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Monday, 16 May 2011

May 16th updates

Mass marches in Taiz demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh
Ibb city today in the funeral of martyrs of the massacre of last Friday "Friday, Loyalty to Sa'ada"

Al-Baydah Student March
Saleh requires to migrate 15 opposition members including Ali Muhsen in order to sign the Gulf Initiative.
All the free youth revolutionists around Yemen, independent youth and belonging to parties and tribes:
If you do not march to the presidential palace this Friday, on Sunday, Unity Day, the revolution will lose its meaning and be destroyed. There are sources that confrim that Ali Saleh has prepared for this day with many surprises to mess up how things go.
Tawakul Kurman, Change Square Stage: I trust the CCRYC and it is the best coalition of the youth that does not hurt/damage the revolution.
Mass march in Domt, and two female and male mass marches in Morais & Qataba demanding quick decisiveness and ignoring the initiatives.
Doctors in Kuwait Hospital in Sana'a reject the presence of any military forces in hospital & ask forces to evacuate within 24 hours.
Masdar: Employees of the company of Oil, Aden Branch, have started a total strike today
Women's march in Sana'a today denouncing the crimes of the regime, demanding its immediate departure and rejecting the Gulf Initiative

‎8 Million Fasting Campaign in Taiz: Breaking their fast together.

Gulf Source: The Gulf Initiative is the last chance to Yemen, and Ali Saleh either accepts or rejects it clearly!
Taiz march today condemned violence as well as called Saudi to stand by the people of Yemen
Inspite of all the wounds Sa'ada has been through, hundreds of thousands of Sa'ada residents marched this morning in a mass march confirming their steadfastness in the peaceful struggle until Ali Saleh's regime falls.

Tunisia condemns the repression and violent acts against the peaceful protesters in Yemen and calls for a peaceful solution to achieve the demands of the people.
Taiz: Tareq Al-Jalal was shot by a live bullet in the head last Sunday by security forces in Jamal St. he was transfered to Yemen National Hospital; he passed away today May 16th.
Fahd Al-Menefi from the Supreme Monsaqeya of the Youth Revolution: THere is not marching towards the presidential palace, we don't want to shed blood. We will escalate through civil disobedience until the fall of the regime. Marching (escalation) includes many meanings, we keen on keeping it a peaceful and cultural revolution.
Cleaning campiagn in Sana'a organized by the youth of Change Square is taking place now

First Children Forum in Change Square of Sana'a
Jordanian docotors succeded in planting another tongue to the poet, Al-Remshi whose tongue was cut off by unknown people in Yemen
More photos from today in Change Square of Sana'a

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