting their crimes, they shot him directly and killed him."

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