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Saturday, 21 May 2011

May 21st updates!

Thugs attack the headquarters of Al-Oula newspaper and attack one of its staff members, Hassan Saeed Hassan
The truth of Yarim citizens that walked from Yarim to Sana'a to support Ali Saleh- they were all taken out from prisons!
 Youth decide to make their own stage in front of the old university because the one in the Change Square is run by the JMP

‎10:40 am: Security forces are beating Hodeidah University with batons and riffels that are protesting in front of the University to postpone studies and exams. 5 injuries
Republican Guards break into Central Security camps in Sana'a yesterday and impartial the weapons from the members and searched the wards in a provocative way after Free Coalition of Central Security was formed and issued a statement that calls for the revolution. The statement is as followed.
Masdar: Basendwah says that the opposition told the intermediaries in Sana'a that they can't sign the Gulf Initiative on Sunday because of previous commitments and they are ready to sign on Monday.
Another video of Ali Saleh supporters yesterday on Friday in 70th square
Arabia: Saleh: The Gulf Initiative is a coup process but we will deal with it.
In a military parade that the observers described as narrow, Saleh describes the Gulf Initiative as a coup plot and that he will accept it because hes forced to. He threatens to prosecute the corrupted in an induction speech to what he has left from security forces.
French Agency: Secertary General of GCC heads to Sana'a today
Al-Thawra Newspaper: President Saleh will deliver an important speech this evening to the Yemeni people
Al-Zandani emphasizes the need for the president's signature on the Gulf Initiative tomorrow, he calls upon all forces to form a political front to put pressure for implementation.
Tareq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh: Signing the Gulf Initiative is a brave step to save Yemeni blood
A person who is very close to senior Yemeni officials reports to Zandani that there are some warplanes that will bomb his house, demanding him to leave the house immediately.
The warning came yesterday night.
Radfan, Dalii, Yafai, Sabeha, Abyan and Shabwa citizens are still arriving to Abdulaziz district in Aden to participate in the Southern Movement festival this afternoon
AJA: The youth of change in Mukalah are rejecting the Gulf Initiative and demanding the immediate departure of Ali Saleh
AJA: 30 people injured in security forces attack on teachers and students who were protesting inside of Hodeidah University campus.
Mohammed Al-Mutawakil: The opposition will sign the Gulf Initiative tonight.
Mareb Press: Ali Saleh will sign the Gulf Initiative at 7:00pm
Following an extraordinary meeting chaired by Saleh
National Defense Council says that major politicial, economical, and military decisions will be announced in the coming days; will also accuse the JMP of being alliance with Al-Qaida
A female march in Sana'a thanked Qatar and the Kuwaiti Parliament, condemned the silence of the Arab League and called Security Council to trail Saleh.
Secertary General of GCC, Abdullateef Al-Zayani arrives to Sana'a to comeplete his mediation efforts as requested by the Yemeni government
AJA: Yemeni opposition politcian: President Saleh will sign the Gulf Initiative tonight.  
Mareb Press: The ones that will sign the Gulf Initiative; GCP:
President Saleh
Dr. AbdulKarim Al-Eryani
Mr. Sadeq Abu Ras
Mr. Ahmad Bin Daghr
Dr. Amat Al-Razaq
Dr. Qassim Salam
Dr. Yasin Saeed Noman
Mr. Abdulwahab Al-Anesi
Mr. Hassan zaid
Mr. Sakhr Al-Wajeeh
AJA: The opposition will sign the Gulf Initiative tonight and Saleh will sign it tomorrow.
AJA: 35 injured and 75 cases of gas suffocation after security forces attacked students in Hodeidah University today
Security forces attacking Hodeidah University Students:
Hodeidah University: Beaten by 5 thugs and no one could hospitalize him 
Injured in Hodeidah today 
Bullet fragment on one of the student protesters in Hodeidah Univeristy today
Doctor in Hodeidah: The cases that arrive to us are the same ones that we see on TV happening in Gaza. There is no difference between here and Israel.
A march went out today morning in Taiz and an unprecedented deployment of security forces, strange thing is that the soliders are from the new recruits; reinforcements in all the entrances to the government facilities.
Civil disobedience in Yemen resulted in:
- Aden 90%
- Taiz, Lahj, Ibb, Shabwa, Hodeidah, Al-Baydah, Dhamar, Hadramout 85%
- Sana'a 60%
Civil disobedience in Taiz
Resignation of Sheikh Ahmad Saleh Al-Falahi Manager of Yahya Al-Raee office - member of house of representatives
Ali Saleh's speech today.
AJA: Secertary General of Southern Movement, Abdullah Hassan Al-Nakhebi: The youth revolution led us to review our letters calling for separation from the north
According to the Secretary-General of the Council of Democratic Independent Youth, more that 17 youth from 04 movement are still detained in the First Armord Division camp because of their defense of the female that was attacked by Islah party in front of Change Square Stage two days ago. Some of their names:

- Eyad Al-Gabzi
- Mohammed Farhan
- Fadel Moghalas
- Yaqoob Al-Mekhlafi
- Raidan Al-Azazi
- Emad Al-Shebebi
Arabia: Opposition signed the third edition of the Gulf Initiative today in Mohammed Salem Basendwah's house away from the media.
Taiz: 12 Military crews are based in Jamal St to prevent any sit-in as well as groups of armed thugs by weapons and batons camping inside the Education Office in Taiz 
Some of the names of the thugs in Education Office in Taiz are:
- Ammar Al-Qadi
- Ameer Mohammed Ahmad
- Nashwan Al-Borah
- Nashwan Kuwati
Mareb Press: The Standing Committe of the GCP will announce in a meeting tomorrow its rejection of the Gulf Initiative and will ask Saleh not to resign.
Leaders and members of Yemeni Association Party in Al-Baydah annouce their resignation from the party and join the youth revolution assuring their full support to achieve the demands and goals of the revolution.
Sa'ada: Fireworks in Sa'ada to celebrate 21st anniversary for Yemens Unity.
Saudi: Sheikh Ayed Al-Qarani calls Saleh to immediatly resign and let go of power. He called in an urgent message to the Yemeni people for amnesty and save the status of the president.
Abdu Al-Jendi to AJA:
- The GCP and the President announced that we will sign the Gulf Initiative and we consider it a major victory for the President because he is the first Arab leader that his people stand by his side for 4 months in a crisis.

- Saleh will stay a president of the ruling party and will run for elections as another candidate and will succeed.

- JMP leaders are the first ones to go to prison if chaos took place in the country.

- JMP party will vary soon and everyone will go after their claim.

- Huthi's, Al-Qaida and JMP will differ after they win it.

- Ali Abdullah Saleh will resign with his head held up high.
Mohammed Al-Moqbeli to AJA:
- We are betting on the great protesters in the sit-ins in Change Square, and our slogan is the people want to overthrow the regime and not change him.

- We are betting that the revolution is field work and not political and we will not lift the sit-ins and what is required is the departure of this regime.

- We will deal with JMP as a part of the regime.
Mohammed Qahtan to AJA:
- The most person that you cannot expect his actions is President Saleh.
Ahmad Al-Sofi to Arabia: If the sit-ins are not lifted, then the presidents signature of the Gulf Initiative is just ink on paper.
Abdullateef Al-Zayani meeting ended a couple of minutes ago with the opposition in Basendwah's house in the presence of the U.S Ambassador, British Ambassador, European Union and they discussed the final arrangements of the initiative that will be signed tomorrow by Saleh.
Basendwah signing the Gulf Initiative
Masdar: President Saleh turns against the initiative again and requires the presence of the opposition in the Presidential Palace to sign the Gulf initiative and says that he does not recognize/believe in any signature in the "closed rooms"
AJA: Youth Revolution in Taiz: We will continue in the revolution road until we overthrow the regime
Youth's opinion on the Gulf Initiative in Taiz today
Youth opinions of the Gulf Initiative in Sana'a

Regarding the JMP signature of the Gulf Initiative
We are the peaceful youth revolution, we are renewing our firm rejection to the Gulf Initiative that does not represent our revolution at all. We consider it a disregard to the rights of the Yemeni people and a clear convolution on the revolution. Signing the Gulf Initiative by the opposition is an insult to the blood of the martyrs and an underestimation to the demands of the youth's revolution for a political settlement shared by the regime and the opposition. We emphasize that dependency time has long gone, the people are the ones holding the only decision in determining their fate. No one has the right to give out guarantees and immunity and forget about the Yemeni people's rights to those who looted the rights and shed the blood of its citizens.

Hence, we stress that we are continuing our protests in the different Squares and in escalating our peaceful struggle until the remaining parts of this dying regime falls. Also, until we acheive all the goals of our revolution and establish a modern civil country that guarantees freedom, justice, equality security and peace of mind for the revolution and to the friendly countries. Where a Yemeni person can resotre his own freedom, dignity and sovereignty.

Glory and Eternity for the Martyrs, Victory for the Revolution, Long Live Free Yemen 

Mohammed Qahtan: We do not guarantee the lifting of the sit-ins; the youth revolution have clear goals and we want to establish a modern democratic civil country. This revolutionary situation will remain even after the departure of Ali Saleh.
Celebtrations in Hodeidah today- 21st anniversary of Yemen's Unity
 Ibb celebrations
A food convoy arrived to Ibb today from Al-Qafar governate
 Al-Zindani press conference:
Taiz tonight, heavy spread of security forces
Saleh thugs cut Asir round -60th St. protesting against his intentions of signing the Gulf Initiative. Thugs cut streets in Sana'a: Zubairi St, Al-Qa'a St., Al-Qasr St, Al-Adl St., with heavy deployment of armed thugs and that is to cut the road in front of the citizens in 60th St to celebrate Unity Day that will start at 9 am in the largest street in Sana'a.

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