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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hood Human Rights Org Docs+ Press Conference-on mass graves, other violations

From Hood Human Rights Organization

Press conference was held today. Documents are below and videos are here in Arabic. The first document is the doctor's report referring to the bodies chopped up found in garbage cans in Beit Bous. It is one of the most promiment and also is the most quoated human rights organization in the Yemeni Press.

The conference discussed U.S. involvment supporting Saleh. Meanwhile, below are leaked documents to them about mass graves. Their spokesperson, Burman spoke to Mareb Press News Agency and stated that there were mass graves and bodies chopped up were found in garbage cans in Sanaa, distant Beit Bous suburb. Previously there was a report by Hood on 3 chopped up bodies found in a well at Beit Boos. These bodies were found after 100 taken hostage this past Weds. reports of the parts of the three corpses in a well surfaced after the last major massacre in Sanaa. Photo from http://www.إخبارية.net/ that says 50 kidnapped protesters may have been executed

Part II
Part III

Hood received leaked govt docs on the existance of mass graves. A copy exists below.

Translation of the most significant highlights of Hood's Press conference May 15th in Sana'a 

National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms “HOOD” documents reveal the existence of a modern security cooperation relationship between the U.S. and Yemeni security is believed to be linked to the suppression of protests, which calls for ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Provided one of the documents attributed to William Mooney (a colonel in the U.S. Army, and the top U.S. military official in Yemen, and supplement the U.S. embassy in Sanaa) on January 17, 2011, carrying 252 addressed to the Yemeni Interior Minister Mutahar Rashad al-Masri, “that a U.S. military plane will arrive to Yemen where the plane will carry the equipment for special operations forces of Yemen and the Central Security Forces – and counter-terrorism unit. It is assumed that they arrived at Sana’a International Airport on January 19th, 2011.The shipment consists of RPG-7 launchers and special operations forces and indicators of risk and ammunition, smoke and light weapons and packs a safety valve for the Central Security Forces – and anti-terrorism units. As they have stated in the message to the American officer. According to Colonel William in his letter to the Egyptian brigade “All this equipment will be shipped by air directly to the Sana’a International Airport and to the representatives of the Central Security Forces and Special Operations Forces to receive such equipment."

 Hood Revealed another documents addressed to the commander of Central Security from Rashad al-Masri, Minister of Interior on 07.04.2011 letter number (1130 p.) emphasizes that gas bombs being used in the suppression of protesters are already expired and is damaging to health. The letter "with reference to the note by the Attorney-General (...) attached a copy of the medical report prepared by the committee charged with exploring the fact about the gas bombs that were used in the riots. That report concluded that the gas bombs that were used are already expired and must not be used in such cases , So  (. ..) We stress the need not to use this type of bombs since it cause serious & damaging  health problems. 

Another document revealed some security instructions of pursuing medical ambulances, which believed to be carrying the wounded protesters, who were shot by security forces and arrest them. In addition to private cars, believed to be belonging to activists or supporters of the revolution. That document was dated on April 28th, 2011 and was from the Ministry of Interior to the Director of Capital Security , directors of the security of the provinces, General Manager of Investigation , Director General of Traffic, the central security , police for help,  political security, national security, the Republican Guards and military police. The Document was appended below the name of 1st Lieutenant Abdullah Mohammed Jaman (Alternate operations officer)  and Major General corner Sadik Saleh Haid (General Manager of Operations). In that letter, the following was mentioned  "requiring a research, investigation and arrest of the following cars immediately:

Medical ambulance Color White Model 2010 plate number  (11760 / 1 ) private.
Medical ambulance Color white 2010 model plate number  (11751 / 1) private.
Medical ambulance Color white 2010 model plate number  (11752 / 1) private.
Vitara car Color white 2009 model plate number  (93059 / 1) private.
Vitara car Color white 2010 model plate number  (55328 / 1) private.
Mercedes green Color plate number (19956 / 3) private."

Other document with No. (2 / 602) on 28.04.2010 AD, from the Ministry of Interior to the same security services mentioned in the previous document,  requesting the arrest of any person from an area called “ Bait AL’Aley” located in Al-hima and any person from AL-Hadab area, wherever they are being found (these areas are within the outskirts of Sana’a), "and inform us with the results of execution, since that is critical and significant security issue." These instructions  seem to be related to the clashes that took place between the forces of the Republican Guard recently and tribes over those areas.

Hood also spoke of its possession of official documents reveal the crimes committed by official orders and official complicity to conceal, other crimes committed, related to some political backgrounds.
Hood confirmed that it received information and testimonies written and documented about the central security forces and gunmen in civilian clothes attacking the demonstrators with live bullets, sharp weapons and poison gas on Saturday night 04/09/2011 in Zubairy Street and Ring Road, which led to the downfall of a number of dead and wounded. Hood quoted witnesses saying that "Nearly 20 people were pulled to some personnel carriers and government vehicles transferred to an unknown destination and their  injuries were at the head, neck, chest, abdomen and some of them had died." Also, confirmed that it had received "certificates for a mass graves in the area of “ Bait Boss , body parts were found in trash barrels in that area, it is believed it belong to  protesters who were arrested during the massacre of Kentucky Round in Sana'a. Attorney General has received a notification of this."
Below is the doctors' report on the body parts found in Beit Bous.

The document below is orders to pursue following cars, including ambulances
Medical ambulance Color White Model 2010 plate number (11760 / 1 ) private.

Medical ambulance Color white 2010 model plate number (11751 / 1) private.

Medical ambulance Color white 2010 model plate number (11752 / 1) private.

Vitara car Color white 2009 model plate number (93059 / 1) private.

Vitara car Color white 2010 model plate number (55328 / 1) private.

Mercedes green Color plate number (19956 / 3) private."

It says in document below that smoke bombs are expired and cause long term health problems, addressed to the interior minister Mr. Maisari

January 17 -2011- Doc below on receiving weapons from U.S. cc: Minister of Interior

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