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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

May 11th updates- Taiz!

Taiz: Security forces use live bullets and bombs heavily and directly on the protesters in Jamal st. ambulances reach the sit-in to help out
Urgent appeal: All the free brothers should go to Jamal St. to support the protesters that are now being attacked heavily by security forces and Republican Guards
Taiz: Witnesses: Fall of a couple of injured protesters due to live ammunition attacks by security forces
Taiz: Reports of a fall of a martyr due to being shot in the head when security forces broke into Jamal St.
 Security arrest one of the young protesters in Jamal St. in front of Education office- arresting Ahmad Said Al-Wafee (media center) with his firned to BerBasha prision at 7:45
Taiz: mass march of youth arrive to Jamal St. to support their brothers that got attacked by security forces a couple of minutes ago; appeal to everyone to go to Jamal St. to support the protesters
 Taiz: first injured protester arrives to field hospital in Freedom Square- critical condition shot in the neck
Taiz: Continuous heavy gunfire, also randomly fired at protesters in Jamal St. in Taiz
A martyr arrives to the field hospital in Freedom Square and an injured name is Anas Kamil Sharaf, from Humad
Aden: Comprehensive civil disobedience in Aden in the morning and news of gunfire in Mansoura, Abdulaziz district
 Injured in Taiz so far:

Taiz: Number of injures that arrived to field hospital in Freedom Square now are 5 in critical condition- shot in head, neck and abdomen 

Martyr in Taiz today:

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