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Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday May 13th + Ibb Attack and casualities list

Saleh reportedly brining African mercenaries into Sana'a. The video was leaked by some security forces who defected. The officers confirm around 3000 africans are sent to Sana'a everyday.
Heavy gunfire in Zinjabar, Abyan right now
Rahel Press: Reinforcements to the central security that are around the Change Square in Sana'a in case they get orders to break into the Square at dawn before Friday prayer.
News from soldiers in Republican Guards forces that orders have been given to them to use excessive force
Al-Arabia: Yemen: 5 soldiers killed in ambush in Marib
Taiz: Unprecedented Security presence on a number of exits in the sit-ins especially Jamal St, Taiz and heavy presence of central security
Unknown people in one car are attacking a security point in Bayhan Directorate in Shabwa- three soldiers dead and they escape.

Unknown car owned by the people of the region, killed 4 soldiers in Sarwah distric in Marib at dawn and escapes.
Taiz: Breaking in to Jamal St in Taiz today and firing live bullets on the protesters there- major arrests taking place
Yemen News Agency Saba in Taiz was closed down by the people
Heavy gunfire in Jamal St. in Taiz
Taiz: Heavy gunfire on a march that is coming from Al-Qadi valley and heading to Freedom Square to perform Friday prayers by the director of security of Al-Mothafar directorate and his military crew- reports of injuries
Mass marches in the streets of Dhamar condemning the Saleh's massacres and demanding his immediate departure
Preacher in Sana'a: Judge Mohammed Al-Bashiq
Preacher in Taiz: Tawheeb Al-Dobai
Martyrs processions for Saleh's massacres are in Sana'a, Taiz, Al-Baydah and Hodeidah and millions of angry people chanting, The more violence there is, the faster your time is up
Three injured by live bullets on their way to Freedom Square in Taiz
Millions of Yemeni attended this Friday in the different squares of Yemen
Protesters in Taiz chanting to march towards the Presidential Palace
Mass march in Hodeidah demanding the fall of the regime and the marching towards the Presidetial Palace
Ibb: Heavy gunfire and gas bombs thrown at the protesters in Al-Odian in Ibb
Saleh's crowds in the 70th Square are leaving the area after his speech finished and hearing voices of people asking them to stay for a couple of more minutes.
Reuters: Protesters set fire on an armed vehicle owned by the Republican Guards in Ibb
Heavy clashes between Republican Guards and protesters in Al-Odain round in Ibb and reports of 50 injured by gas bombs and 3 by live bullets
Al-Baydah governer and Security Commander attempted to break into central prision to free the man who killed the protesters yesterday in Al-Baydah
Ali Saleh's speech today
Mohammed Al-Maqalih to AJA: The members of the 1st Armored Division should stop preventing the protesters from responding truly to the President; there is a revolution and there are massive parties tryin to curb
Youth in Ibb arrest 2 of the Republican Guards soldiers and burn a riot water cannon
Prisoners Organization condemned the use of prisoners to attend Saleh's Friday in the 70th Square
Four injured in Taiz one of them is in critical condition
Observers: Ali Saleh called for civil war in his speech today; a crime clearly spoken by him
Ibb today 
Burning a tanker resulting in 15 wounded soldiers in Al-Dairi Sq. in Ibb after Friday prayer
Reports of one martyr and 20 injured in Ibb so far due to security forces attack
Reports of martyrs falling in Ibb by Republican Guards bullets and the youth are holding on with bare chests; Republican Guards escape to Al-Subl district in Al-Odian side
Clashes in Ibb- Injuries
Al-Sharqeya preacher in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia address the people to pray for the revolution in Yemen and Libya, he said that they have lived in injustice and the least thing you could do is to pray for them
A number of snipers are stationed at the residence of the Health Sciences Higher Institue in Agriculture Street in Sana'a
Over 50 youth protesters have been arrested this morning in Taiz after security forces in civilian uniforms attacked them in Jamal St. they are now in CID
Ibb, Al-Manar Hospital: 12 injured protesters and the number is still increasing- in touch with other hospitals to get the full number. Gunfire is still continuous
Ibb's mass march after Friday prayer
Appeal to the people of Ibb to go to Al-Dairi district.

Appeal to the people of Aden to gather at the squares there particularly, Freedom Square in Crater and Martyrs Square in Mansoura
Number of martyrs in Ibb rises to 3 so far after one of the injured protesters passed away now in Al-Sehfa Hospital
Injured child today in Ibb by gas bombs and beating
 One of the youth got shot in the neck in  Ibb
Tareq Al-Shami to BBC: There isn't any soldier holding a weapon in any of the cities of Yemen under what the President said; JMP's accusisons are all false
Hudrends of thousands demonstrating in Sa'ada and praising the honorable stand of Qatar in withdrawing from the Gulf Initiative
Youth in Ibb in the sit-in appeal to all the doctors to come to the Square, and appeal to the pharmacies to provide medication as well
Thugs on rooftops shooting on the protesters in Ibb
Ibb: 30 members of military police join the youth today in Ibb after they saw the Republican Guards shooting the protesters while praying
Ibb revolutionaries laying siege to one of the armor
Al-Arabia: Opposition: The Gulf Initiative is dead.
Ibb's clashes
Name of the first martyr in Ibb today: Ali Naje Al-Aromi
Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar calling his army members and security forces to break Saleh's orders
 Injured protesters fall due to gas bomb inhalation
 First martyr in Ibb
Ibb: VERY touching!!! Praying in case they get shot and die
 Friday in Sana'a:
Taiz: Youth mass march is heading towards Jamal St. to get it back after security forces broke in this morning
Friday in Hodeidah- raising Qatar's flag!
Ibb's report on today's attacks by the Republican Gaurds:
3 martyrs so far:
- Nasr Saleh Al-Ghashmi
- Ali Nasser Al-Aromi
- Unknown.
Over 50 injured by live bullets, 10 of them in critical condition
Over 1000 injured by gas bombs
Hajjah's mass march that reached Freedom Square
Injured protester in Ibb telling what actually happened- kidnapping injured protesters
Taiz: Youth gain recontrol of Jamal St. and they call upon all the free people to come out and support them
Female and male mass marches taking place in Aden
Death of soldier belonging to 1st Armored Division when they were attacked in their camp in Bani Matar by gunmen belonging to the ruling party.
Mass march in Mukalah heading towards the governate building and chanting to depart Saleh and trail him
Taiz chanting today- very powerful
Martyrs funeral in Agriculture St. in Sana'a today 
News of heavy gunfire in Zinjabar, Abyan; electricity went out.
Very strong- Sana'a today
Martyr Khaldoon Rashed's sister speaking from Egypt and Egyptians chating the fall of Ali Saleh! 
IBB : Medical sources from the field hospital in Ibb confirmed that that 7 of the 51 wounded were shot by the Republican Guard this afternoon, were in critical condition and undergoing surgery in a number of private hospitals in the city
Urgent | Taiz : Security forces start firing on protesters in front of the Office of Education in Jamal Street, and chases them away from the sit-in to street branches and neighborhoods
Urgent Appeal | IBB : An urgent appeal to Doctors / Surgeons for Vascular Surgery to help save lives of the wounded in hospitals (Al-Ameen, Alrwad, Dar-Alshfia, and Almanar)

The wounded in the field hospital in the freedom square of Ibb call for an immediate delivery of aid materials.
Azmi Bishara to Al-Jazeera |
- Youth of the Yemeni revolution are holding on hot coals as they can be armed but they chose not to, yet the security forces attack them.
- The Yemeni regime lost its legitimacy by using aggressive violence on the peaceful protesters. Basically Yemeni president's regime was originally an illegal regime because it was founded on an incorrect and unfair elections.
List of the injured in Ibb today:
1. Moad AlGhazali
2. Anees Mohammed
3. Hamzah Sadeq Mohammed Alnathary
4. Ali Mohammed Yahya Alnathary
5. Sultan Abdullah Qassem Alhadrami
6. Mohammed Abdulraqeeb Farea
7. Mohammed Ali Alhajri
8. Mohammed Abdo Ali
9. Haitham Mohammed Qassem
10. Abdulmajeed Sadeq Aljbri
11. Hodaifa AbdulAleem
12. Ashraf Abdulsalam Ajama’i
13. Hassan Abdulwahab Alshoja’
14. Taha Abdulkareem Alhassani
15. Sultan Yahya Ali Noman
16. Mohammed Taher Abdo Naji
17. Hodayfa Ahmed Abdo Saeed Alawadi
18. Ashraf Abdulrahman Abdullah Alosaimi
19. Nader Abdo Ali Aljama’i
20. Makrm Sadeq Ahajri
21. Khaleel Hamd Alnahmi
22. Salah Mohammed Mohammed Aljar’i
23. Saddam Hassan Mohammed Alzuhairi
24. Tariq Noman Ali Hezam
25. Bader Mohammed Nasher Alhalemi
26. Farooq Khalid Saeed Alhubaishi
27. Thabet Saleh Bin Saleh
28. Ziad Ahmed Abdo
29. Moneer Alsadeq
30. Ibrahim Ahmed Alafif
31. Haitham Yahya Aldoayes
32. Afan Shayef Alhemiari
33. Ahmed Mohammed Awad
34. Jehad Abdo Alhemiari
35. Adel Abdo Mohammed Alba’dani
36. Adam Ali Altaweel
37. Ramzy Qassim Alamri
38. AbdulHafeeth Mohammed Alzuhairi
39. Abdulghani Karsh
40. Mohammed Abdulrahim Aljama’i
41. Mohammed Qassim Alomaisi
42. Salah Qassim Alsayad
43. Ameen Ali Mohammed Almadah
44. Ali Abdulghani Alharethy
45. Haitham Mohammed Abdo Hussien
46. AbdulFatah Abd Alhaj
47. Zakaria Hamoud Altwaiti
48. Yousef Awad Alhaj
49. Ali Hassan Ahmed Alfaqeh
50. Suliman Hassan Alsamawi
51. Ammar Mohammed Rajeh
52. Mohammed Yahya Alnuzaiki
53. Mohammed Fahd Alatab
54. Saddam Hassan Almatari
55. Abdulrahman Rhabet Adnan
56. Imran Naji Ali Saeed
57. Ma’moon Mohammed Alashwal
58. Adnan Sa’d Mohammed Qar’a
59. Haitham Taha Ali Abdullah
60. Yousef Yahya Aljabri
61. Fahmi Abdo Shaheeq
62. Ali Mohammed Alshu’aibi
63. Faisal Abdullah Alshwai’a
64. Taher Abdo Ahmed
65. Najeeb Abdo Qassim
66. Ali Mohammed Aljama’i
67. Nashwan Mohammed Ali
68. Moath Nasser Aljabri
69. Ahmed AbdoDayem Alshareef
70. Taher Ali Alshar’abi
71. Mokhtar Abdo Alsmah
72. Sharaf Aldeen Hassan Alothmani
73. Mohammed Ali Mohsen
74. Saddam Abdo Altaweel
75. Abdulrahman Hassan Alsamawi
76. Yousef Abdulkareem Shahra
77. Yahya Ali Mashrah
78. Abdulrahman (8 years old)
79. Yousef Abdullah Ahmed
80. Essam Qassim Ala’qab
81. Fuad Abdulrazaq Alhamdani
82. Mohammed Taher Alhaji
83. Askar Abdullah Hamood
84. Ibrahim Mohammed Alsati
85. Bahan Ahmed Aqeel
86. Fares Saleh Basha
87. Thabet Mohammed Alkhulaidi
88. Sultan Abdullah Althawabi
89. Fares Mohammed Saeed Moharram
90. Yasser Ahmed Alwajeeh
91. Ammar Ali Alabqari
92. Jameel Yahya Alma’lamah
93. Azam Ameen Qassem
94. Moath Abdullah Ali
95. Ali Abdulghani Alharethi
96. Ameen Ahmed Alburaihi
97. Sameer Mohammed Hassan Aljama’i
98. Sultan Yahya Alyafrosi
99. Belal Ameen Yahya
100. Saddam Abdo Moqbel
101. Saleh Ahmed Alba’dani
102. Mohammed Abdulsalam Alsabar
103. Moayed Abdulhakeem Almahdi
104. Burhan Ahmed Aqeel
105. Ameen Abdo Mor’i
106. Nezar Najeeb Mahdi
107. Mohammed Ameen Ahmed
108. Taher Abduljaleel Alshameeri
109. Majed Abdullah Alsurayhi
110. Safwan Mohammed Alamari
111. Hothaifa Mohammed Farhan
112. Ali Naji Alaromi (martyr)
113. Nabeel Khasafa
114. Belal Mohammed Qassim
115. Yaseen Ahmed Alhashidi
116. Baraq Ali Qaid Alburq
117. Ali Morshed Saeed
118. Abdo Mohammed Qassem
119. Hisham Alba’dani
120. Yousef Ali Zayed
121. Taha Ali Hazaa
122. Sami Mutahar
123. Mubarak AbdAlshami
124. Abdulfatah Abdalsabahi
125. Shafeeq Saleh Harshan (Shot in the leg)
126. Nasr Abdullatif Saleh Alzenan (Shot in the head)
127. Majed Ahmed Ameen Senan
128. Hesham Alfaqeh
129. Osama Mohammed Qaid Alfaqeeh (Shot in the leg)
130. Mubarak Abdo Alsam’i
131. Taha Ali Hazaa
132. Abdo Mohammed Hazaa
133. Hisham Alba’dani
134. Yousef Ali Zayed
135. Safr Ali
136. Rashad Nasr Saleh Alghashm (martyr)
137. Mohammed Ali Abdulrahman Ata
138. Abdullah Almanari
139. Abdullah Yahya Olwah
140. Mohammed Ali Abdo Ata
141. Salah Alsharafi
142. Moath Ahmed Ali
143. Abduljabar Thabet
144. Mohammed Abdulhamed Alba’dani
145. Walid Mohsen Mohammed Ahmed
146. Abdulraqeeb Mansoor Mohammed
147. Yassir Ahmed Mohammed Alomaisi
148. Ammar Abdulrazaq Aljarash
Taiz now : The attacks to disperse the sit-in in Jamal Street at 10:04 pm
Urgent | Taiz : Withdrawal of the security forces from Jamal street and a group of youth come back to sit-in; for the second time revolutionaries of Taiz take back control of Jamal Street
Organizing Committee calls upon all businessmen and traders to close their business/shops on Saturday morning as part of the escalation of civil disobedience in order to overthrow the regime.
Tariq al-Shami to Al-Jazeera: It is normal to address that the Yemeni people will stop any attempts to march on government institutions.
Mohamed Qahtan to Al-Arabia : President Saleh declared war today, May 13th 
Safwat El Zayat, a military expert from Egypt, at the end of a dialogue with him about the situation in Yemen for Democratic newspaper:
"What I like to stress on is that what is happening in Yemen is quite different from what is happening in Libya, The air force, as well as the heavy weapons, are not very effective in Yemen's case, in addition to the absence of the element of foreign mercenaries, and I think we are going to say" bye bye "to a Saleh's regime in the few coming days"
Hearing the sound of heavy shooting now at this moment in areas close to Freedom Square in Taiz
Pro-Saleh supports in 70th Square





 Injured in Ibb (GRAPHIC):


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