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Friday, 20 May 2011

May 20th: Unity of the People!

Taiz: youth are preparting to what they called "Intifada" by daily demonstrations twice a day, to get back Jamal st and sit-in there and some other steps that have not been disclosed, and according to the source they are calling everyone to join in and participate in the revolutionary character and refusing initiatives to correct the youth revolution away from delays and to speed up the overthrowing of Saleh's regime.
Aden: a call to all the squares today to perform Friday prayer in Moala, main street, Martyr Madram St. and there will be chairty dishes and a play by Aden Gulf Group and some revolutionary songs to revive the sit-in in Moala, everyone please go there.
Ibb: Youth revolution force the Republican Guards to leave Dairi round, and crowds are starting to gather for Friday prayer for "The Unity of People"
Ibb: Youth revolution force the Republican Guards to leave Dairi round, and crowds are starting to gather for Friday prayer for "The Unity of People"
Friday preacher in 70th St. verbally attacks Tawakul Kurman and likening her as Hind Bint Otba and says shes hungry for blood.
Millions of Yemenis are demonstrating in all of Yemeni cities demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh.
Random and heavy gunfire in Abyan in Zanjabar
Taiz: Preacher: Oh you JMP you have been bitten hundreds of times from the regime, haven't you learnt yet?
Saleh sent out an invitation to journalists to attend a military parade on Sunday because of the 21st anniversary of Yemeni Unity, but the youth stressed that they are preparing for a "carnival ceremony" for this occasion.

The official media committe for the celebration Waleed Al-Amari said that it will happen in 60th street in Sana'a where all groups of Yemen will participate wearing their specail uniform, under the slogan, "There is no initiative, no dialouge, leaving is the last choice."
Mareb Press: Sources said that Saleh attempted to maneuver with the U.S. official saying " Do you want me to transfer authority to Al-Qaida and Muslim Akhwan?" The U.S official answered, "You will transfer power to your deputy and not to Al-Qaida."
Sana'a: 60th St. Preacher: Addressing Saleh's supporters, we came out for your children because they're without clothing, without medication, without education, they deserve a dignified life, how can you accuse us of misguidance and prostitution. Addressing Gulf Countries, thanking them and describes their initiatives as medicine that does not work in cases that medication can't cure. The lenghtening of the initiative turns it into a conspiracy.
About 2 million people gathered on Friday, The Unity of the People in 69th st. in Sana'a demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh before forcing him out and trailing him with his regime.

Preacher in 60th St. The Gulf Initiative ended from the very first drop of blood by the regime's bullets.
Thousands protest in Aden, Ataq, Hota and Lahj demanding the end of Saleh's regime.
Ali Saleh in 70th Square calls for early presidential elections to prevent bloodshed. He did not mention the signing of the Gulf Initiative.
Ali Saleh: Calling all the GCC to use white glasses and not black ones to see.
Taiz: Gunfire near Al-Sha'ab School after a short period of time from ending Friday prayer
Politicians: Saleh's speech is a lose and shows the size of pressure that is exerted on him internally, regionally and internationally.
Activist Bushra Al-Maktary: The early elections issue will bring us back to the square before the revolution. The problem is that the opposition know Ali Saleh so well and we see that they are dragged into a political dilemma and not revolutionary work. Ali Saleh is betting on civil war.
Tawakul Kurman to AJA: Saleh only works to be a sheep sponsor rather than a presidential election sponsor. We are going to take off the Yemeni regime and his family members from power and the President from his chair.
Jamal Al-Maleki to AJA: I think that the regime gives an analysis fo its paradoxical talk more than it deserves that no one can analyze it. They are scared for themselves and they do not care about the people and the country. Every opportunity given t Ali Saleh, gives him another chance for more blood shed.
Tareq Al-Shami to AJA: Saleh will sign the Gulf Initiatve this Sunday and the early elections that he called for today are the same as the ones that are set in the initiative after 60 days.
Youth are calling all the businessmen for a civil disobedience tomorrow from 8am to 12 pm- as they are calling upon all the Yemeni people to attend the carnival cermony for Yemen Unity in 60th St at 9 am.
Mareb Press: In a meeting that all the ruling family leaders weren't present in; all the corners of Saleh's regime in the country and the party want Ali Saeh to resign and Defense Minister announces that he cannot resolve the revolution in a military way.
Ali Emad to AJA: If JMP did not join the youth, they will leave with the regime.
Taiz: Over a million and a half of protesters attend and participate in Friday, The Unity of the People and perform Friday prayer in Freedom Square, they demand the immediate departure of Ali Saleh.
Taiz today, No north, no south, our unity is in the heart!
Hodeidah march

Hodeidah: Saleh's thugs are attacking citizens cars in the streets of Hodeidah
Tens of thousands came out in Aden today in mass marches demanding immediate departure of Ali Saleh after Friday Prayer as well as, Ataq, Hota went out in mass marches demanding the same thing. 
Friday prayer in Ibb:
A peaceful mass march in Shabwa started from coalition camp to Omar Bin Abdulaziz Mosque in Ataq.

Football player Waseem Al-Qa'ar 's brother was killed by army's bullets in Abyan
Yemen National TV: Youth in the Change Square are wearing black glasses that are made in Iran and Israel
Ibb: After Republican Guards occupied Dairi St. thousands of youth surrounded them from every side, and with the increasing pressure of the youth, the Republican Guards called the Governor that arrived to the scene. After negotiations the governor was able to save the Republican Guards from them, prayer was performed in the specified location.  
Security reinforcements in Ibb
Governor of Ibb trying to mediate to help the Republican Gaurds in Ibb
Mareb Press: President of the Arab Parliament demands to trail Saleh and Assad for committing massacres against their people and their revolutions.
More of Dhamar marches- "Ali Leave now or we will march towards the 70th St."
Ali Saleh's speech
Rada'a, Al-Baydah Friday in Prayer;  Al-Baydah today: Leave after Ziyani!
Abyan: Clashes that took place in Zanjabar and lasted for two hours during Friday prayer resulted in one person killed in Masemeer district by a random bullet that was fired by security forces after security forces attacked a security point on Amodia point in Zanjabar.
One dead and two injured due to clashes between army and gunmen in Abyan
Tens injured in constant attacks by Saleh's thugs on the youth protesters in Hodeidah
‎35 anti government protesters injured when attacked by security forces in Hodieda province near Change Square.
Dr. Yaseen Saeed Noman: News of replacing Basendwa in signing the Gulf Initiative is not true.
Mass marches in Hadramout demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh and his corrupted regime.
Mass marches in Crater and Mansoura rejecting any initiative that gives guarantees to Saleh and his regime and they are demanding the prosecution of the regime.
Hajjah: Mass march arriving to Freedom Square today. 
Sa'ada march today
Unity of the People, Friday, Sana'a chantings- very powerful!
Mareb Press: U.S authorities arrest 17 Yemeni merchant officials who tried to withdraw funds that belong to officials in Saleh's regime outside the U.S fearing of freezing their assets.
Mass march from Freedom Square towards Jamal St in Taiz demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh
Masdar: Tens of thousands protest in Dhamar against Ali Saleh and a child dies in an exchange of bullets. 
An angry man telling Ali Saleh to leave as soon as possible
Three people were detained last night in Bani Harith point by Republican Guards:
- Ali Hamed Mothafar
- Emad Ali Mothafar
- Adel Mohammed Hameed Mothafar
Dr. Azmi Bishara: JMP should stop using the youth in the Squares as a reserved army forces to achieve their political gains.
 Footage from 70th Square supporting Ali Saleh taken by activists that are pro-democracy
Major General Ali Mohsen: We support the Gulf Initiative and I will resign as soon as the President leaves.  
Taiz night march 






 Yafai & Al-Baydah 

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